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1.NeuroMama, Ltd. will receive from Grupo Carso the rights to resell Internet, Telephone and Cellular Service in its brick-and-mortar NeuroMANIA stores.

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2 1.NeuroMama, Ltd. will receive from Grupo Carso the rights to resell Internet, Telephone and Cellular Service in its brick-and-mortar NeuroMANIA stores in the territories where Grupo Carso operates telecommunication companies, and; 2.NeuroMama, Ltd. will exclusively resell Internet, Telephone and Cellular Service in its brick-and-mortar NeuroMANIA stores in the territories where Grupo Carso operates telecommunication companies, and; 3.Cellular Service. NeuroMama, Ltd. is to receive $50.00 Prepaid Cards for NeuroPads and NeuroPhones at no cost to NeuroMama, Ltd., and; 4.Cellular Service. NeuroMama, Ltd. is to receive 100% of the 1st. month, 50% of the next 6 month and 10% Royalty on prepaid and monthly data-plans sold to consumers thereafter, and; CONFIDENTIAL Engagement Summary

3 5.Internet and Telephone Service. NeuroMama, Ltd. is to receive 100% of the 1st. month, 50% of the next 6 month and 10% Royalty on plans sold to consumers thereafter, and; 6.NeuroMama, Ltd. is to be integrated into the payment system in Latin America to receive payments for its products sold in Latin America, and; 7.NeuroMama, Ltd. sale-staff will not solicit subscribers of DISH subscribers to switch to DTH of NeuroMama, Ltd, and; 8.NeuroMama, Ltd. will be using the network of DISH installers to install satellite dishes and receivers for NeuroMama, Ltd. DTH subscribers, and; 9.NeuroMama, Ltd. is to receive 75% discount on Internet and Telephone service for company owned sale centers and stores in Latin America. CONFIDENTIAL Engagement Summary

4 Month 1 to 3: Research, design, and development of NeuroMama, ltd. online and Brick and mortar business model targeting businesses and individual consumers. Month 1 to 6: Development and Implementation of the first sales and sales support Center in Rosarito Beach, Baja California. Month 4 to 6: Implementation of the 1st. NeuroMANIA brick and mortar store in Rosarito Beach, Baja California. Month 7 to 12: opening of 2 more NeuroMANIA stores in Tijuana and Ensenada, Baja California. Month 13 to 19: opening 28 NeuroMANIA stores in Baja California. Month 13 to 19: opening 3 NeuroMANIA stores in each of the 32 Mexican states, for a total of 93 stores. CONFIDENTIAL Illustrative Project Timeline

5 Month 20 to 48: opening 1 NeuroMANIA store for every 100,000 people in every state in Mexico, for a total of 1,200 NeuroMANIA stores. Month 20 to 48: opening 34 additional NeuroMANIA stores in Baja California, 1 for every 50,000 people, for a total of 64 stores. Month 20 to 48: opening 1 NeuroMANIA store for every 100,000 people in 57 cities in Latin America with population of over 1,000,000 people (excluding Mexican cities) for a total of 2,100 stores. Month 49 to 66: opening 1 NeuroMANIA store for every 100,000 people in all Latin American countries in Latin America, for a total of 2,700 stores. Month 67 to 69: opening 1 NeuroMANIA store for every 50,000 people in Latin America, for a total of 12,000 stores. Month 67 to 69: opening 1 NeuroMANIA store for every 25,000 people in Latin America, for a total of 12,000 stores. NeuroMama, Ltd. goal is to open 24,000 NeuroMANIA brick and mortar stores in Latin America in 69 month. CONFIDENTIAL Illustrative Project Timeline


7 Marketing and Advertising Strategy 1.NeuroMama, Ltd. is planning to use its all-inclusive Internet Platform for its marketing and advertising needs. Search Engine based on Artificial Technology… (when 1,000,000 people with an average age of 30 years will use this search engine, NeuroMama will have a wisdom of 30,000,000 years... today its Google is only as smart as how many people have worked on designing Google search engine. Maybe 5 people? NeuroBrowser The NeuroBrowser is a high Security, high-Performance mobile friendly web browser completely free. Available for both desktop computers and mobile devices, the NeuroBrowser helps manage all your favorite bookmarks while keeping your computer safe and secure. The NeuroBrowser is fast, easy to use, & customized with the latest features to help you surf the Internet. Neuro-Mail Neuro-Mail offers safe and secure webmail service with an added bonus! Receive frequent search reward points when you sign up! Once enough points have been accumulated then customers may redeem the frequent search reward points for discounted vacation packages and Neuro mobile devices! CONFIDENTIAL

