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SEEK Transfer Orientation FALL/SPRING Entry 1 Percy Sutton “We wanted to create a program so that the injured in our society……..and those to come thereafter,

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2 SEEK Transfer Orientation FALL/SPRING Entry 1

3 Percy Sutton “We wanted to create a program so that the injured in our society……..and those to come thereafter, could occupy positions of power.” In talking about the SEEk program, Sutton said: “I feel very good about it because I know that is has gone far beyond its original intent.” Pioneering Civil Rights Attorney, Entrepreneur, Political Leader, Harlem Icon and Creator of the SEEK Program 2

4 Welcome 3


6 Financial Aid Do you know Samuel Murray? SEEK Financial Aid Counselor (646) 312 - 1397 You should know what your financial aid package entails. You can monitor your financial aid on the CUNY portal 5

7 Financial Aid Have you filed your 2011/2012 FAFSA (financial aid application)? Did you indicate that you will be attending Baruch College? (Baruch title IV code: 007273) Have you completed your TAP (New York State Assistance Program) application for 2010/2011? (Baruch Tap Code: 1409) 6

8 Financial Aid Have you submitted any required documentation to the Baruch Financial aid office? Whenever you visit the Financial Aid office, it is important to inform the receptionist that you are a SEEK student! Were you selected for verification at your previous college (i.e., financial verification, citizenship verification, selective service)? If you were selected for any of the above, than you will be required to submit similar documentation to complete the above processes at Baruch College. 7

9 SEEK Tutoring Go to person: Jill Rosenberg, Tutorial Coordinator Located in 2-234 in the SEEK office 8

10 Tutoring Services Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC) Writing Center 9

11 Academics Communication Skills Please contact Joyce Mandell, SEEK Communication Specialist at: Individual and group sessions are available!!! BRIDGE PROGRAM Math Writing Excel (Simnet) Majors and Careers Baruch tours Campus Life Finding Business Information @ Baruch College 10

12 Academic Resources SEEK provides resources that help students succeed in their academic courses. Laptop loans Calculator loans SEEK library 11

13 Center for Advisement and Orientation At the Baruch College Orientation, you will receive a preliminary evaluation to assist you with program planning. This is the tool that you will use to determine which courses to register for in your first term. An Academic Advisor will guide you throughout this session. You will also register for your courses for your first term at this session. Advisement website: Baruch College Transfer Services website: 12

14 Center for Advisement and Orientation Next, your credit evaluation will be completed by the Transfer Center provided Baruch has received all of your transcripts from your previous college. Finally, you will contact the Center for Academic Advisement for an official worksheet provided you have received a completed credit evaluation. You must schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in advance. You must return with a copy of the worksheet to your SEEK Counselor. 13

15 Degrees Zicklin School of Business: BBA Degree Majors> Weissman School of Arts and Sciences: BA Degree Majors> School of Public Affairs: BS Degree Majors> 14

16 Careers and other opportunities STARR Career Development Center Provide comprehensive career services to Baruch College students. Help make decisions about majors Apply to graduate and law school Prepare for internships and jobs Develop the soft skills necessary to become successful in their chosen future careers. 15

17 Communication with SEEK Be sure to check your e-mails regularly This is the college’s official means of communicating with you. You do not want to miss out on important information from your counselor, financial aid, or the college. Blackboard CUNY transfers, update your BB email address to your Baruch email account!!! Non-CUNY transfers, activate your account!!! 16

18 Transfer Student Organization The Transfer Student Organization (TSO) was created by transfer students, to ease the "transfer" process for students. TSO aims to hold events and programs that benefit transfer students socially, academically and professionally. Students with general queries can reach the TSO at 17

19 Cultural Passport The Cultural Passport allows you to explore the treasure of New York City from the smallest museums and galleries to the world-class institutions, from Broadway productions to Off-Off Broadway, and do not forget the gardens and the science centers, historical societies and libraries. Every one of them has something to enjoy. passport.html 18

20 Health Center 138 East 26th Street, Main Floor (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues) New York, NY 10010 Tel: 646-312-2040 Fax: 646-312-2041 The health center provides FREE immunization!!! (MMR?? YES, even to newly accepted students throughout the summer. The titers test (blood test, if you suspect you have had your immunizations, but lost your record, is $60 dollars.) GENERAL HOURS OF OPERATION Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 – 8pm Tuesday and Thursday: 9 – 5pm Note: The Health Center is closed from 12pm to 1pm daily. 19

21 Chi Alpha Chi Alpha Epsilon is a national honors society, created to highlight the academic achievements of students admitted to college through non-traditional criteria. Visit our website: If you were part of a special program (i.e., EOP/HEOP/SEEK/CD) at your previous college AND were already inducted into Chi Alpha, bring a copy of your certificate to Susan Wong, SEEK Counselor and you will automatically become a member in Baruch’s chapter. If you are not currently a Chi Alpha member, after 2 semesters at Baruch you can be considered for membership. 20

22 SEEK Awards Held annually, this gala event celebrates the achievements of current and past SEEK students. Students are recognized for both their academic and service achievements. 21

23 SEEK Office Policy 8:30 am – 12 pm: Counseling/ Study Time 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Free Zone 2:30 pm – Close*: Counseling/ Study Time 22

24 SEEK Contract Finally, we will review the SEEK contract. This will be provided to you at the SEEK orientation! 23

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