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Partnership Success Stories Presentation by: Tim Rundel Asst. City Manager City of Midwest City, OK.

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1 Partnership Success Stories Presentation by: Tim Rundel Asst. City Manager City of Midwest City, OK

2 Quick History….yesterday W.P. "Bill" Atkinson bought land in the area that would become Midwest City after hearing speculation that an air field was going to be built nearby. The city, which was incorporated on March 11, 1943, was named for the air field's original designation as the Midwest Air Depot. 1943

3 Today Today, with more than 26,000 military and civilian employees, Tinker is the largest single-site employer in Oklahoma. The installation has an annual statewide economic impact of $3.51 billion, creating an estimated 33,000 secondary jobs. Tinker owns 4,048 acres, leases 810 acres and has 642 acres of easements.

4 About Midwest City City is at the front door of Tinker AFB Midwest City population is approx. 55,000 Our annual budget is $147M w/ 500 FTE’s Oklahoma is still one of two states that forces cities to primarily operate on sales tax Vital that we do everything possible to help our base cut overhead while accomplishing their mission (defending our county)

5 Partnership Success Stories City was approached in the Spring of 2011 about taking over Tinker AFB Golf Course Council decided to hire a consultant (Billy Casper Golf) and study the possibility of City taking over the course Was not feasible without City closing one or perhaps both of it’s existing municipal courses

6 Partnership Success Stories Other opportunities? Air Force Community Partnership Initiative Multiple cities and agencies (OKC, Del City, Oklahoma County, and Chamber of Commerce) began meeting to discuss these opportunities to help save our base $$ and keep these jobs and tax dollars in the OKC metro area

7 Partnership Success Stories Jail services – Tinker was sending their inmates to Pottowatomie County jail (nearly 50 miles away) to hold while they awaited trial or for minor offenses – Each time an inmate wanted to talk in person to their legal counsel it was a 100 mile round trip and a huge waste of time and money – City of Midwest City operates a jail that can house up to 60 inmates at a time (largest municipal jail in the state) that is 5 miles away from the base – Base officials met with MWC PD and toured facility to see if it met the standards required by DOD – On March 27, 2013 City of MWC and Tinker AFB signed an MOA for the provisions of the jail services

8 Partnership Success Stories Juvenile services – Tinker AFB, like many bases, had very limited options in dealing with punishment and restitution for juvenile offenders – Common option if offender’s family lived on base: revocation of access privileges for the family members to the base (then they became the city’s problem children) – City of Midwest City currently operates a very effective juvenile counseling serves within the PD – Base officials met with MWC PD to review options that would allow the city’s juvenile services division to intervene with family and handle the restitution, community service assignment, etc. – On March 27, 2013 City of MWC and Tinker AFB signed an MOA for the provisions of the juvenile services

9 Partnership Success Stories Billeting/Lodging – Tinker AFB, like many bases, has facilities on base that are aging and don’t meet current Air Force standards – Cost to renovate or rebuild are cost prohibitive during the current fiscal environment – City of Midwest City currently owns a Sheraton Hotel and a conference center – Several meetings between the City and the base have produced some good dialogue – still no MOA at this point – However, the base did learn of a local linen facility in Midwest City that could help them shave off some of the $300K a year they spend on linen services

10 Partnership Success Stories Commercial Waste Disposal – Tinker currently uses a company that is based out of N.C to haul all of it’s commercial waste to a landfill just a few minutes from the base – total yearly contract $1.4M – (284) 8 Cubic Yard dumpsters, (44) 30 CY roll-offs, (37) 40 CY compactors on base – City of MWC does all residential and commercial waste hauling in house for over 20,000 accounts – Wood Pallets – Tinker AFB currently hauls off 2,000 tons a year of wood pallets. City is currently under contract to build a $7M composting facility where wood pallets could be hauled to instead to the landfill – CNG available on base for new refuse trucks – If awarded the contract (still under review at Pentagon) the city estimates it could save the base several $$ per year by utilizing the City’s refuse service to haul commercial waste

11 Partnership Success Stories Other opportunities being considered – Pavement (City of OKC) – Shooting Range (City of OKC)

12 Partnership Success Stories Bumps in the road and lessons learned – Small Business Admin. & 8A Contracts – Contracting Offices – Capital purchases – Getting several communities to focus on one mission (assisting in helping Tinker AFB in it’s mission to help defend our country)

13 Community Partnership Initiative Charter Midwest City Mayor Jack Fry signs the official Community Partnership Initiative Charter between Tinker and surrounding communities June 26. Also on hand are, from left, Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn, Del City Mayor Brian Linley, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, Oklahoma County Commissioner Willa Johnson and Col. Steven Bleymaier, former 72nd Air Base Wing and Tinker Installation Commander.

14 Partnership Success Stories “Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale.” ~ Frank McCourt (Author) It is crucial for all of us (city, county, state, & federal officials) to work together and think inside and way outside the box when it comes to keeping “our” cost down at our bases around the country. Share your stories!!!

15 Contact Information Tim Rundel, Asst. City Mgr. City of Midwest City 100 N. Midwest Blvd. Midwest City, OK 73130 405-739-1218

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