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Youth Driven Spaces (YDS) Where Young People's Ideas and Voice are Central A presentation to Strong Partners for a Strong Michigan Conference October 9,

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1 Youth Driven Spaces (YDS) Where Young People's Ideas and Voice are Central A presentation to Strong Partners for a Strong Michigan Conference October 9, 2012 Presenters: John Weiss, Executive Director – Neutral Zone Lori Roddy, Associate Executive Director Anna Rosenfeld, Neutral Zone teen Board Member

2 2 The Neutral Zone – Ann Arbor, MI  The Neutral Zone is a diverse, youth-driven teen center dedicated to promoting personal growth through artistic expression, community leadership and the exchange of ideas. Neutral Zone is committed to :  Providing high-quality youth-driven activities and programs rooted in a positive youth development approach.  To target a diverse teenage audience.  To provide teens with 21 st century skills.  To support authentic adult-youth partnerships, so that teens can engage in social change, creative expression, community leadership and cultural and educational enrichment.

3 3 Y OUTH -D RIVEN P RACTICES : @ THE P ROGRAM L EVEL Y OUTH DO THE FOLLOWING …  Set Goals and Develop Strategic Plans  Facilitate Meetings  Run Dialogues  Curate Shows and Performances  Promote Events/Projects  Recruit and Train other Participants

4 4 Y OUTH -D RIVEN P RACTICES : @ THE O RGANIZATION L EVEL Y OUTH DO THE FOLLOWING …  Establish Norms and Expectations  Own the Physical Space  Participate in Staff Hiring  Approve New Program Initiatives  Grant Making

5 5 Y OUTH -D RIVEN P RACTICES : @ THE G OVERNANCE L EVEL Y OUTH DO THE FOLLOWING …  Serve on the Board and Board Committees  Partake in Organizational Strategic Planning  Support Community Outreach  Fundraise  Evaluate Programs

6 6 Partners on the Development of the Youth Driven Space Project  Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor’s Teen Center  The Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality  MSU’s Community Education & Research Collaborative  S|Y|N Associates LLC

7 7 Partner Pilot Agencies  8 youth-serving organizations/programs from around Michigan served as Pilot Sites  ASK – Kalamazoo  The Aud – Richmond  The Block – Canton  Bright Futures 21 st Century Program – Ypsilanti, Willow Run & Wayne Westland  Harriet Tubman Center – Detroit  Port Huron 21 st Century Program – Port Huron  Ruth Ellis Center – Detroit  West Midland Family Ctr.

8 8 What is the Youth Driven Spaces project? Adults and youth learn YDS concepts and strategies for sharing power Organizations build youth voice into all levels of structure, deliver youth-driven programming Youth interest, participation, & engagement increase Youth develop 21 st Century skills that help prepare them for college, work and life The Youth Driven Spaces project considers youth programs to be laboratories for critical skill development. By changing the way programs do business, we can change outcomes for youth.

9 9 Logic model for YDS intervention InputsShort-term impactLong-Term ImpactUltimate Impact Increased Youth 21 st Century Skills Leadership Assertiveness Communication Critical thinking and problem solving Teamwork and collaboration Responsibility Innovation Increased youth - adult partnerships More youth take on leadership roles Authentic youth decision-making related to activities Youth have authentic roles on decision-making bodies and in organizational procedures /policies Organization and space demonstrate YDS-related structural changes Improved youth perceptions of how youth are valued Staff /administrator attitudes and interactions support YDS Knowledge of YDS Attitudes about YDS-related principles YDS-related interactions Organizational structure supports YDS Mission/philosophy Policies and procedures support YDS Staff hiring/training 3-day Institute & Reflection day Coaching (facilitation and feedback) Modeling/ demonstration Increased team knowledge of YDS Increased team youth-adult partnership Increased team valuing of YDS Intermediate impact

10 10 Qualitative Impact - Youth Driven Space Initiative  All sites instituted Youth Advisory groups  Across all eight sites, youth roles have significantly increased in program operation through youth involvement in creating program agendas, planning program offerings and co-facilitating program sessions  Adult-youth partnerships have significantly strengthened at all eight pilot sites.  Six out of eight sites significantly increased roles and responsibilities for youth in organizational external civic affairs.

11 11 Summary Quantitative YDS Impacts Statistically significant gains for youth in:  Program engagement  Goal setting  Problem solving  Teamwork and social skills  Organization skills  Leadership and responsibility

12 12 Advocacy Services for Kids - Kalamazoo Our Story with Youth Driven Space  Program Development  Organizational Changes  What YDS has meant to Calling All Youth members

13 13 Application Activity:  Reflect on the principles of “youth driven space” through the items outlined in the Youth-Driven Formative Index  In Small Groups, by organization type, consider ….  How could you use the items in the YDS Formative Index to drive increased youth voice across your grantees, organizations your serve or your own agency?

14 14 Wrap-Up & Q/A Neutral Zone 310 E. Washington Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104 734.214.9995 John Weiss Lori Roddy: Anna Rosenfeld

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