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WASTE MANAGEMENT ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 1 Powered by RFx User Guide.

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1 WASTE MANAGEMENT ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 1 Powered by RFx User Guide

2 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 2 Navigation Bar: RFx  Control Panel: used to create project, sub projects and templates to use before generating RFx/Auctions.  RFx Explorer: used to view and add new RFx events.  Auction Explorer: used to view and add new Auction events.

3 How to configure a Subproject? 3 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential CONFIGURE A NEW SUBPROJECT Before you start creating RFx/Auction events, you have to create and configure a subproject for the event to be created in. Add a Project Add a Subproject Subproject Configuration: Add Users, Workflows, and Emails for the project. The other components are not required and can be configured as an ongoing process, or left blank for users creating new events to enter.

4 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 4 Add a Project  From RFX Menu, click on Project Explorer.  Click on “Add Project” to generate the pop up page for project creation.  In the pop up page, enter in the information you have for the new project and click on “Submit” to create the project.  Alternate Bidding: Set default setting where suppliers can substitute a line item in place of the requested item in the event.  Line Item Splitting: Set default setting where suppliers can split prices for any line item.

5 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 5 Add a Sub-project  You can create a subproject for any of the projects available in the left panel.  Click the name of a project.  Click on the “Add Subproject” button to generate the pop page for creating a subproject.  After you entered in all of the information on the page, click on the “Add” button to create the new subproject.

6 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 6 Subproject Configurations  From the Navigation bar, find and click on the subproject you wish to configure to bring up list of configuration items available.  These are libraries stored for each subproject. They are used for saving all of the useful components when generating new events.  Save your descriptions, prerequisites, documents, questions, and such here. These will be used when creating new events under this subproject.  This list of configurable items are the same regardless of what type of RFx project you are working on. All of the items located here are for this subproject, and can be configured individually, or copied from Global Library.

7 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 7 Add Users  Click on “Users”  Click on “Add User to Project”  In the pop up page, enter search for the user by either Name or Email.  Check the box next to users you want to grant access to. Select RFx Role, Supplier Access, and RFx Access the user will have for this subproject.  After you complete your selection, click “Add Selected”.

8 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 8 Add Workflows  Browse from the Navigation bar to any of the subproject.  Click on “Workflows”, then click on “Add Workflow to Project”  Select from the dropdown the “Type” of project assigned with this workflow.  Select from the dropdown the “Name” of workflow. These are workflows pre-approved by Waste Management.  Check “Default for Project” and click on the “Add” button

9 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 9 Add Emails  By default, your Email section should have already been populated with the same Emails from the “System Emails” of Waste Management.  From the “Manage” dropdown, you can modify these emails to suit your project needs.

10 How to create a RFx event under a Subproject? 10 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential CONFIGURE A NEW RFX EVENT A RFx Event can be any of the following: RFQ: Request for Quote RFP: Request for Proposal RFI: Request for Information For user guide purposes, we will display a RFQ, which will include all configurable components in the event. Some components may already be populated from preset templates of this subproject. All the components must be configured for the RFx event to be generated, however, certain events will have less components then others.

11 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 11 RFx Explorer  Projects Navigation Bar: used to navigate through Projects and Subprojects.  Show/Hide Filter Options: display “Filter Criteria” used to filter down the RFx events.  Action: used to manage each RFx event.

12 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 12 Create New RFx  From the Projects Navigation Bar, click the subproject associated with this RFx event.  RFx List: Click the “ Create New RFx ” button to start creating a new RFx event.  Choose the event type, choose whether you wish allow Contingent Labor Bid, and if the event would have Sealed Bids.  Click “ Create ” to create event.

13 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 13 RFx Configuration 1. RFx Title/Number: this will display the name of the default template, be sure to change this. 2. Test or Live: used to designate the event as either a testing event or an actual, real, live event. 3. Dates: used to enter the event ’ s release, start, and closing date and time. 4. Next: clicking this will save the information entered and continue to the next page.

14 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 14 Description  You could type up your description from the text editor or copy a template from your subproject library.  Click “ Select Description from Library ” to display the Library panel at the bottom of the page.  Select the desired description, click the “ Upload ” button and the corresponding description will populate text editor box.  Click “ Next ” to save and continue. ** Completed items are mark with green checkmark. **

15 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 15 Contact Information  Search: if you want someone else among the existing users to be the contact for this event, you can search for him/her based on the User Information.  Note: the contact field is automatically populated with your information. Make sure all required fields are entered.  Click “ Next ” to save and continue.

16 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 16 Select User for RFx  Select Users for RFx: Two boxes containing the names of the Users are displayed on this page. To add a user, select the name from the box on the left then click the “Add” button.  Remove Users from RFx: Select the names of the users you would like to remove from the box on the right then click the “Remove” button.  Click “ Next ” to save and continue.

17 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 17 Workflow Configuration  Select the RFx Workflow, then click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next section.  *Note* Workflow can only be configured from Control Panel. Refer to “Configure a new Subproject” section of the guide.

18 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 18 Supplier Invitation 3. To remove Supplier(s) from the list, check the box next to supplier name and click on the “ Remove Selected From Rfx ” button.  Click “ Next ” to save and continue. 1. Before adding a supplier, you must first perform a Search for the supplier. Not all search fields are required, but be as specific as possible. 2. When the Supplier(s) is found, check the box next to supplier name and click the “Add Selected To Rfx” button to add checked supplier(s).

19 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 19 Prerequisite 1. Add Prerequisite: used to create a new Prerequisite. 2. Copy Prerequisites from Library: opens the library panel. 3. Manage: edit/delete the Prerequisite. 4. Add To RFx: add the Prerequisite from library to this RFx event. Click “ Next ” to save and continue.

