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Zero Waste Operational Plan Policy & Services Committee 3/13/2007.

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1 Zero Waste Operational Plan Policy & Services Committee 3/13/2007

2 Presentation Overview Background & History Related Activities Waste Composition Study Zero Waste Operational Plan Recommendations and Next Steps

3 Background and History Nov 2004-Council directed staff to develop a zero waste policy and implementation plan Jan 2005-Zero Waste Task Force formed Oct 2005-Council Action Adopted Zero Waste goals Divert 73% of waste by 2011 Strive for zero waste by 2021 Approved the Strategic Plan Directed staff to Develop a Zero Waste Operational Plan

4 Related Activities Item Schedule  RFP and agreement for new Refuse Collection Contract 3/07-5/08  Council Awards new Collection Contract 6/08  Existing Collection Contract Expires 6/31/09  New Collection Contract begins 7/1/09  Palo Alto Landfill closes 2011  Contracts with SMaRT Station and Kirby Canyon expire 2021

5 2005 Waste Composition Study Results

6 Potentially Recyclable Materials Materials that don’t have vibrant markets Window glass Hardback books Carpet

7 Problem Materials Materials that don’t have markets Treated wood Some plastics Diapers Composite materials (things stuck to other things)

8 Key Opportunities Focus on Paper Organics Construction and demolition (C&D) debris

9 What is Zero Waste? Zero Waste Recognizes that “waste” is not inevitable Discarded materials are potentially valuable resources Goes beyond “end of pipe” strategies Maximizes recycling and composting Reduces consumption Designs “waste” out of the system

10 Zero Waste Operational Plan Overview Year/Term20042008 Short Term 2011 Mid Term 2021 Long Term Diversion Rate62%68%77%78 to 90% Estimated additional cost NA$615,000 (on-going cost) $3,378,500 (on-going cost) $150,000 (one time cost) Not available Approximate rate impact NA3%17%Not available Projected one standard can rate ($19.80) increase. 0$0.59$3.37Not available Cost per additional ton diverted. 0$111.18$107.78Not available

11 ZWOP Recommended Facilities Utilize existing regional facilities Mixed recyclables Curbside MRF Organics C&D debris Local facilities (requires new site & further study) Drop-off recycling Permanent HHW

12 ZWOP Recommended Policies Continue to expand efforts in waste prevention through legislation, policies, ordinances, outreach, and technical assistance. Seek to reduce the amount and toxicity of consumer product waste through measures that place the appropriate level of responsibility on manufacturers for the end-of-life of their products. Encourage innovative services to be added by the private sector and nonprofit groups so the City does not have to invest in those activities. Work with residents, businesses, community organizations, Bay Area Product Stewardship Council, Bay Area Zero Waste Communities group to further the City’s zero waste efforts. Establish, support and incorporate environmentally preferable purchasing standards.

13 Short Term Goals 2008 Programs City lead by example Grant or loan program for local reuse and recycling Measure potential to reduce greenhouse gases through waste prevention and recycling Consider adaptive reuse design and expanding the C&D ordinance Enhance business and school technical assistance programs

14 Mid Term Goals 2009-2011 Programs Conduct “zero waste procurement” for new and expanded collection and processing services Divert additional industrial loads to C&D debris processing facilities Enhance recycling in public areas Phase-in a mandatory recycling Modify rates to encourage zero waste Enhance businesses and school recycling Facilities Relocate Recycling Center

15 Long Term Goals 2012-2021 Programs Evaluate and enhance existing programs Facilities Evaluate emerging technology or other innovative approaches to materials management Celebrate achievement of zero waste!

16 Recommendations and Next Steps Review and Discuss Zero Waste Operational Plan Direct staff as to any desired modifications or additions to the Plan Approve the Plan in concept Staff will return with the final plan for Council approval in June 2007 Staff will begin development of the new solid waste collection contract to incorporate the elements of the Zero Waste Operational Plan

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