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Introducing Australias ultimate drought relief product, the Farmers Card Proposal to Businesses.

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1 Introducing Australias ultimate drought relief product, the Farmers Card Proposal to Businesses

2 What is Farmers Card? Farmers Card is issued to all farmers who apply free of charge in drought declared areas of Australia. Farmers Card acts as a reloadable card where funds donated by other people are loaded onto the card for farmer use. The Farmers Card is to be used to pay for the essentials of life for farming families unable to afford them. Farmers Card funds are spent in the farmers local community thus providing financial support to business and the local community. Farmers Card funds come from all over Australia to support rural communities, farmers, their towns and their people.

3 Why Another Card? Australians are looking to provide support to their farming communities. Collecting food and items and trucking them thousands of km is logistically frustrating, costly and also takes business away from the local community. The Farmers Card incurs no freight, sits in the wallet, is reloadable, supports local businesses who are also suffering and delivers relief to those who need it most, effectively.

4 How does it work? Australians are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. Much of this is going to fodder through the Buy a Bale campaign. Tens of thousands has been donated to Gift Cards. Issuing a Gift card for a major retail group makes no sense in the bush who have limited outlets and supports only that company. Instead the issuance of the Farmers Card means all donations towards Gift cards will be loaded to the Framers Cards and the funds spent amongst the local businesses who support our rural communities.

5 Questions? How often will I be paid for the transactions? Were planning to have one payment run each week on a Thursday, paid Friday. Funds will then be internet transferred to your bank and an email notification sent advising of such transfer. How do I know Ill be paid? All funds paid out are from donations collected through the Buy a Bale Campaign which is working with the charity Frontier Services, one of the largest rural support organisations in Australia. All funds are annually audited and the card only has value if its been loaded. Cards cannot run over into a negative balance. Are any fees taken from the funds I am owed? No you will receive the full 100% value of all transactions you process with a Farmers Card. What does it cost? Nothing, it is 100% free to approved rural businesses.

6 More Questions? Can we stop accepting the card? Totally all you do is advise us you want out and youre removed from the system. How does a cardholder know their balance? Card holders can check their card via the website 24/7. How often are the card balances loaded? All cards are loaded once a fortnight. How do funds get allocated? Funds received is divided by numbers of mouths to look after and then a value arrived at. There is an upper ceiling of $100 per person per fortnight.

7 Next Steps Register your business for free online at Youll receive a merchant agreement, we need that signed and faxed or emailed in. Well send you POS materials in the next 7 days, load you online and have you ready to accept the card. Through Facebook, Twitter and other media well announce your business as part of the program

8 Contact Us This program is run by The Give Back Campaign Pty Ltd as promoter of the Buy a Bale fundraising campaign. Ph 1300 448 322 Fax 07 3272 2989 More information can be found at

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