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Curriculog Overview.

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1 Curriculog Overview

2 What is Curriculog? GRCC is transitioning from CARP to Curriculog (IT can no longer support CARP) Curriculog will manage all GRCC curriculum-related approval processes Curriculog manages the forms and approval steps for curricular processes through “Proposals”

3 Log In Use Fire Fox as your browser
Web Address: GRCC address (i.e.: Password: curriculog

4 My Settings To begin, hover over name in upper right corner, and select ‘My Settings’ Click pencil icon to change password Click user name

5 View roles & committees associated with your user
Select notification preferences

6 My Dashboard Homepage for all Curriculog users
Toolbar allows users access to Proposals, Agendas, Accounts & Report Modules Legend for symbols Search function Options for user account

7 My Recent Notifications
Indicates a task that requires action The 5 most recent notifications will display

8 My Upcoming Events Located on the right side of your Dashboard screen
GRCC Curriculum deadlines may be viewed here Selecting an event will expand the window, and display additional details

9 Users Click ‘Users’ tab All users within Curriculog
To a user, highlight name, and select envelope icon that will appear on the right.

10 Proposals Overview Proposals are used to create or revise programs or courses. On the banner across the top of the screen, select ‘Proposals.’ My Tasks: lists all proposals assigned to you and awaiting action by you. My Proposals: lists all proposals you have created. Others may view proposals you have launched. Only you can see unlaunched proposals you are working on. Watch List: lists all proposals you have selected to watch. All Proposals: lists all of the active proposals in Curriculog.

11 New Proposal Users will select the process (form) for the work they wish to accomplish Note: in CARP there was only one form, now there are options for various processes. Click to initiate new process All approval processes available for use Processes created using the course defaults Processes created using the program defaults Processes created without any defaults

12 Existing Proposals Select the ‘Proposals’ tab on the very top of the screen, then select ‘All Proposals.’ Scrolling over a course will highlight. To the right of the course you will see some of the following icons (only actions available to you will display as icons): View Summary: information relevant to the proposal will display View Proposal: routes you to the Proposal Toolbox (modifications and decisions) Send message about proposal: send a message to another user regarding the proposal Watch proposal/Done watching proposal: allows you to track the progress of a proposal. Proposals being watched can be viewed from your Watch List. My current decision: this icon will change based on what decision you have made on the proposal Delete a proposal: deleting a proposal will permanently delete a proposal from Curriculog. Proposals cannot be deleted once they have been launched.

13 My Proposal Toolbox Select ‘Proposals,’ and then ‘My Proposals’
Highlight a proposal, and select the ‘Edit Proposal’ icon to the right. The toolbox displays icons that allow the user to take various actions on the proposal.

14 My Proposal Toolbox Continued
Discussion icon: initiate or respond to discussion items regarding the proposal Status icon: displays the status of each step in the process Signatures icon: GRCC is not currently utilizing this function Files icon: upload and view files attached to the proposal Decisions icon: make a decision on a proposal and enter comments if you wish Custom Routes icon: GRCC is not currently utilizing this function Crosslistings icon: GRCC is not currently utilizing this function

15 Reports Generate reports on proposal activity in Curriculog

16 Reports Definitions Pending Proposals Report: lists all proposals sorted by status User Activity Report: provides a detailed view of a user’s participation in Curriculog Aging Report: list of all active proposals sorted by greatest time in the system Bottleneck Report: a list of the largest lag times for changes by user, role and entity Proposal Detail Report: provides the complete details of a single proposal Proposal Progress Report: displays the history of a proposal in a flow diagram Impact Report: provides all dependent elements of the curriculum for a particular item Historical Change Report: the change log of all proposal versions of a curriculum item over time

17 Approved Course Documents
Approved course documents are available on the GRCC Website:

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