8 Marketing and Advertising Strategy NeuroMania is your fun, friendly connection to old and new friends sharing your life, lifestyle, interests and professions. Connect to over 123 groups ready to join! The NeuroMama is pleased to provide the kids zone, a way for the children to entertain themselves with educational material. This includes ebooks, downloadable learning material, video games in flash, a large selection of streamed cartoons, and more! Our online finance center provides current information on the stock markets including news, stock data, company insights, and an active blog powered by a professional from wall street! The frequent search rewards program is the first and only search engine customer loyalty program. We too want to give recognition to our regular visitors and encourage them to launch all their Web travels from CONFIDENTIAL

9 Marketing and Advertising Strategy NeuroMama, Ltd. offers complete Internet advertising and marketing programs designed to meet the needs of every type of business. Advertising programs range from keyword banner ads on to complete SEM programs that provide the means of competing on the Internet with big box retailers. The Internet Retail program integrates with over 100 comparative shopping channels and online marketplaces. Businesses can either set up their own data feeds or take advantage of the powerful NeuroZone data feed program. is the backbone of the keyword advertising program. The worldwide search directory is geo specific and provides customers with a mobile friendly, easy to use way of finding information on any given local business when on the go. NeuroMama's NeuroZone online retail platform is the combination of AMAZON and EBAY, however in addition of duplicating two successful business models, NeuroZone also facilitates processing of foreign Credit cards and shipping tenants products to 150 countries providing online merchants the means of selling to consumers worldwide. When a merchant adds lists their products on the Neurozone, those products will also be integrated into NeuroZone eCommerce Feed. This NeuroZone eCommerce Feed will add NeuroZone tenants to the online shopping sites or Neuro e-Commerce Network, which includes more than 100 shopping sites and networks across the Internet. CONFIDENTIAL

10 Marketing and Advertising Strategy Download all of your favorite apps including the NeuroBrowser for both desktop and Mobile, the NeuroMANIA desktop messenger, & the Mobile version of the social network, NeuroMANIA. Obtain investor information including the corporations recent filings, news & information, Investor Relation Kits, and more. 2.NeuroMama, Ltd. is planning to use its DTH and availability on-demand technology for its marketing and advertising needs. In Latin America today only 60,000,000 people have cable and satellite TV in their homes. Latin America presents growth opportunity to NeuroMama, Ltd's Direct-To-Home (DTH) business, which will bring TV programming into homes of consumers. TV programs and featured films “on demand” ready to stream. The latest improvements allow the programs to be transmitted with and without the commercials over the Internet and satellite. subscribers will be able to enjoy 10's of millions of TV programs and feature films in many languages on-demand basis. This provides a huge opportunity to both NeuroMama, Ltd. and our partners with expanded advertising power! Through DTH we offer 400+ TV Channels in three languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese CONFIDENTIAL

11 3.NeuroMama, Ltd. is planning to use its Branding capabilities when creating heavily branded content TV programs for ArtTvZone, CombatTvZone, KidsTvZone, NeuroZoneTv, DelicousZoneTv Television Networks for its marketing and advertising needs. CONFIDENTIAL NeuroMama, Ltd. sister network HMX Hombre TV provides extensive advertising opportunities across the network favored by Men. A TV channel with innovative programming, and ranked based on the study on the tastes and preferences of Latino men concept. The HMX variety of programming including news, sports, political and humorous spaces, HMX; The channel of Man comes to position itself as a favorite of the current Latino Channels. ArtTvZone ArtTvZone is a Music and Art Network. This is 24 network with focus on Jazz, Classical and Symphonic Music, Ballet, Classical Art, Sculpture, Classic Architectural, Ornamentation, Travel, Nature, Flora and Fauna. CombatTvZone CombatTvZone is a Fighting Network. This is a 24-hour TV network focused on martial arts and boxing events, news, interviews, and broadcasting of prerecorded and live championship fights. NeuroZoneTv Info on Internet companies, technological advancements. Realities shows dealing with financing of technology companies and competition of inventors for financial support. High tech news, interviews with CEO’s,Technological Innovations KidsTvZone KidsTvZone is a Children Network. This is a 24-hour TV Network focused on broadcasting cartoons developed by major world studios, educational and entertainment content, as well as TV Programs about Travel & Nature. Marketing and Advertising Strategy

