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 Goal of this thesis project was to show steps necessary to start a market.  This project essentially ended when the market opened.

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2  Goal of this thesis project was to show steps necessary to start a market.  This project essentially ended when the market opened.

3  Personal reasons  Responsibility of Recreation Supervisor  Town Board approval to look into further

4  Bottom Line: Must be a self-sufficient program.  Only accounted for Direct Costs  22 Weeks – Beginning of June to end of October Revenues 8 farmers/wk x $10 x 22 wks TOTAL$1760 Expenses Market Manager ($50/week) $1100 Insurance$0 Paper/Ink$250 Advertising$250 Portable Toilet$250 TOTAL$1625

5  Locations selected based on potential vendor/customer accessibility, space and visibility.  Each location was then contacted and permission was requested to be included on survey. › Driver’s Village › Marketplace Mall › Home Depot › Target › Country Max Plaza › Cicero Family Sports Center

6 1. Driver’s Village 2. Marketplace Mall 3. Home Depot 4. Target 5. Country Max Plaza 6. Cicero Family Sports Center 1 2 3 4 5 6

7  Distributed to the community beginning June 2011  Multiple outlets used to distribute survey to community. › Press Releases › Email list serves › Local chamber of commerce › 3 libraries › Cicero Senior Center

8  505 completed surveys collected  In addition, numerous emails and phone calls were received  Just one negative reply. Concern that market may hurt local farmers.

9  Why Involve the Community? › Provide sense of ownership of market › Increase attendance › Tailor market to the needs/wants of the community  How? › Collected emails from interested persons on survey. Emailed announcements out at beginning of process. › Held a Public meeting to decide most basic, but important decisions.

10 Survey Results Location: Country Max Day: Thursday Time: AM and early PM Community Decision Driver’s Village Tuesday 4 to 7 pm

11  Responsible for recommending guidelines and policies of the market to the Town of Cicero.  All final decisions, however, made by Town of Cicero.  Seven board members, plus liaison from Town of Cicero and Driver’s Village.

12  Again, to provide sense of ownership.  Advertised contest via high school, email list serves and press releases.  Once finalists chosen, forwarded to community for a vote.

13  Required at market to settle disputes, place vendors, collect payments, greet customers.  Started the process in early May.  Did not advertise in papers. Sent email to 65 people that expressed interest in market via surveys. Also advertised on Facebook page.  Two candidates interviewed; both ultimately turned down position.  No Market Manager hired.

14  Fresh Connect Grant › “…the Fresh Connect program enhances nutrition and economic health in New York State by increasing access to locally grown, fresh foods by low-income and/or underserved communities… the Program will partner and contract with local entities to develop and administer projects that will increase access to locally grown, fresh foods by low- income and/or underserved communities in New York State through direct marketing activities.” › Grant available to markets in New York State. › Grants available up to $10,000. Requested $3,950. › Applied March 30, 2012. Notification received on May 3, 2012.

15  SNAP/EBT › Food stamp program for eligible participants to be used on eligible market products.  Fruits, vegetables, bread, dairy, maple products, seeds/plants, baked goods, for home consumption, etc. › Market issued $1 wooden tokens to be used only at Cicero Market. Never expire. › Considered a funding source because all fees associated with using wireless terminal will be reimbursed in February 2013.  Monthly and per transaction fee › No end cost to the town.

16  Adoption of Rules and Regulations  Affordable stall fee rates  Direct mailing  Public meeting  Addition of “Cicero Farmers’ Market” to local market pages/blogs

17  Press Releases during every step of the process!  Creation of Facebook page. Collected 100+ fans BEFORE market opened.  Recipes handed out each week to invite customers to come back each week.

18  Radio interviews on news radio station and popular morning show.  Live segment on day of market opening on Bridge Street.

19  Driver’s Village › Provided no financial support directly. › Maintained grounds, printed signs, fixed pavement issues (tripping hazards) › Advertised the market in-house to 500+ employees  Local non-profits › Were provided space at no cost › Intention that each non-profit would bring in additional customers to the market. True in some cases, but not all.

20  Great turnout from community!  Held official ‘ribbon cutting.’  Largest vendor stated their daily profit was comparable to larger, established market.  Coverage of event was printed in 2 local papers.

21  HOT and Windy!  Daily number of vendors peaked in July with 17.  25 unduplicated vendors registered during the season.  Ended season early due to lack of vendors after Labor Day  Senior citizens were majority of clientele.  Number one customer issue – parking!  Largest vendor stopped attending in August due to decreasing attendance and profits.  Issued refunds to 4 full-season vendors for $40 to encourage continued attendance.  Free to all weekly vendors after Labor Day.

22  If hiring a Market Manager for 2013, begin the process much earlier. Include that person in the planning stages to give them a sense of ownership.  Close the market after Labor Day.  Continue to advertise the market through as many avenues as possible.  Farmers and vendors are priceless in attracting vendors.

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