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Online Course Orientation

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1 Online Course Orientation
Exercise Psychology Online Course Orientation

2 Blackboard Navigation & Communication
Accessing Blackboard Mandatory Blackboard Tutorials System Requirements Course Communication Faculty & Staff Information IVC Distance Education Web Page

3 Accessing Blackboard The IVC Blackboard Site necessary for this online course is located at (click on the “Blackboard” button in the left-hand column), or…… You can reach it directly through the South Orange County Community College District at Press the “User Login” icon on the left You will be asked to provide your User ID: this is the first part of your IVC address (i.e., sdavies) You will also be asked for your User Password: this is your 6 digit IVC identification number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number + 00

4 Mandatory Blackboard Tutorial
As STUDENTS you are REQUIRED to complete the following online Blackboard Tutorials PRIOR to beginning any course work. After completing the tutorials, you may begin your course work. Blackboard tutorials are located at: Welcome Tour Navigation Tour Communication Tour: Communication Tour: Discussion Board Test Taking Tour: Assignments

5 Mandatory Blackboard Tutorials (cont.)
Locating Blackboard Tutorials: Start at the IVC homepage Click the “Blackboard” button On the Blackboard Welcome page click “Login” On the left-hand side of the Login page click “Irvine Valley College Online Instructions and Video Clips” Click “Blackboard Student Tutorials” Blackboard Tutorials are also available through the IVC Distance Education Program at

6 Assignments feature has replaced the Digital Drop Box
When you are accessing the blackboard tutorials do NOT follow the digital drop box instructions Digital Drop Box has been replaced with the Assignments feature (see opposite) The instructions for the assignment feature can also be found on blackboard, in the Content Area, under Course Information

7 System Requirements AS a STUDENT, you are strongly encouraged to use DSL internet hook-up rather than Dial-Up. Any technical problems in your course submissions that are the result of Dial-Up limitations are not the professor’s fault, and NO exceptions will be made by the professor concerning student crises. If you foresee any problems, then you might want to perform important tasks (i.e., quizzes) in the campus computer labs, or on personal computers that you are confident will support your technical needs. For technical assistance, call IVC Help Desk at (949) This number is only available M - F, 8:00 am to 7:00 PM.

8 Course Communication All general questions concerning the course should be directed through the following methods: Initially through: Instructor Secondly through: Instructor Office Phone (during posted office hours): ….. I will NOT return calls from voic messages! Thirdly through: Instructor Office Hours: Only opportunity for In-person meetings. This should be the option when all the other avenues ( & phone) have been exhausted. Instructor-initiated comments OR instructor’s response to student initiated comments will be conducted through your IVC address. I will not respond to personal . Therefore it is VITAL that you check your IVC on a daily basis!

9 Course Communication (Cont.)
Remember to Check your IVC account every day for any course correspondence. You may forward your IVC to your personal account, BUT CLEARLY understand that any communication problems that arise from this action DO NOT constitute a valid excuse for any late submissions of your required work. I will only respond to s having the IVC address.

10 Faculty & Staff Information
Professor Simon Davies, Ph.D. Office: PE 223 Office Phone: Office Hours: refer to the course syllabus for office hours, under Course Information on Blackboard My Profile: Go to click the Directory icon, select IVC Employee Directory, select Alphabetical, select D, hit the profile icon by Simon Davies Health/PE Dept. Contact: Corine Reymond (949) Technical Support: (949) For any other technical assistance, call the IVC Help Desk at : (949)

11 IVC Distance Education Web Page
For further information, tutorials, and training links, visit the: IVC Distance Education Web Page

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