12 4.NeuroMama, Ltd. is planning to use its promotional capabilities available through strategic relationship with Aces of Acts, Fantazmus Circus and World Kickboxing Championships during championship fights and tours, which will combine Cirque Style Productions, Music and Sports for its marketing and advertising needs. CONFIDENTIAL Aces of Acts is a gold-standard cirque-style talent broker which represents the vast majority With offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Moscow and London.Seamlessly blending hundreds of years of European circus and modern cirque style entertainment, Aces of Acts mega production extravaganzas combine unique music, choreography, athleticism and comedy with an emphasis on acts and performers. Aces of Acts supplies special event entertainment to an A List of over 150 Fortune 500 companies, professional sports organizations and fraternal groups. Marketing and Advertising Strategy

13 Founded in 1989, by Dennis Warner and In Sync Productions, World Championship MuayThai is based in Southern California and is the longest running Muay Thai event in the United States. Championships are held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beijing and other cities and feature top fighters from the U.S., China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Holland, the U.K., Korea and other countries., a well established promoter of live entertainment can bring this exciting action packed event to the audience of Mexico who appreciate thrill and excitement in the form of Martial Arts. CONFIDENTIAL Marketing and Advertising Strategy

14 CONFIDENTIAL NeuroMama, Ltd. Overview At this point one of the NeuroMama’s main products is a search engine that is based on technology, which completely resembles human brains and specifically it is mimicking its learning abilities. It even picks up some bad habits, like children who start to behave badly if under the influence of wrong people. Project Manager of NeuroMama General Design and Tech Support team, the Russian Professors of mathematics from Russian Academy of Sciences, and Project Leaders in Russia and Latvia, has had thoroughly investigated and tested all of the elements of NeuroMama neural technology. We have covered NeuroMama neural technology and its structure in relation to: NeuroMama neural network architecture, and data representation. NeuroMama learning and optimization algorithms. NeuroMama's self-organizing skills. NeuroMama self management skills. Compression and decompression of patterns, and efficiency of programming code processing compression/decompression. Design and implementation of hardware architecture for NeuroMama neural network and databases. NeuroMama adaptive behavior. Evolution of neural network in the context of NeuroMama model.

15 NeuroMama, Ltd is an integrated media and technology company with a search engine, browser, service provider, eCommerce site, social network, finance center, Kids zone, direct-to-home video on demand via satellite distribution among its core businesses. Our focus is on the Latin American market, the fastest growing Media & Entertainment market in the world. As part of NeuroMama Ltd. monetizing strategy, NeuroMama, Ltd. has also launched an Internet advertising and marketing program targeting businesses in both the United States and in Latin America. NeuroMama, Ltd. (Nasdaq: NERO) as a public traded company is growing at an accelerated pace. NeuroMama, Ltd. is less than one year old yet has emerged in a 8 trillion dollar global entertainment, media, telecommunication, and Internet Industry with great success! With a recent agreement between NeuroMama, Ltd. and an undisclosed company, we have effectively launched ourselves into the DTH (Direct To Home) business in Latin America, US and Canada (pending FCC Landing license in US). CONFIDENTIAL NeuroMama, Ltd. Overview

16 NeuroMama, Ltd. offers unique technology providing products and services which are in demand by the majority of the world's population. NeuroMama, Ltd. can provide video on-demand via DTH. it’s not Internet, it’s not cable, it’s via the satellite. Therefore, content providers who have provided rights for their content to be distributed over the Internet to Netflix will not have conflict of interest to license their content for on-demand distribution over the satellite. NeuroMama, Ltd. Is in the process of developing a number of projects relating to our basket of products and services. We are in the process of setting up a 50,000+ square feet facility in Rosarito Beach, Mexico that will serve as our headquarters for our sales and sales support effort. CONFIDENTIAL NeuroMama, Ltd. Overview

