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Incoming Sophomore Registration Thursday, February 8 1st and 7th pd High School Auditorium.

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1 Incoming Sophomore Registration Thursday, February 8 1st and 7th pd High School Auditorium

2 Graduation Requirements (General) 3 1/2yrs of English (7 credits) 1 semester of English 10/Speech 3 yrs of Math (6 credits) 2 yrs of Science (4 credits) 2 yrs of Social Studies (4 credits) 1 year of US History (2 credits, sophomore year) 1 semester of US Government (1credit, junior year) 1 semester of Social Studies Elective (1 credits, grades 9-12) 1 or 2 semesters of Consumer Education 1 semester of Vocational Education 1 semester of Health 7 semesters of Physical Education 42 total credits

3 Admission Recommendations for College, Universities and Community Colleges English - 4 years or 8 credits Mathematics - 3 years or 6 credits of Algebra I and beyond Social Studies - 3 years or 6 credits Science - 3 years or 6 credits Foreign Language, Music, Art, Theatre, Humanities, Vocational Education - 2 years or 4 credits* *Individual College requirements may vary. Be sure to check with the college.

4 Graduation Requirements (to be completed in 10th grade) As a sophomore, you are required to take: English English 10 Composition/English 10 Speech Honors Eng 10 Comp/English 10 Speech Special Ed English or Life Skills English (if you had Speech I as a freshman, be sure to check your request page carefully for instructions. You select English 10/Speech I on line 1 and your elective to replace this class on line 15.) REMEMBER, A TEACHER SIGNATURE FROM YOUR FIRST SEMESTER ENGLISH TEACHER IS REQUIRED

5 Mathematics Please follow this sequence of classes Life Skills Math Math I Math II Practical Algebra Pre-Algebra (begin here if you were in Essentials of math as a 9th grader) Algebra I Algebra IA - you must be recommended by your math teacher for this class Algebra IB - you must be recommended by your math teacher for this class

6 Mathematics cont. Plane Geometry (you will be recommended for this class by your Algebra I or Algebra IB teacher) Geometry Algebra II

7 Science All sophomores are required to take science. Science is a two year graduation requirement. Students are NOT able to complete their second year of a science requirement with Nutrition Science, Horticulture, or Ag Science beginning in the 07-08 school year.

8 Science Please follow this sequence of classes -Special Ed Science or Life Skills Science -Earth Science Environmental Science (not college prep) -Biology -Geology -Chemistry -AP Biology (recommend concurrent with Chemistry)

9 Social Studies All sophomores are required to take United States History US History Honors US History (teacher recommendation) AP US History (teacher recommendation) Special Ed US History or Life Skills US History (teacher recommendation)

10 Electives New to sophomore year 170/171 Accounting I (1st semester) 180/181 Accounting II (2nd semester) Beginning Art classes (must have Intro, 1 semester) Advanced Art classes (2nd semester and must have first semester beginning class) AP Music Theory (2 semesters) BH Ag 131 (Soils, 1 semester) BH BE 145 (Word Processing, 1 semester) BH BE 180 (1 semester) BH CS 100 (1 semester) BH TV 160 (2 semesters)

11 Electives cont. Business Tech A & B (2 semesters, consumer education credit) Concert Choir (2 semesters) Foods and Nutrition I (1st semester) Foods and Nutrition II(2nd semester) Horticulture I (1st semester) Horticulture II (2nd semester) Info Processing A ( 1 semester, Pre-requisite is Computer Concepts ) Introduction to Building Trades (1 semester) Mechanical and Architectural Drafting (1 sem, Drafting I is a pre-requisite)

12 Electives Cont. Media Literacy (1 semester) Supervised Ag Experience (1 semester) Theatre I (1st semester) Theatre II (2nd semester) Advanced Speech - must have Speech I as a freshman or English10/Speech I as a sophomore first semester (1 semester)

13 Early Bird This is about a commitment (7 am daily). Read and understand the contract BEFORE you and your parent sign it. Sign up on February 14 beginning at 6:45 am. Sign up for early bird is first come first serve Must have permission slip with Parent and Student signatures Complete list of Early Bird choices are on the permission slip. Include only those early bird classes you will agree to be in. Including choices 2 and 3 gives you a better chance of getting early bird if your 1st choice is full. You will be placed in early bird in Power School if you qualify. If early bird is one of your class requests, you must add early release or another class, based on your needs. (early release is not always guaranteed)

14 How do I know if I got early bird? A final list will be posted in the front office window on February 21. Do not select this class as one of your choices. It will be added for you to your Power School requests. Log into Power School - click on “class registration” Before you request your classes, check your early bird class first by clicking on the “view future course requests” found at the top of the page. Then click on “back” and request the other 6 classes and early release or 7 classes (for an 8 period day).

