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Cavendish Group is the leading BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) business to business publisher and meetings/events organiser with a particular focus.

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2 Cavendish Group is the leading BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) business to business publisher and meetings/events organiser with a particular focus on China, the world’s fastest growing economy. At Cavendish, we provide businesses with information about leading international technology, expertise and best practice from the West. Through our series of dedicated publications which are printed bilingually in association with local government ministries and relevant trade associations and distributed quarterly; we are able to give maximum exposure and market representation to any company wishing to influence senior decision makers in the Pulp, Paper and Converting sector. Furthermore, with our office in Beijing, a network of regional representatives and business development teams, we are in constant dialogue with our readers and partners making Cavendish Group the ideal partner to bring buyers and sellers together. With a print and electronic media vehicle guaranteed to reach the people who count, an after-sales team coordinating 1-2-1 meetings and events, we are the people who deliver on expectations. Introduction to Cavendish Group China's Paper Industry Achieves Tremendous Growth The paper industry in China has seen two decades of tremendous growth. According to the statistics released by the China Paper Industry Association, the paper industry in China continues to develop at a rapid pace. In 2007, China's consumption was 72.90 million tons and it produced over 73.50 million tons to rank the second in the world. Consumption is expected to reach 80 million tons by 2011! China is a leading country in the world's paper production, consumption and import. Industry experts predict this trend to continue, predicting an annual growth rate of more than 10 percent. Cavendish Group CEO Matthew Astill wins the Great Wall Friendship Award The Great Wall Friendship Award is the highest award presented by the Beijing Municipal Government to foreign experts. Cavendish Group provided cutting-edge technology, consultancy and materialized the introduction of new materials and equipment through its magazines during 2011.

3 Pulp & Paper Technology showcases the latest technologies and innovations that are continuing to change the pulp and paper industry. Our exclusive and comprehensive coverage is maintained each quarter by in-depth articles and case studies focussing on the following core areas: Core Contents - Technical Trends - Tissue Making and Converting - Automation - Energy and Environment - Machine Clothing - Optimisation and Control - Chemical solutions 2011 Ever-present Focuses - Energy Conservation - Power Generation - Environmental Protection - Mill Renovation - Sustainability Media Information 2011 Contents List : From a readership survey conducted in January 2010 64% subscribed to keep up to date with industry developments and source suppliers 60% spent over 45 minutes reading each publication 73% regularly referred back to previous issues 75% thought the technical level of the articles was just right 86% thought that the length of the articles was just right

4 The paper industry in China has unlimited potential and continues to develop at a rapid pace. Recent statistics illustrate China's dramatic growth in paper consumption is much greater than its total production and paper has to be imported to make up for the shortage. In an effort to keep up with the ever increasing demand, China has to continue to grow its paper industry. At the present time, there are 3,600 paper mills manufacturers in China. By the year 2011, experts predict at least 200 to 220 enterprises will be producing 100,000 tons or more. Despite being a world leader in paper production, China is limited only by its lack of raw materials for making paper and has become more and more dependent on international pulp suppliers. China has imported over 26 million tons of pulp and waste paper for its mills. This figure will continue to grow in direct relation to its annual production growth rate. Pulp & Paper Technology - China is the only magazine in its field legally covering overseas information into China. The magazine has been granted the Economic Information Agency’s (EIA) official “Kan Hao” license which allows us to operate a subscription service from our Beijing office. Published in both Chinese and English in a format that combines attractive design with the very highest production standards, Pulp & Paper Technology - China is the official source of foreign industry information for the Chinese pulp and paper industry. As the only Government endorsed magazine in this sector, Pulp & Paper Technology, is poised to unlock new opportunities for your company throughout China. Readers include executives, management, technical professionals and key decision makers from: Shandong Chenming Paper Gold East Paper Huatai Paper Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Shandong Sun Paper Shandong Bohui Paper Shandong Tralin Paper Tiger Forest & Paper Ningo Zhonghua Paper Lee & Man Paper Jinqiao Paper Shandong Heda Paper Henan Hengxing Paper Jisheng Paper Guangdong Zhongshun Paper Zhengzhou Mifeng Paper Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Paper Liaoyang Hengye Paper Shanghai Sensitive Paper Changzhou Wuhuan Paper Shandong Huatai Paper Dengta Fangxin Paper Changshu Paper Guofa Forestry Pulp &Paper Henan Hengxing Paper Weimei Paper Donwan Jiulong Paper The publication enjoys a close working relationship with: China Paper Association (CPA), China Technical Association of the Paper Industry and the China National Household Paper Industry Association (CNHPIA). In China: 2011 Shandong (International) Techn. & Equipm. Expo CIHPEC 2011Nanjing Dongguan Pulp&Paper equipment exhibition 2011 CHINA PAPER/ CHINA FOREST BEIJING ‘11 Paper Expo 2011 (Guangzhou) PaperCHEM 7 (Shanghai) Overview Internationally: Tissue World 2011 (Nice), SPCI 2011 (Stockholm), Zellcheming 2011 (Wiesbaden) PAPERArabia 2011 (Dubai) ABTCP Brazil (Sao Paolo) PAPEREX 2011 (New Delhi) Pulp & Paper Technology is Media Partner to 2011 events with extra distribution of around 2000 copies each

