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 LUSD Curriculum Support: Teachers and Students.

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1  LUSD Curriculum Support: Teachers and Students

2 NameSitePositionNameSitePosition Mary CabralDorothy MahinEarly Start ProgramChristy DunnBeckmanGrade 2 Jorge BenutoMcAuliffeGrade 7-8Annie GervaisMcAuliffeGrade 7 Andrew GriggsMcNairGrade 10-12Ron HeberleJAESCBoard Member Geri KreutnerJAESCCoachDebra LadwigJAESCA.R.E Theresa LundbladClairmontGrade 1Randy MalandroA.R.ECoordinator Carol MarceauLodi HighGrade 9-12Janee MontelongoTokay HighGrade 9-12 Jamie MosoLockefordGrade 7-8George NeelyJAESCBoard Member Sandra NishimuraLincoln TechGrade 11-12Michelle OrgonNeedhamGrade 2 Catherine PenningtonJAESCAsst Supt ElementaryMatthew RayBorchardtVice Principal Sonja RenhultTokay ColonyGrade 5/6Susan ReuscherReeseParaeducator/Comp Lab Tanya RichardsTokay HighLibrarianMonika RoseLodi HighGrade 11-12 Robert SeymourSilvaGrade 5Tim ShepherdDavisPrincipal Wendy ShubertMuirK-6 RSPMartha SniderMcAuliffeGrade 7-8 Charles TaylorMcAuliffeGrade 7-8Gabriela VazquezJAESCSupervisor IMC Dawn VeticaJAESCAsst Supt SecondaryCathy WasherJAESCSuperintendent Seamus EddyTokay HighAsst PrincipalMatt HummelElementaryVice Principal Lisa KotowskiJAESCAdmin DirectorLisa CranfordJAESCSupervisor, Tech Support Edith HolbertJAESCSupervisor, Network SystemsSusan MartinJAESCSupervisor, Tech Ops Dale MunschJAESCDirector, Tech ServicesKathryn OdellJAESCCoach

3  Review and recommend the best methods to: o Integrate technology into the LUSD curriculum o Ensure all students are technology literate, and provide career and college based technology training opportunities to students

4  A list of constituent groups was created  Representatives from each group were invited to participate (as well as any other volunteer)  First meeting was held June 5, 2013  9 meetings of the full committee over the past year  Divided members into three sub committees o Classroom and Lab Standards o Infrastructure and Support o Staff Development  Sub committees met on multiple occasions and reported back to the full Committee on recommendations  Superintendent’s Technology Advisory Committee adopted recommendations of sub committees


6  Teacher computer  One PC computer lab per site  Document Camera (Ex. Elmo)  Projector (close to screen with maximum display size) & screen (at least 8 feet)

7  One to One Device for Students throughout the District o Internet Access: at home* as well as at school o Chromebooks or other Wi-Fi enabled Netbook devices o Web based textbooks.

8  Common Core Compliant  Constantly updated  Engaging and TOTALLY Interactive  Mirrors SBAC Testing Format  Accessible to ALL Learners


10  Infrastructure to Support 1-to-1 Environment  Network Infrastructure (Wireless and Wired) o Telecom Specialist to support wireless network  Networking Systems Infrastructure (Bandwidth & Network Management, DNS, DHCP & other Network operating systems.)  Security Systems (Intrusion Prevention & Detection, Antivirus & Malware Protection & Rogue Access Points)  Refresh plan & maintenance of Switches, Servers and related technology management systems.  Technology Staff training and professional development necessary to support and maintain environment.  Replace obsolete computers with Internet Devices (additional staffing required if obsolete equipment continues to be used)

11 Internet Devices  Purchase 5% more devices for swap (.05 * 29,000 = 1,450) Document Cameras (Ex. Elmo)  10% (10% of an est. of 1000 cameras district wide) Projectors  96 (one short throw & one stand alone per site) o (assuming one of the two models we currently have)

12  Modify agreement with Lucas Business Systems: o Guarantee speed of repair. o Swap non-functional units.

13  Well educated users require less support  Increase ratio of Technology Coaches. o 1 coach: 8 schools  Duties: o Ongoing technology trainings Curriculum imbedded. New devices. o Creating curriculum for teachers to use o Collect and share resources teachers create o Demonstration Lessons o Developing best practices for classroom technology o Basic support issues

14  Instructional Coaches  Support Desk – Phone Support  Swappable units (on site and at JAESC)  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  Teachers with elevated access to local machines*  Edmodo Site “ask a question of your peers”  Online videos –


16  Based on Common Core Tech Skills for Students  Adapted from Fresno County Office of Education’s Technology Skills Matrix for StudentsTechnology Skills Matrix for Students

17  Coaching Readily Available to Teachers o Site Technology Lead Teachers o Itinerant Technology Coaches

18 Responsibilities o Disseminate current district technology information to site Administrators & Teachers o Provide staff with quarterly professional development opportunities o Give 1:1 support and training to staff as needed o Attend required Site Tech Lead Teacher meetings o Facilitate Tech Integration into District Curriculum

19 St affing Recommendations  Elementary: 1 Stipend position per site  Middle & High Schools: 2 Stipend positions per site  Alternative Schools: 1 Stipend position per site  Work an average of 2 extra hours a week

20 Responsibilities o Plan and facilitate Site Tech Lead Teacher meetings and trainings o Provide staff with additional professional development opportunities as requested o Provide District Technology training as needed o Give 1:1 support and training to staff as needed

21 Responsibilities o Facilitate Tech Integration into District Curriculum o Create and maintain teacher support web pages o Stay current on technology use in the classroom o Attend Itinerant Coach meetings

22 Staffing Recommendations  4 Itinerant Technology Coaches serving Middle & High Schools  2 Itinerant Technology Coaches serving Elementary Schools


24 Resource2015-162016-172017-18 Standard Classroom & Lab Internet Device$2,100,000 PC lab computers$268,800 Total Classroom & Lab$2,368,800 Infrastructure & Support Internet Device swap$105,000 Document Camera$18,667 LCD Projectors$25,000 Telecom Specialist$63,000 Total Infrastructure & Support$211,667 Staff Development Site Technology Lead Teachers$0$179,400 Itinerant Technology Coaches$393,000 Total Staff Development$393,000$572,400 Total Implementation$2,973,467$3,152,867


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