20 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 20 1. Upload Document: used to upload any extra documents you may have, click “ Go ” to bring up upload details. 2. Copy Documents from Library: used to select the documents stored inside the library. 3. Manage: used to edit/remove the document that is currently stored for the RFx. 4. Add To RFx: add the document from library to this RFx event. Click “ Next ” to save and continue. Documents

21 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 21 1. Add Question: click to enter details regarding new questions. Use dropdown to select question type. 2. Copy Questions from Library: used to add existing questions from the library. 3. Manage: used to edit/remove the stored questions. 4. Add Selected to RFx: Add the selected questions from library to this RFx event. 5. Update Sequence: used to sort the order of the questions stored. Questions

22 How to Access the Template  Select the “Import Question” button.  Click on the “(Sample File)” hyperlink and you will be prompted to Open or Save the Excel Template file; either selection will work. ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 22 Import Questions RFX Question Import This feature allows users to import supplier facing questions during the creation of an RFX event. The import is performed via an Excel interface and a template is provided within the website. Access the template Complete / Populate the template Import the completed question template

23 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 23

24 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 24

25 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 25 Items Items: Once you add items, they will be displayed on this page. You can manage all items from this menu.  Import items: used to import items from an Excel worksheet.  Add Item: used to create a new item.  Update Item Order: rearrange item sequence.  Set Need Date for Selected items  Set Currency for Selected Items  Set UOM for Selected Items: used to set the unit of measurement for selected items.  Set Selected Items to Required to Bid: used to denote the selected items as a required item.  Enable Selected items to be Split  Enable Selected Items Alternate Bidding  Delete Selected Items: used to remove the selected item from the RFx.

26 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 26 Items  Add Attribute: used to add extra information about the item.  Add Attachment: used to upload attachments for the item.  Edit: used to modify the information for the item.  Move: used to move the item.  Copy: used to copy the item.  Delete: used to remove the item.  Click “ Next ” to save and continue.

27 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 27 Summary  Use navigation bar on the top left to go back and change the content of the RFx event.  Once everything is checked off as ready, you can click the “Send for Approval” button at the bottom of the page to submit your RFx event.

28 Training notes for additional features 28 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential ADDITIONAL FEATURES Reopening an Event Event Scorecard Evaluation

29 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 29 Reopening an Event

30 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 30 Access Bids on Reopened Event

31 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 31 Evaluation Module

32 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 32 CRO Study Team Evaluation

33 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 33 Setup Evaluation

34 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 34 Setup Evaluation (2)

35 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential 35 Evaluation Rewsults

36 How to complete an RFx event once its created? 36 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential MONITOR/COMPLETE RFX EVENT There are certain Actions Users have to monitor and modify within an ongoing event such as answering supplier questions, monitoring bids progress… etc. If an event was created with no Sealed Bid, users can also view bids as they come in. Once all bids are available for users to view, the awarding process can begin and user can analyze and recommend bids to for events.

37 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 37 Monitoring an RFx Event Cancel RFx: cancels the event. Extend RFx: extends the event. Close RFx Early: Close even before close date. Amend RFx: modifies the event. Communications: used to display the communication log for this RFx event. RFx History: used to view the history of this RFx event. RFx Access Log: used to monitor the access log for this event. RFx Bidders: used to monitor the Suppliers within this RFx event. RFx Users: used to monitor the Users within this RFx event. Proxy Bid: submit a bid for a supplier. Edit RFx: used to modify information within this RFx event. Archive RFx: save the RFx event for future reference. Copy RFx: used to make a copy of this event. Copy as Auction: Copy this RFx but change to Auction instead. Delete RFx: used to remove this RFx event.

38 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 38 Bidder Overview  After logging in, go to the “ RFx Explorer ”.  Click the “ View Submitted Bids ” link to view the bids submitted by the Suppliers. Bidder Overview: Default tab. Used to view the Bidder ’ s general information. Attachments: used to view attachments submitted by the bidders. RFx Results: used to view the RFx bid. Scenario Analysis: used to generate analysis of the RFx bids. Recommended/Award: used to make decisions for the RFx.

39 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 39 View Attachments  Clicking the “ Attachments ” tab will take you to a page to view the files uploaded by the Suppliers.  There are two kinds of attachments: 1. Proposal Attachments 2. Collaboration Attachments

40 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 40 View RFx Results 1. Questions: all of the answers from the Suppliers will be displayed in order on the right side. 2. Line Items: the Suppliers ’ submitted bids for the items will be displayed side by side here. 3. Optional Line Items: this is for any optional item submitted by the Suppliers. 4. Proposal Attachments: used to display links to the attached proposal files uploaded by the Suppliers. 5. Collaboration Attachments: used to link the RFI files uploaded by the Suppliers.

41 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 41 Scenario Analysis 1. Analysis Options: used to generate different types of analysis. 2. Actions: used to save the analysis generated from the Analysis Options. 3. Saved Scenarios: used to view/delete the saved analysis. 4. Scenario Display: used to display all RFx results of the analysis.

42 ©2008 SciQuest USA Confidential 42 Recommended  Saved Scenarios: used to display the saved Scenarios. From here you can select the scenario to display by clicking “ Display ”.  Recommendation Comments: used to input comment and recommend the selected scenarios by clicking “ Recommend ”.  RFx Managers will be able to view all recommended scenarios and choose the one to “ Award ”.

43 TECHNICAL SUPPORT / QUESTIONS SciQuest, Inc. 1776 Yorktown, Suite 435 Houston TX 77056 1-800-233-1121 43 ©2010 SciQuest USA Confidential

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