5 Pulp & Paper Technology, is distributed on a quarterly subscription basis to named and job titled, senior decision makers and technical personnel driving and implementing change in the Chinese pulp and paper industry From a readership survey conducted in January 2010: 66% had been influenced by an advertisement in the publication 20% had bought as a direct result of seeing an advertisement in the magazine 53% shared their copy with 4 or more people 78% had personal internet access at both home and at work As a result of our findings, Pulp & Paper Technology is reaching a projected readership of over 40,000 readers per quarter from Paper Mills, OEMs, Chemicals, Printing and Publishing firms, Paper Merchants, Traders and Converters. We also target Dealers and Distributors as well as Governmental and Regional Authorities and the Industry Associations in China. We are producing both printed publications as well as sending e- copies to our database of “opt-in” subscribers. In addition, we have extra distribution at all major tradeshows, conferences and seminars. Government PersonnelOperations Directors CEOs/GMs/PresidentsProject Managers Heads of R&D Agents, Distributors and Traders Senior Engineers/TechniciansProcurement Officers Additional subscriptions from Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and India Readership & Distribution

6 Sample Advertisements 2011

7 The Pulp & Paper Technology, China Business Development team have built up very strong personal relationships with our readers, partners and contacts offering 3 bespoke 1-2-1 Meeting Packages: Market Entry Package, Prospective Customer Package and Product Demonstration Package. We target and select potential customers and we arrange all elements of the meetings between Western and Chinese parties. We pre qualify, screen and confirm all requirements and then coordinate all logistics. There is no better way to be introduced to your potential customers in China than through a third party personal meeting. As our recent testimonials demonstrate there is potential for much greater return than from going to exhibitions. Find out what the Chinese market holds for you with the ‘Market Entry Package’!! The Pulp & Paper Technology ‘Market Entry Package’ is a fact finding visit with the opportunity of meeting senior management from Industry Associations, Governmental offices and to interact with several carefully screened Chinese companies. This can also include a cultural differences and industry regulations workshop. Prices range from GBP9,500 Personal introductions to real potential customers with the ‘Prospective Customer Package’!! The Pulp & Paper Technology ‘Prospective Customer Package’ is a series of 1-2-1 personal meetings with real decision makers from potential customers. Our Chinese pulp and paper industry specialist will be allocated to study your products and services, understand your expectations and China business objectives, find the right Chinese counterparts, communicate with both yourselves and the potential customers, introduce your services and technology, arrange and chair meetings Prices range from GBP12,500 Present your technology and services to a powerful audience the ‘Product Demonstration package’!! The Pulp and Paper Technology ‘Product Demonstration’ package is a small scale bespoke event. Prospective customers, Industry Associations and government officials are first screened, qualified and matched exactly to your business requirements before being invited. The demonstration normally consists of three parts, conference room presentation, a live product demonstration at a site contracted by Cavendish Group, lunch or dinner with guests where discussions, negotiations and 1-2-1 personal meetings continue. Prices start from GBP18,500 Customer testimonial Tony Kenyon, Product & Marketing Development Manager – Hayward Tyler Engineered Products I would like to record my appreciation for all of your supportive work. It was clear during my visit to the companies in Beijing and Tangu that a considerable amount of preparation had been done for my visit. The quality of the companies we were introduced to was exceptional. I was amazed at the senior level of the audience and the response exceeded our expectations. I was also encouraged by the obvious interest expressed at every meeting in the potential applications for our equipment. Your translation became an art towards the end, and once or twice I was sure you could have made the presentation on your own! I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay in China and am looking to return for a follow up visit in the coming months. Many thanks again, your hard work is appreciated. 1-2-1 Meetings and Bespoke Events We have the relationships and Chinese infrastructure, you bring the technology……

8 It has often been said that the success of a direct mail campaign can be broken down into two primary components: The mailing list or target audience The creative package or communication message We provide a one stop solution for all your Pulp and Paper mailing and fulfilment requirements. We apply our extensive market knowledge of what actually works in the field, creative input to make your mailing stand out from the crowd, and attention to detail to make the various stages work together. We can design the personal introduction letter and the brochure to your exact specifications and requirements and then use our unique comprehensive and accurate database to mail out. Our data base is continually updated by our in-house team giving us access to detailed information on over 35,000 Pulp and Paper companies in the China market and another 50,000 worldwide. Our database includes information on CEO, company directors and staff names, company size, annual turnover and of course product and technology information. Pick the categories that best fit your potential customer base and the countries most important to you, we do the rest. Quarterly series Direct-mail campaigns allow you to put your message in front of prospects repeatedly over the course of months (or years). The goal is to be the first person they think of when they are in the market. In direct-mail marketing, persistence is a virtue. Pre/Post Product Launch campaign Update existing and potential customers regarding new products and services, increase awareness and traffic at trade shows and other industry events. We enjoy one of the most impressive mail response-rates in the industry so whether you have the brochure and would like to make use of our extensive database or you would like us to undertake a full turn key Direct Mail Campaign, we can cater for every need. Prices vary upon client specification Direct Mail

9 Key Contacts: Mr Andrea Rubino - Publishing Director Tel: +44 2030778734 Email: Fax: +44 2030778769 If you have a new technology or innovation you feel could interest our readers, contact our Editor Margaret Marley on: To view a digital copy of any of the publications, go to: Advertising Rates: Back Cover GBP 11,950 Inside Front/ Back Cover GBP 8,950 Double Page Spread GBP 8,950 Full Page GBP 5,650 Half Page GBP 3,650 -Discounts offered for multiple bookings -Euro & Dollar Rates available upon request Tel: + 44 2030778700 Fax: +44 2030778769 Web: Cavendish Group 4th Floor Commonwealth House, 1-19 New Oxford St London, WC1A 1NU, United Kingdom

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