17 Products for Businesses: Online advertising TV advertising Tablets and phones with monthly plans. Packages of TV channels Branding in TV programs Sponsorship of sports and cultural events Products for Consumers: Packages of TV channels, 650,000 TV programs and films on-demand Tablet & phone with monthly Internet service CONFIDENTIAL NPhoneLA01 Dual SIM Dual Standby Chip set:MTK6582M Quad- core1.3GHz ROM+RAM 1GB+4GB OS: Android 4.2 3G network: HSDPA 850/2100MHz LCD: 6.0” QHD 540*960 IPS Camera: Front 2.0MP & Rear 8.0MP Wi-Fi b/g/n Battery: 2000 mAh NPadLA01 MTK's smart chip MT GHz Octa-core system RAM:2G+ROM:16G 7.0" WUXGA screen LTPS 1920 x1200 pixels Android OS front 2MP +After 13MP AF camera 3G Internet access Dual sim cards dual standby 3500 mAh polymer battery Enjoy quality, technology & reliability that’s affordable

18 Two feature rich choices offering great value for an affordable price The Neuro LA11 promotional series for Latin America CONFIDENTIAL NPhoneLA11 Dual SIM Dual Standby LCD: 4.0” 800*480 Chipset:MTK6571 Dual-core1.3GHz ROM+RAM: 256MB+512MB OS: Android 4.2 2G network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MH Camera:Front 0.3M,rear 2.0M Battery:2000 mAh Talking time: 5 to 7 hours NPadLA11 Over the top! Combining 3 screens, the NPadLA011 offers a cell phone, tablet, and Television. This NeuroPad will handle all of your needs with one device. Speed 1.5Ghz Dual-Core + 7 inch screen, Flat touchscreen, Android 4 Enjoy quality, technology & reliability that’s affordable

19 A distribution network of 100+ comparative shopping channels and marketplaces When it comes to eCommerce, it's not really possible these days to put up an eCommerce store and expect to be successful. The merchant must put their products in front of customers everywhere that their customers shop on the Internet. Let’s say that a prospective NeuroZone Tenant has a website with 10,000 products, and customers who shop for these type of products online also visit,, Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Thefind, etc. CONFIDENTIAL The Power of the NeuroZone e- Commerce data feed network

20 CONFIDENTIAL It would be nearly impossible to manually add each 1 of the 10,000 products to each shopping channel. The way this is handled is by using NeuroZone data feeds, which automatically update each shopping channel every 24 hours with new prices, special promotions, additions & inventory adjustments. NeuroMama's NeuroZone Online Retail Platform is the combination of AMAZON and EBAY, however in addition of duplicating two successful business models, NeuroZone also facilitates processing of foreign Credit cards and shipping tenants products to 150 countries… in essence NeuroZone is giving access to shoppers from the whole world to the tenants of NeuroZone. Online version of NeuroMama Brick and Mortar will be integrated into NeuroZone eCommerce Feed. The NeuroZone eCommerce Feed will add NeuroMama to the online shopping sites or Neuro e-Commerce Network, which includes more than 100 shopping sites and networks displayed below. You can view the list of shopping channels that NeuroZone will connect NeuroMama if MOVISTAR will take advantage of this proposal. This program which is very complex and expensive, and includes configuration of shipping, taxes, payment options, etc. Also NeuroMama will be added to the additional Content Distribution Program for social media and press releases. Facebook store will be also created for NeuroMama. List your products on the NeuroZone and get listed worldwide! The Power of the NeuroZone e- Commerce data feed network


22 Mr. Yuan Hui.- Chief Mobile Technology Officer Ian started in mobile phone accessories establishing the manufacture center in Shenzhen. Became the OEM supplier of Huawei and Lenovo and leading and advanced manufacture of mobile phone and accessories with commitment to bring the best phones and accessories, such as smart phones, MID and portable backup battery for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, etc. and USB car charger, Battery Chargers. Awarded as the Hi-Tech Enterprise by Shenzhen Science & Technology Bureau and Innovative Enterprise of Guangdong Province. Certified by the BSI ISO 9001:2000 the Quality management System. Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, UN38.3. Exported to near 30 countries. Jeremy Thomas - Interim Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Thomas has an extensive background with more than 14 years of hands-on experience in building, operating, and managing successful Internet operations. Mr. Thomas provides current knowledge on cutting edge technology and best practices relating to website development and internet marketing. Prior to joining he built a successful company by the name of Internet Marketing Solutions and held executive positions as a marketing and web development consultant with, inc. and Internet Services llc, both San Diego based marketing firms. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

