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Texas Government Part 1 (Chapter 27)

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1 Texas Government Part 1 (Chapter 27)
Essential Question Does Texas Government Help Texas?

2 3 Branches of Government
Legislative: makes laws Executive: governor and lieutenant governor Judicial: court system (judges)

3 Facts The highest ranking official in Texas is the Governor
The 2nd highest ranking official in Texas is the Lieutenant Governor The Constitution that Texas uses today is the Constitution of 1876 How does the constitution stay current? Amendments

4 Facts, con’t Texas law makers meet every 2 years
The law makers can only meet for days If something important that comes up, the governor can call a Special Session Texas must operate on a Balanced Budget

5 Facts, con’t About 50% of Texas money comes from taxes
Largest tax in Texas is the sales tax The 2nd largest source of money in Texas comes from the US Government

6 Vocabulary Balanced Budget: Texas won’t spend more than it makes in Taxes (no debt) Deficit: debt; spend more than comes in Popular Sovereignty: government ruled by the people; citizens have a right to vote Federalism: the US Government shares some powers with the states

7 Vocabulary, con’t Republicanism: people have a right to vote
Checks and Balances: one branch of the government doesn’t have more power than another branch Limited Government: government cannot control people’s lives Individual Rights: people’s rights that the government cannot take away from them

8 Texas Government Part 2 (chapter 28)
Essential Question Does Texas Government Help Texas?

9 Vocabulary Civil Law: laws dealing with disagreements between citizens (like vandalism, not paying rent, etc) Criminal Law: laws dealing with major criminal acts (murder, rape, etc) and the punishment Redistricting: adjusting legislative districts every 10 years after the census

10 Texas Court System Texas judges are elected by the people
Texas Supreme Court District judges, lower court judges, and Justice of the Peace Lower courts Municipal: city or local government

11 Texas Court System, con’t
Order of Texas Court System: Municipal Courts and Justices of the Peace Handle minor cases (traffic, juvenile, misdemeanors, etc) Misdemeanor: crime that doesn’t do major harm; less severe punishment Justice of the Peace: person who tries minor cases and performs marriages

12 Texas Courts, con’t County Courts District Courts Courts of Appeal
Handle appeals by lower courts Appeal: request to have case heard again District Courts Tries Felony Cases Felony: serious crime (like murder, rape, kidnapping, etc) Courts of Appeal Texas Supreme Court (most powerful court in Texas)

13 Texas County Government
254 Counties in Texas Texas divided into smaller sections to handle law enforcement, etc Precincts: smaller part of a county to handle things like voting

14 Texas County Officials
County Commissioner: sets tax rate and decides on county budget Sheriff: top law officer in county County attorney, county treasurer, county clerk, county auditor County Constable: county officer that helps keep peace and serves subpoenas

15 School Districts Formed to keep government out of education…don’t want schools to be run by state, city, and county government More than 1050 school districts in TX Schools are run by a School Board Elected Trustees: person responsible for schools Jobs: hire/fire teachers, set school tax rate, work with state on funding, etc

16 City Governments When community wants to become a city, they can apply to be incorporated Incorporated: form into a legal body What cities do: Offer services: police, sewer, medical, water, etc Encourage development (new businesses, etc) Offer special services: library, parks,etc Make zoning laws: Zoning: deciding what can be built where

17 Types of City Government
Home Rule Cities: over 5000 people Self govern General Law Cities: under 5000 people Obey laws set by state

18 City Government, con’t Types of City Governments Mayor Council
Citizens elect mayor and city council City council has most power; not mayor Most cities in Texas use this Council-Manager Commission

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