15 Driver Education I’ve already had Dr Ed or plan to take Dr Ed this summer, now what do I do? 1st - if you have completed classroom driver education and Behind the Wheel, write that in the left margin on your yellow request form. 2nd - if you registered for summer driver education, either at Geneseo or another private driver education facility, write that on your yellow request form.

16 Driver Education (never had it either privately or in summer school and I want it) If your birthday is on or before March 9, 1992, request 1st semester Driver Education (Driver Education 1st sem) If your birthday is on or after March 10, 1992, request 2nd semester Driver Education (Driver Education 2nd sem) If you cannot take Driver Education during early bird, check the box in the bottom left corner of your yellow registration form. Classroom Driver Ed/BTW/PE is now offered for a semester. You will be in PE on the days your classmates are in Behind The Wheel. Do not request PE or Wellness during the semester you will be in Driver Education. If you request PE or Wellness during the semester opposite driver education we will attempt to keep you in the class during your off days of Behind the Wheel when you need to be in PE/Wellness. However, this is not guarantee. You will be assigned based on class offerings and enrollment numbers.

17 Summer Driver Education BTW1: A mailing was sent parents who have a student in 4th quarter classroom driver education. Their registration for behind the wheel will be February 13 beginning at 7:30 am in the guidance office area. A second mailing will go to parents whose student has a birthday on or before November 30, 1991 and did not sign up for BTW1. Classroom will be June 4-25 and BTW will be from June 9-29. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis beginning on February 16, 2006.

18 Making Up Credits If you failed a class freshman year, be certain to add the class(es) you failed first semester. If you are unable to find the class in the pull down, select “make-up S1”. Let us know as we progress through second semester, if a class is failed and needs to be added to your schedule. In order to qualify for Driver Education, you must earn 8 credits in your previous 2 semesters of high school. Must pass 5 classes in the previous semester to be eligible for sports and activities in the current semester.

19 Total Credits Beginning with the 07-08 school year, a junior must earn 20 credits or more in their first two years of high school in order to qualify for privileges like parking, etc. Second semester juniors must earn 25 credits to qualify for prom. Seniors must earn 30 credits or more in their first three years of high school in order to earn senior privileges (i.e. prom, parking, etc.)

20 Requesting Classes Requesting classes in Power School at home begins at 3 pm on February 21. The site closes on February 23 at 4 pm. A counselor will be available in the library from 7 am until 4 pm on February 22 if you have difficulty requesting classes or you do not have access to the internet.

21 Yellow Request Forms Must be turned into the guidance office by February 26, 3 pm. You may also return them if you meet with a counselor in the library. Forms must be complete including alternates and a parent and student signature. Classes are based on numbers - Critical to turn in on time, especially since now we are requesting class via Power School

22 Questions??? If you can not find class on the dropdown menu, check the pre- requisites in the course planning guide. Chances are the class is not offer in your sophomore year or it is offer in a different semester. How do I know if a class is a full year class or a semester class? Look in the CPG and if a class is for 2 credits, it is a full year class. A class for 1 credit, is a semester class. Let’s start filling out your request form HS Counseling Website Course Planning Guide on Internet Click on “counseling services” found in links Left tab - Course Planning Guide Open pdf This Power Point on Internet High school website Click on “Counseling Services “ found in the links Left hand tab - Incoming Sophomore Presentation

23 Requesting classes on Power School Must have your Power School login and password. Recommend beginning after school on February 21 so you will be able to ask questions in the library on February 22. We will close course requests on February 23 Let’s look at how it happens. Login to Power School from High School web site Click on “Class Registration” in the tab at the top of the page Follow instructions for requesting classes. SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT. Make sure you page down to “submit” once you have selected your classes. Failure to do this means you have to start over.

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