23 Andrew Tyler - Andrew Tyler - SVP of Finance/Interim CFO Andrew Tyler has more than 12 years of experience in financial services, with a focus on capital markets and macroeconomic research. Mr. Tyler has extensive experience with most major asset classes including Commodities, Credit, Equities, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange and their derivatives. His experience includes working for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs. Mr.Tyler has an MBA in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and obtained a double major in Economics and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Tom Brennan - Chief Viral Marketing Officer In 2006 Tom saw that, due to the video explosion, the internet would soon offer an entirely new advertising platform for sponsors and launched a Video Viral Marketing Firm, the cornerstone of which was a Viral Marketing system of his own formulation and has published a "how to" book on that very system. His successes are many. One vignette went out to over 180,000 websites with some 193,000,000 views in a six month period. A clip he edited from the movie Stoneman had an astounding 75,000 websites in only 2 weeks! An exercise in product placement of Red Bull was viewed 28,000,000 times in a two month period. After a two hour seminar with seven VP's he was hired by Fox Broadcasting to enhance and turn around their failing their Viral Program which also yielded superlative results for Fox.Prior to this Tom Brennan, had worked his way up from store manager, to District Manager, to Regional Manager, and Director of stores for such giants as the Limited Stores, The GAP, and Winkelman's. In these positions Tom was responsible for the profitability of high volume Districts and Regions with up 600 employees and 35 stores at a time. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

24 While at the Limited Tom took the failing Philadelphia District and improved its results to first in profitability and budget control and second in sales out of 27 Districts in the company.His results were even more astounding with Winkelman's in the mid-west. There he took over the poorest performing region in the company and with 18 months produced the best results of any region in the company's one hundred year history. Tom became known in the industry as a turnaround specialist and went on to establish himself as one of the premier consultants in the high volume fashion retail industry. MICHAEL E. MUSICK - President and Chief Executive officer of Global Media and Internet Company. Michael is responsible for the daily operation of the company. Prior to joining Global, Michael spent 20+ years with AT&T Corp. Michael joined AT&T shortly after the United States Government mandated divesture of the US monopoly telephone network. He started working in various Call-Center capacities and quickly was promoted into management. After being promoted into management he was tasked with improving the productivity of the inside and outside sales force with the use of the then emerging decentralized computer technology. After creating and deploying many new sales programs that helped to enhance sales productivity, much attention was given to these enhancements by AT&T’s upper management. A decision was made shortly afterwards to deploy these enhancements company-wide along with a newly developed Sales Center IT Manager title. After helping with this deployment, Michael made the decision to move into outside sales for AT&T Business Services. Michael spent the next 17- years in a variety of sales roles ending his career as one of the top Sales Director’s company-wide, winning the award of Leaders Council 5-times. This prestigious award is handed out once per year to the top 2% of all sales and sales support producers. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

25 Michael and his team worked with such clients as Blizzard Entertainment, Vivendi Games, Universal Studios, Akamai Technologies, New Century Mortgage, Watson Pharmaceuticals, GEO Logistics and Leap Wireless (the parent company of Cricket Wireless). Many of these clients held multi-year million dollar plus contracts which encompassed such services as self- healing dual-entrance fiber-ring technology, streaming content distribution, multi-location globally managed virtual private networks, SS7 signaling, multi terabyte / multi-homing / multi- location data center services for the number one internet gaming company in the world. Michael was responsible for maintaining and growing a $250 million yearly revenue stream in the fast paced and competitive Enterprise Business Markets. Responsible for yearly sales growth, monthly sales production targets, customer satisfaction, employee hiring, mentoring and career development. Michael was able to achieve his revenue growth and production targets each and every year. John Ray - Chief Sales and Marketing Officer John is one of the most experienced and respected executives in the Timeshare Industry with extensive expertise in sales, marketing, training, developing, Sales Management and motivational speaking in the vacation ownership industry in existing resorts and new resort development. Prior to joining Global, John Ray had a position with Starwood as a senior sales director creating in house/OPC, which is (outside personal contact). CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

