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Dissecting Learning Spaces Candice Solomon-Strutz, CITES Heidi Gharst, CITES.

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1 Dissecting Learning Spaces Candice Solomon-Strutz, CITES Heidi Gharst, CITES

2 Agenda Present survey data, case studies and lessons learned from both existing and remodeled learning spaces on the Urbana campus Discuss how this information might help others on campus that support learning spaces Share what others on campus have discovered and or observed in learning spaces on campus

3 Learning Space What does the term learning space mean? Why not use classroom or computer lab instead? Perhaps the most challenging aspect of these new learning spaces is the need for integration. Do we take advantage when opportunities arise to tear down silos and replace them with a more ubiquitous learning environment? Malcolm Brown Dartmouth College

4 How did we collect our data? Surveys Student Focus Groups Student Employee Feedback Observations

5 Who did we survey? 1,124 respondents All 17 college represented Not all respondents answered all questions

6 What We Learned 88% of respondents own laptop or portable computer 33% of the respondents indicated owning a broken computer 55% of respondents do not bring their laptop or portable computer to campus on a daily basis 50% of respondents use the computer labs several times a week or daily

7 What are the major reasons why you use a computer lab on campus. Check all that apply.

8 What changes to campus spaces would make it easier for you to find a space that would better allow you to do your work on campus? Choose all that apply.

9 Respondent Comments “More open study areas with comfortable chairs (or sofa).” “Some spots that I can use lab computer while sitting in a sofa and using an ottoman. Just like the ones in Grainger, but with access to lab computer at the same time” “The campus should have more outlets readily available, so I can plug in the chord which connects to my computer.”

10 If CITES could do one thing to improve computer labs on campus, what should we do? Check one.

11 Respondent Comments Themes Wi-Fi Software Printing Dual Monitors Number of Machines Sound Seating Lighting

12 Focus Group Feedback Look & Feel of the space – White noise – Natural light – Power outlets – Place for drinks – Comfortable furniture – Variety of options in the same space Location Collaborative space – Reservation convenience – First come, first served

13 Observations Laptop use while sitting at and using provided lab computer – Software and larger screen size Will sit closest to power source

14 How we implemented changes at English BeforeAfter

15 How we implemented changes at Nevada BeforeAfter

16 What is Next? We will refine our survey and data and continue to collect information from students using those methods However, we need more data and observations from our instructors and faculty Nevada “Active Learning” classroom wants some use cases Contact if

17 Sharing is Caring What learning spaces are you familiar with on campus that have implemented similar or different changes? What were some challenges? What assumptions should we challenge as we design learning spaces for the future?

18 References 2014 Survey Results: s/SM-XNMDW7FL/

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