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iRAVE: integrated Reservoir Analysis & Viz Environment

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1 iRAVE: integrated Reservoir Analysis & Viz Environment
2010 TIBCO Spotfire Energy Forum March 25, 2010 iRAVE: integrated Reservoir Analysis & Viz Environment Project Collaborators: Jeff Mathews, Chevron Perry Dobson, Chevron John Pederson, Chevron Troy Ruths, Chevron Contractor

2 Agenda What is iRAVE? Demo Project Overview
How  iRAVE is used by Chevron NOJV Team for : Pre Drill well package review/approval Post Drill analysis Current Year Drill Well Results Reservoir Surveillance and Management Summary Conclusions Lessons Learned Best Practices Future Work

3 What is iRAVE? iRAVE Is an acronym for integrated Reservoir Analysis & Visualization Environment Created in the Spotfire environment

4 iRAVE Data Sources Files from Operator Monthly via DVD
Current focus is static/dynamic reservoir and production data (no financials) Files from Operator Monthly via DVD Oil Field Manager (MS Access) – production & downtime WellView (MS Access) – well schematics and activities Sporadic Completion Schematics (Adobe PDF) Production Logging (MS Word) MDT Runs (MS Excel) Proposed Drill Production Forecasts (MS Excel) Weekly Well Test Report (MS Excel) Files We Generate (as needed) Well table including proposed drills and other well-specific data not supplied by Operator Log images (Petrel workflow)

5 iRAVE Data Upload MS Access-based data uploading tool
Can specify which data to be updated (reduces wait time) Full upload takes ~30 minutes Data is copied to SQL Server, and new tables are created for use in Spotfire All done by our Geo Tech

6 Mars Oilfield Development
50 Km Aram Project Lake Basin Fields 3D Seismic 2099 1st oil NOJV project Operator: DXP (Delta Exploration Prospectors) 3D Seismic Survey There may not be Life on Mars but there is Oil. Who Knew?

7 Lake Basin Primary Fields
Mars Oilfield Development Bebob Nigel Kohnen Montalva Aram Project Lake Basin Primary Fields Bebob Nigel Kohnen Montalva

8 Lake Basin Fields Geology
Mars Oilfield Development Aram Project Lake Basin Fields Geology Similar to Earth Sand Shale Sequence Large Lake Basin Lacustrine Oil Y series – Yogi M series – Mars A series - Ares

9 MDP-422 SW Bebob, Aram Mars Confidential SW Bebob Surface Map
Requesting approval for 6 wells in SW Bebob Field: Be303, Be304, Be305, Be441, Be445 and Be447. SW Bebob Development Currently 23 producers , 4 injectors Oil Recovery thru YE 2117 = 10.2 MMBO Estimated current SW Bebob EUR (decline curve) = MMBO Forecasted incremental capture reserves from MDP-422 wells = 6.1 MMBO Planned Development (18 acre pattern infill) Multiple YO sands in area All wells to have M1-10 perfs All wells to have M1-20 perfs Tie in to Manifold Be152 SW Bebob Surface Map Producers Injectors New Wells

10 How Does the Chevron Team use iRAVE?
The Chevron Team uses iRAVE for : Pre Drill well package review/approval Post Drill analysis & Current Year Results

11 Before we go live… We use the library function as opposed to WebEx or InfoLinks It can be easily saved on a laptop for portability at offsite meetings We will now go through the basic screens to show how we use iRAVE

12 Go Live

13 Well Package Proposal Example (MDP-422)
Issues: Are well locations acceptable? Completion intervals okay?

14 Conclusions iRAVE is an emerging technology which enables us to keep up with Operator. Six rigs total 100+ new completions per year ~1,000 stims per year $500 MM - $1,000 MM annual Capex and Opex budget Only one geo and one engineer on Chevron team! Team activities in 2009 generated over $50 MM in NPV utilizing iRAVE and independent mapping to identify project opportunities iRAVE can be applied to other assets with minimal effort

15 Lessons Learned Integrated platform allows improved decision-making, in some cases, better than the Operator Splitting the process to compile data to a central server separate from the application allows easier adoption to other assets and easily integrate new data This process has helped us influence the Operator by challenging their analysis methods (i.e., IP rates were always optimistic) Plan for due diligence, that is, data clean-up, and influence Operator to improve data sources

16 Best Practices 2009 Drilling Results plot – recognized by Chevron’s Internal Reserves Advisory Committee as best practice (type curves and comparison to actual new drills) MDP post-drill analysis – has helped to influence Operator to review their proposals in more detail Mid 2117 Package Early 2118 Package

17 Future Work Integrating other data elements Stimulation Results
Pump Replacements Production Attribute Background Maps Well Pay Summaries Simulation History-Match Data Application windows Stimulation Uplift Tracker & Predictor Areal Bubble Maps Waterflood Analysis After-Before Compare (ABC) Plots Downtime Analysis Artificial Lift Analysis Front-end to Business Plan and Reserves Documentation

18 Questions? Thank You!

19 Backup

20 iRAVE (integrated Reservoir and Visualization Environment)
Mars Rock Names* Rock Name Mission Bebob Mars Pathfinder Tigger Mars Pathfinder Nigel Mars Pathfinder Kohnen Mars Rover Spirit Macquarie Mars Rover Spirit Montalva Mars Rover Spirit Mackinac Mars Rover Opportunity * from Wikepedia

21 iRAVE Mars Rock Names* Rock Name Mission Yogi Mars Pathfinder

22 Aram Overview Links to left to key pages Mention Top Lists
Map-click on well location to pick Lower right has historical completion counts Lower left displays downtime volumes by month Filter Panel- can filter down to whatever groups you want

23 Well Portal Can pick a single well by clicking or CNTL-F
Note well test data is current thru the past Monday Well schematic is simplified to see completion type and perf zones Log section was created from Petrel workflow Jobs gives us history of well related events Production curve shows historical Click on MCP or PLT links in upper left to get completion or PLT files

24 Production Analysis Move to this page to see some details
Note the Jobs section, how you can hover over it to see details For this particular well, note the stim jobs

25 MDTs Highlight a group of wells on map or use CNTL-F
Show how hovering over a point will give details Note historical pressures over time on bottom plot

26 Select Fault Block Click on Chad Overview and Limit FaultBlock to K02 & K03 Must manually zoom to fault block for now Note well lists on top, completion history on bottom Hover over a well name to see other places it exists on screen.

27 Well by Well Analysis Click to Well Portal page
Zoom in on fault block in map Now hover over wells on map to see details Click on one to see everything else Can click on Production Analysis page to see detail of profiles and Jobs

28 Post Drill analysis – Be820
Dashed red lines represent original pressure. Left or below red line is under-pressured.

29 Well Production Forecast Results
We use historical data to generate Type Curves for economics. This plot helps us fine tune our forecasts and see if we are on target.

30 MDP Lookback Cums Click to MDP Lookback Cums page
Click on an MDP Package in plot on bottom left It will give MDP total on top, by well on right

31 MDP Lookback Rates Click to MDP Lookback Rates page
It will give MDP total on top, by well on right

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