26 Operations at Sheraton Vistana Resort, Orlando, Florida Overseeing 70+ sales associates. John’s duties and successes include: Managing budget/forecasting tour flow, working with all internal partners, creating podium dept. Development of a marketing presentation. Expanded duties as project director of 2009 increasing frontline sales operation to build opc tour flow along with great success in increasing vpg which is volume per guest and exchangers to highest level. Created line segmentation for all source-codes to maximize efficiency. Took in-house with the owner base to a new level though the increase of average prices by selling new inventory rather than upgrading. Profit margin and efficiency along with managing cost. Jonathan Q. Loeb - Chairman of the Board Jonathan is one of the most experienced and respected executives, who brings 30 years of experience with a proven record of progressive leadership in sales, marketing and operations within the hospitality industry. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

27 A dynamic visionary and influential change agent, committed to improving the bottom line, new market growth and total customer satisfaction, prior to joining Global Mr. Loeb provided consulting services in sales, marketing and operations management to businesses entering into the hospitality field or expanding their sales and services within that industry for companies such as: Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, Venetian Resort & Casino, Hilton Hotels International, Hyatt Hotels, Las Vegas Sands, Inc., Omni Hotels, Grand America Hotel and Towers. Prior to becoming an independent consultant Mr. Loeb held the position of Managing Director for the W Hotels, where he directed all hotel operations; completely reorganized the sales and marketing departments, managed training programs. Prior to that Mr. Loeb held a position of Vice President of sales for the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, where he hired and developed a sales team and support staff. Mr. Loeb had achieved the goal of promoting 355,000 room night bookings and met or exceeded all other forecasted goals. He effectively acted as a liaison between the convention bureau and the hotel community in finding and completing the expansion of the Convention Center to twice its original size. Prior to that Mr. Loeb held a position of a senior vice president of sales and marketing with Marriott Hotels and Resorts. Mr. Loeb was personally selected by Bill Marriott to oversee the firm's entry into the industry's luxury tier and worked with Mr. Marriott for 21 years. He restructured the hiring and training program for the company's 1200-person sales team, Consolidated and focused sales disciplines, which contributed to a market increase in occupancy, definite room nights, and average rate. Re-evaluated and prioritized goals of national and international sales offices, revitalizing their roles in booking total room nights for existing hotels. Co-developed the convention hotel network, resort hotel network, and the Marriott Masters Program, better focused the national sales offices' efforts and significantly increased convention and meeting business. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

28 Mr. Loeb personally managed Marriott's top 20 corporate and association accounts. Organized and directed the company's most productive and successful international sales conference to-date. Spearheaded the development of many five star, five diamond properties. For Marriott Mr. Loeb was the change-agent in reframing the company's hospitality formula and marketing new concepts to the public. He developed and trained a staff of 500 to provide individualized service to upscale clientele. Developed sales and marketing plans to capture upscale business not then part of traditional marriott. Mr. Loeb had directed the Marriott Hotel’s growth to four star, four diamond status, creatively upgraded many hotel facilities, substantially improving its average rate. Maintained a strong leadership role in the Chamber Of Commerce and other civic organizations, which gave the company a high profile, thus contributing to room nights and greater restaurant and banquet business. Federico Martinez, Jr. - President of Ole Entertainment SA de CV. The older son of the Martinez family, Frederico Jr. has been an executive of the Martinez's family media assets since his late teens. At the age of 20 he started working as a programming director at the family owned Channel 17 KDI TV and later started a multimedia production company that provided production and programming to companies like Univision and Telemundo - eventually selling that company, the MediaLusion Group, to Univision and Telemundo affiliates in San Diego, California. In 2004 he became a major shareholder and operating partner in Planet X Television, a nationally syndicated TV show and a pioneer in action sports TV programming. Under his leadership, Planet X TV expanded to markets like Australia, Brazil and the lucrative U.S. Hispanic Market. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

