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Sometimes even when you do everything right you LOOSE.

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1 Sometimes even when you do everything right you LOOSE.

2 In the summer of 2009 a developer decided to ask for a series of 2 land use changes in order to establish a 2000+ acre Regional landfill in central Polk County. Since the area adjacent to the project was populated by 4 small communities with less than 1500 residents 70% of which were black he assumed it would be an easy sell if he disguised the project as a Innovative Environmental Park with the principle effort a recycle facility that would recycle up 70% of incoming waste.

3 CPA 09-4A On August 5, 2009, the Board transmitted 300 ± acres from PM to IND and 14.4 ± acres from PM to BPC. However, in response to the Objections, Recommendation, and Comments (ORC) Report from the Department of Community Affairs and staff recommendations, the request is now an applicant initiated request to change approximately 228 ± acres from Phosphate Mining (PM) to Industrial (IND) in the Rural Development Area (RDA). Approved 2 Dec 2009.

4 Major project. CPA 10A-3 (Innovation Environmental Park CPA) Amend the Future Land Use Map from Phosphate Mining (PM) to Institutional (INST) for a 1,040 acre solid waste landfill, construction debris landfill, materials recovery facilities, and manufacturing facilities on 1,741 acres. Approved 10 June 2010 Filed De Novo lawsuit, Lost lawsuit Oct 22 2013


6 What we did. 1. Town meetings 20+ in all. 2. Petitions, 1700+ in all. 3. Shirts. STOP THE DUMP. 4. Letters to commissioners, papers and media. 5. Met with commissioners. 6. Informative presentations at BoCC meetings 7. Recruit knowledgeable help.

7 What we did not have. 1. Money. 2. Political influence. 3. Outside help or support. 4. Media support. 5. Any way to counter the deception on the part of the developer.

8 What we need. 1. Make Environmental Justice evaluations mandatory in landfills of more than 25 Class 1 Acres. 2. Have some kind of documentation that can be provided to parties involved in trying to stop projects. 3. Make available people who can make presentations and discuss future problems after reviewing the project. 4. Change the perception that brownfields are throw away land that can be used like toilets.

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