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SAC Presentation The Road Ahead Joel Cooper, Director of ITS.

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1 SAC Presentation The Road Ahead Joel Cooper, Director of ITS

2 SAC Presentation "Campus of the future": –Technologist's point of view –Center for the Arts as a focus

3 SAC Presentation IT'S about service –Students: What will their needs and expectations be? –Faculty: As we go through a generational change, what will new faculty needs and expectations be? –Administration: How will we use information and technology in new ways to better serve the College?

4 SAC Presentation Serving student needs (Net Gens) –What will students want/expect? –TV/video in their rooms? HDTV? –Embrace cellphones, ipods, mobile computing? –Improving online student services –What expectations will they be bringing from high school? –What services are our peers providing? –Supporting collaborative learners

5 SAC Presentation Learning Spaces –A campus that supports visuality, broad use of multimedia in teaching, research, and scholarship –Classrooms, labs, gathering spaces that support visuality and collaborative learning –Services that support well the authoring of new media in addition to written text for things like "papers", projects, comps –Bridge is going there, making multimedia resources discoverable

6 SAC Presentation Faculty –What will new faculty want/need/expect –Course management system, wikis, blogs, videoblogs, what's next? –Ubiquitous access to classroom technology –Internet2/collaboration/telepresence –Technology to support research needs

7 SAC Presentation Improving information systems –Course management (CMS) will become the standard vehicle for putting course resources online –CMS will integrate with Colleague seamlessly and in real time –With e-portfolio system –With campus digital repository administered by the Library and Archives –Web-based delivery of more and more content –Communication software that's improved from the current generation: Next generation email/voicemail/calendaring/chat: Unified messaging –Improved identity management to support these services, one-card services, building access, etc.

8 SAC Presentation Business intelligence –Related to improving information systems –What we need to better administer the campus –Institutional dashboard –Facility management –Trend and timeframe reporting based on summarized data –"What's going on" reporting based on real time querying of data

9 SAC Presentation Building a Smart Campus –Smart Buildings. Buildings that teach and give feedback about energy use and conservation.

10 SAC Presentation A Converged Technology Environment –Instead of many kinds of wires in buildings, one network that delivers all services –VOIP, video/IPTV, data, building access, vending, security/surveillance services, energy management, building security –Web interfaces to everything

11 SAC Presentation The network will be ubiquitous –Wired networks will be ubiquitous –Wireless will be ubiquitous –Video will be huge –Mobility will be huge –Laptops –Handhelds –Cellphones for all?

12 SAC Presentation Everything will be networked –Washing machines –Vending machines –Building automation controls –Fire alarms –Telephones –Security surveillance cameras –Light switches?

13 SAC Presentation The Arts Campus –Our next big opportunity to envision –Our next big opportunity to build it in

14 SAC Presentation Others are larger issues

15 SAC Presentation This is what I see Questions? (And what is that bright light I see coming toward me?)

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