29 In 2005 he was invited by the Ad Agency DDB in Guatemala to produce two commercials for their client Brahva Beer. Working with companies in Latin America on a project budgeted at more than $800,000 USD made him realize the potential and opportunity to establish an action sports and lifestyle Cable TV network for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic Market, leading to the launch of Ole Entertainment SA de CV in Mexico in Partnering with SATMEX and Alterna TV, Ole established the Planet X Latin America Television Network which currently has distribution agreements with major cable companies in Mexico and Central and South America and is perfectly positioned to become the leader in action sports and youth Entertainment in Latin America. Mr. Martinez holds a Communications Degree from the Advanced technology Education Center and a telecommunications degree from Southwestern College. Anatoliy Myagkostoupov - President, CEO and co-founder of Aces of Acts, Fantazmus Circus and Global Live Entertainment, Ltd. Anatoliy is a Gold Medal Graduate of Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts, the only such higher educational establishment in USSR, and the leading international institution of high education specializing in these most revered forms of performance art. Before relocating to Las Vegas and co-founding Aces of Acts, Anatoliy spent many years starring in the world- renowned Moscow Circus while, in the process, bringing increased fame and respect for the traditions of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian and European circus. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

30 Steven Schwartzbard - Global Financial Trust, Ltd., General Design and Marketing Schwartzbard has advised and assisted various companies located in the territories of the former USSR in the capacity of General Design and Marketing strategies, as well as designing the appropriate capital structure of these companies as well as business models in order to enter world capital markets by listing its financial instruments on the various stock exchanges around the world. Schwartzbard has also served in advisory capacity in the area of finance, capital reorganizations, debt reductions and restructurings and new business development matters to high ranking governmental officials. CONFIDENTIAL Company Leadership

31 We strongly believe that our partners payoff will have the following five characteristics. It is simple. It is fair. It is emphasized trust rather than legal ties. It will not blow apart if actual differs slightly from plan. It will not provide perverse incentives that will cause one or both parties to behave destructively. The notion – like the idea that excruciatingly detailed financial projections are useful – is nonsense. New ventures are inherently risky, what can go wrong will. When that happens, we hope that our investors don’t panic, don’t get angry, and don’t refuse to advance the company more money. By contrast, we hope that our investors roll up their sleeves and help the company solve its problems. We think about capital acquisition as a dynamic process – to figure out how much money we will need and when we will need it. The way we accomplish this, is by treating the new venture as a series of experiments. Before launching the whole show, we launch a little piece of it. Then we will convene a focus group to test the product, build a prototype and watch it perform, conduct a regional or local roll-out of a service. Such exercise will reveal the true economics of the business and will help enormously in determining how much money our venture actually requires and in what stages. We will raise enough, and investors will invest enough capital to fund each major experiment. CONFIDENTIAL Main reasons to partner with NeuroMama, Ltd.

32 Before launching the whole show, we launch a little piece of it. Then we will convene a focus group to test the product, build a prototype and watch it perform, conduct a regional or local roll-out of a service. Such exercise will reveal the true economics of the business and will help enormously in determining how much money our venture actually requires and in what stages. We will raise enough, and investors will invest enough capital to fund each major experiment. Experiments, of course, can feel expensive and risky. However, it will prevent disasters and help create successes. It is a prerequisite of a winning deal. We assure you that our business model is not an albatross that hangs around the neck of our entrepreneurial team, dragging it into oblivion. Instead, our business model is a call for action, one that recognizes management’s responsibility to fix what is broken proactively and in real time. Risk is inevitable, avoiding risk impossible. Risk management is the key, which will tilt our venture in favor of reward and away from risk. Our goal is to demonstrate mastery of the entire entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. It's up to the management, to turn the shareholder's perception into a reality... Not because the people part of the new venture is the most important, but because without the right team, none of the other parts really matters. What and whom we know are matters of insight and experience. How familiar the team members with industry players and dynamics? We are, not surprisingly, value managers who have been around the block a few times. We personally believe that ideas are a dime a dozen: only execution skills count. Although, we are convinced that all of our ideas are great. However, in case we had made some mistakes, they'll make a switch for another idea, and partners will make money one way or the other. CONFIDENTIAL Main reasons to partner with NeuroMama, Ltd.

