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Community-Based EMS Larry D. Person, EMS Administrator City of Scottsdale, AZ January 24, 2006.

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1 Community-Based EMS Larry D. Person, EMS Administrator City of Scottsdale, AZ January 24, 2006

2 Community-based EMS? Define “Community” City organization initiatives expanded to the community Municipality/Citizen Environmental Partnerships Community initiatives that shape the city organization

3 Community of Scottsdale Winfield Scott, 1891 Incorporated in 1951 Approx. 1 sq. mile population 2,000 Today Resort and employment oriented, Arts, Recreation, Fine Food, Jobs 184 sq. miles, 2 miles wide and 31 miles north to south 222,000+ citizens

4 City of Scottsdale Organization Mayor/6 Councilmembers City Manager, 3 Asst. Municipal operations: 11 departments, 60 divisions, 124 facilities 2,600 FTE staff Budget $3 Billion

5 Scottsdale’s EMS 1997 – EPA EMS Municipalities Pilot Project 2000 – Charter Member National Environmental Performance Track (NEPT) 2004 – Recipient NEPT Environmental Performance Award 2005/06 -- applicant Arizona Environmental Performance Track (AZEPT) & NEPT

6 Scottsdale EMS International 2001 -- Japanese Prefecture Visit 2001 -- Environment Canada Europe, Africa, Asia, So. Am., No. Am. 2002 – EPA Administrator Whitman visit 2002 – Egypt Delegation Visit, U.S. State Dept. 2003 – EPA Performance Track site visit 2005 – China delegate visits (2) 2006– EPA Administrator Johnson visit

7 Municipality Community Environmental Stewardship Energy Conservation/Management

8 Environmental Stewardship

9 EnviroKidsFest ‘06

10 Energy Conservation/Management

11 Energy Performance Citizen Resources “Green Building: Home Remodeling Guidelines For Sustainable Building in the Sonoran Desert” GBRemodelingWorkbook.pdf

12 Energy Performance Citizen Resources Newspaper ads Bus placards Cable TV PSAs GreenHomeBuyersGuide.pdf

13 Environmental Partners McDowell-Sonoran Preserve taxes Solid Waste Programs

14 McDowell-Sonoran Preserve City’s Goal =36,400 acres 1/3 Total Land Mass of Scottsdale Larger than the City of San Francisco Currently =16,245 acres State Land =16,100 acres Annual Tax Revenue $31.5 million Tax Collections $126 million Acquisition Costs $346 million (includes Bond money)

15 Solid Waste Programs Green Waste Program Household Hazardous Waste Electronics Recycling Recycled Building Materials Curbside Residential Recycling

16 Community Municipality Green Building Program Sustainability Indicators

17 Green Building Program Scottsdale Green Building Office 7447 E. Indian School Rd., Ste. 100 Telephone 480-312-4202 March 22, 2005 Scottsdale Becomes First City in the Nation to Adopt Gold Standard for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) January 12, 2006 Scottsdale Development Department announces 1/3 of all Scottsdale Homes were built “green” in 2005

18 Sustainability Indicators 1999 – 2006 Reports 13 Environmental Indicators 7 Economic Indicators 14 Community Indicators Calendars/SustainabilityBook.pdf

19 1 st 3-Yr. Cycle Commitments Energy Use – HVAC KwH reductions Preservation – acres of wildlife habitat Solid Waste – compost green waste Air Emissions – VOC reductions, CNG fleet

20 2 nd 3-Yr. Cycle Commitments Air Emissions – Bio-diesel fleet Preservation – acres of wildlife habitat Energy – 3 LEED Gold buildings Water Recharge – 2,451,889,228 gallons

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