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RLS Printing and Marketing “Tucson’s Discount Printer” 520-548-8002.

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1 RLS Printing and Marketing “Tucson’s Discount Printer” 520-548-8002

2 “Dare To Be Different” I am "Tucson's Discount Printer", providing money saving solutions for your printing needs, working within your budget, and lowering your total cost for print and design. I am "Tucson's Discount Printer", but NEVER Discount Service or Discount Quality, only Discounted Prices. I am a printer specializing in brochures, business cards, postcard mailers, presentation folders, sales sheets, and graphic design, and much more. From labels to forms to commercial print, our sales professionals are experts at streamlining your printing needs! Unlike traditional printing companies, RLS has relationships with suppliers and vendors all over the country, so we're not limited to ONE print shop or ONE manufacturer.

3 SOLUTIONS WHATEVER YOUR PRINTING NEEDS, TOGETHER WE CAN FIND A SOLUTION. Excellent Quality... I have the knowledge and experience to get your business printing project done right, the first time. From simple one and two color jobs to high-end full color commercial offset printing, our quality is exceptional. I have the expertise you need from beginning concept through final project completion and mailing to ensure your project has the most effective impact on your target audience. Reliable Performance… I provide personal attention to detail and follow-up, communicating to you the progress or challenges in meeting your due date. I believe in keeping my promises to you, and I am committed to standing behind my work. Prompt Service... Realizing how important deadlines are to our customers, I won't take in a job unless I am sure that I will have it completed when promised. Whether it's a simple spot color business card, a time-sensitive postcard, a full color brochure, a multi-page newsletter or a high- end catalog, you can count on your printing job being done on time! Explore my web site for the products and services that you need, fill out the Request a Quote information (on the left side of this page), and I will contact you to discuss a solution.

4 Effective Approaches to Postcard Advertising 1. Promote a lifestyle. Many marketers present their postcards in a way that promotes a lifestyle. For instance, you may see a photo of model wearing a fashionable outfit with accessories sold from the advertised shop. IF you know the lifestyle of your target audience, then this can be an effective way to present your postcards and reach out to your market. 2. Use discount postcards for information drives. Another effective strategy is to use postcard marketing as a way to publicize information. For instance, some pharmaceutical companies may distribute postcards with information on how to avoid a particular illness. Unique postcards do not only advertise a product, it gives useful advisory at the same time. 3. Distribute forms. Postcards can also double as order forms to encourage the recipient to actually make a purchase or subscribe to the advertised material right after receiving the postcard. Some publishing companies use this type of approach as it usually generates a positive response from their market. 4. Employ souvenir advertising. Unique postcards can be also be designed in a way that the recipient will be moved to keep it for a long time. For example, the discount postcard may bear a beautiful image of a scenic spot. 5. Offer Promotions. Many business owners use unique postcards to offer promotions to encourage the recipient to purchase online or visit their shop. For example, you may offer a special discount for customers who will bring the postcard to your shop when they purchase an item. For customers who want to buy from your online shop, they can enter the code printed on the postcard to enjoy the discount. This is also a great strategy to keep track of the result of your postcard advertising campaign more easily.

5 Design, Print, Mail We specialize in DIRECT MAIL DESIGN, DIRECT MAIL PRINTING, MAILING LISTS, RESPONSE TRACKING and BULK MAIL PREPARATION providing customers with exceptional service and rapid turn-around-times on direct mail marketing projects. Our clients love the one-stop-shop capability we offer and our attention to all the details.

6 WHY Postcard Mailers? Just like MINI BILLBOARDS Message Visible Immediately Specific Audience at the “right” time. You Control Expenditures Reduced Postal Rates Cost of printing full color has been reduced dramatically through advances in technology.

7 Targeted Marketing You Direct Your Advertising

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