33 Neuromama, ltd is a PROACTIVE provider of Multilingual Programming, Streaming Media, Video on Demand and Gaming for the 21st Century. Global Telecommunication, Entertainment, Media and Internet Industry is 8 Trillion Dollar a year industry. NeuroMama, Ltd. is in this industry. Every person and every business in the world is potential customer of NeuroMama, Ltd.NeuroMama, Ltd. isn't just another passive distributor of single- culture entertainment packages like Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster and all those other video on demand and streaming media vendors. NeuroMama, Ltd. is an active company, a PROACTIVE COMPANY. Everyone else in this business operates essentially like a warehouse or mailroom. They license the rights to some DVDs or digital entertainment files and they stick them into bright red envelopes or onto computer servers and push them out to subscribers. Not a bad business model, except that it provides NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the majority of the world's population, billions of people who are starved for world-class entertainment in their homes because none of the best programming is available on the internet or on their local channels IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGES. NeuroMama is an ACTIVE, a PROACTIVE distributor. We have access to biggest, most broad- based film and television library in the world – more than 650,000 programs currently in Russian language CONFIDENTIAL Main reasons to partner with NeuroMama, Ltd.

34 …all of them available on-demand... and NeuroMama goal is to add 10’s of millions of TV programs and feature films in another 23 languages to this library... make every one of them available in the native language of the country in which it is distributed... and make them all available on-demand. NeuroMama goal is to give to the world population ability to watch what they want to watch... and when they want to watch it... in privacy of their homes... on TV screens that able to display TV programing with much better clarity and quality than any computer screens or mobile-type devices. NeuroMama goal is to research, design, develop and implement the new standard for compression and decompression of visual content that will provide ability to store 10 times more content on satellites than the existing MPEG4 compression standard. This savings of financial resources of TV Networks and TV channels and much more economical use of satellite resources, will result in more TV Networks and TV channels getting larger distribution via DTH, the Direct To Home platforms. The savings of financial resources will result in shifting this financial resources to the development of new and higher quality content. The savings of financial resources will result in viewers getting access to 10 times more channels, getting access to more and higher quality of programming in their ethnic languages available on-demand anywhere in the world. CONFIDENTIAL Main reasons to partner with NeuroMama, Ltd.

35 So to say that NeuroMama’s 2013 launch was responsible for a sea change in search engine technology, in reality it was a massive understatement. What it actually created was a planetary change. Whatever one calls it, however, sea change or planetary change or intergalactic change in a world that is still uses FTP and MPEG standards, which are still a 15-year-old, a 20th Century change, an antique – as computer technology time is measured – change. When PWC talks, the investment world listens. Price Waterhouse Coopers is the second largest accountancy and financial analysis firm in the world. 757 offices in 154 countries. Almost 200,000 employees. Here's what PWC said in its latest Global Entertainment and Media forecast. It said that NO MATTER WHAT, whether the economy continued to recover or got worse, WORLDWIDE SPENDING ON ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA is going to jump to 2.1 trillion in A big part of this TRILLIONS AMERICAN DOLLARS will be spent on digital entertainment delivered directly to the home. What kind of return on your investment will a piece of that action generate? CONFIDENTIAL Main reasons to partner with NeuroMama, Ltd.

36 There's something else you should know about the Price Waterhouse Coopers 2017 Global Entertainment forecast. It also said, that "between right now and 2017 LATIN AMERICA and the ASIA PACIFIC area will be the entertainment consumer world's fastest growing regions with annual spending increasing at more than double the United Sate's and the EMEA's (Europe, Middle East and Africa) rate". Latin America and the Asia Pacific area… China, Brazil, Argentina, India – all countries where the rise in sheer, unadulterated consumerism is reminding most economists of nothing as much as the United States' shift to consumption-driven society in the 1950s. China, Brazil, Argentina, India… all countries where NeuroMama’s strategic co-production and distribution contracts with well-established regional entertainment partners gives NeuroMama a HUGE COMPETITIVE EDGE by providing exclusive access to both area's most valuable media libraries and fastest growing distribution networks. CONFIDENTIAL Main reasons to partner with NeuroMama, Ltd.

37 If you have any questions or information requests regarding the Company or you are willing to discuss our proposal in more detail, please contact: Mr. Steven "Slava" Schwartzbard Skype: Everything2013 Mt.: , +1(619)

Download ppt "1.NeuroMama, Ltd. will receive from Grupo Carso the rights to resell Internet, Telephone and Cellular Service in its brick-and-mortar NeuroMANIA stores."

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