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50 years of change and a model for the future Cathy Parker and Simon #HSUK2020.

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1 50 years of change and a model for the future Cathy Parker and Simon Quin @placemanagement #HSUK2020

2 Good morning and welcome  Welcome particularly to representatives of our partner towns: Alsager, Altrincham, Ballymena, Barnsley, Bristol (St George), Congleton, Holmfirth, Market Rasen, Morley and Wrexham

3 Welcome also to our international webinar participants Australia Canada Cyprus Germany Greece Italy Malaysia Netherlands Portugal Poland Sweden United Kingdom …and Isle of Man

4 Agenda 09.30 – 10.30 10.30 – 11.00 11.00 – 13.00 50 years of high street change & a model for the future Break Repositioning, reinventing, rebranding & restructuring your high street @placemanagement #HSUK2020

5 Parliament June 2014

6 The challenge….and some background @placemanagement #HSUK2020



9 Change in retailer location 2000-11 Out of town up 50 million square feet Town centre down 46 million square feet

10 100,000!

11 Loss won’t be uniform Centre for Retail Research 2013





16 Department for Transport 2011




20 Change in Tesco store format 19721995 66% of stores under 5000 sq ft 47% of stores over 25,000 sq ft Dawson J 2004

21 Generating 70% of retail sales 29000 retailers 100 retailers 19712004

22 Food Bulky goods Durable goods

23 Planning Statistical Release 4, DCLG, 2009 Percentage of newly built retail space in town centres: 1971-2008 Actual Town Centre Town Centre plus 300 metres

24 Online retailing

25 Online share of home retailing 2014 Centre for Retail Research 2013

26 Growth Forecasts Online retailing 16% pa £52 bn in 2015 M-retailing 62% this year £7.92 bn Centre for Retail Research 2013

27 Town centre share of retail spend 2000 49.4% 2011 42.2% 2014 39.8% Parliament 2014

28 The response @placemanagement #HSUK2020

29 Vital & Viable Town Centres Planning Policy Guidance/Statements Business Improvement Districts High Street Britain 2015 The Portas Review Understanding High Street Performance Future High Streets Forum


31 Nature of TCM schemes IPM 2009

32 PWC 2008 Focus of TCM schemes


34 Action Attractions Amenity Accessibility The 4 As

35 Making things happen What the centre has to offer Experience within centre Getting into, out of, and around centre The 4 As Spatial Macro Meso factors

36 The research @placemanagement #HSUK2020

37 10000 studies found2345 after clean up923 ‘retail’ highlighted253 town centre/high st173 studies reviewed @placemanagement#HSUK2020

38 Review parameters 1.Type of study (empirical, exploratory, conceptual) 2.Methodological evidence 3.Data source (primary, secondary, tertiary) 4.Dependent variable (retail area performance measure) 5.Independent variables (factor affecting performance) 6.Significance (major findings and statistical significance if available) 7.Limitations (flaws, weaknesses etc.) 8.Author, date, publisher 9.Geographical location (UK, US, Europe, e.g.) 10.Size of retail/shopping centre (Different geographical scales of place, e.g. city centre, town centre, high street, neighbourhood centre, district centre, suburban centre)

39 Time in minutes per review Retail Restructuring and Consumer Choice 1: Long-term local changes in consumer behaviour: Portsmouth, 1980- 2002 38 mins US nationwide trends in metropolitan retail trade: A perspective of the mid 1980s

40 Most of the studies were empirical Empirical Conceptual Explanatory Historical Other

41 Most published in the last 10 years

42 Mostly from UK and Europe

43 City Centre Town Centre High Street Neighbourhood Centre District Centre Suburban Centre Out of town Centre Focus of data

44 166 factors influence performance

45 And if 166 factors were not enough….. Partner towns identified 50 additional factors that influence the High Street 33 additional studies reviewed 201 factors finally identified, but: – how much influence does each one have? – what should towns be focussing on?

46 The Delphi Technique The Delphi method is unique in its method of eliciting and refining group judgement as it is based on the notion that a group of experts is better than one expert when exact knowledge is not available. (Paliwoda, 1983).

47 22 Experts participated PractitionerAcademic Major retailerManchester Metropolitan University Shopping centres ownerUniversity of Leicester Urban consultantUniversity of Dundee Retail letting agencyUniversity of Ulster Urban policy groupOxford University Trade associationUniversity of Manchester Professional bodyUniversity of Liverpool University of Portsmouth University of Loughborough

48 Consensus reached on 1.How much influence each factor has on the vitality and viability of the High Street 2.How much control a location has over the factor

49 Spatial Macro Meso Micro You can’t control everything

50 The model @placemanagement #HSUK2020


52 Influence relationships Weak inverse relationship between influence town has over factor and influence factor has over vitality and viability As a rule of thumb the more a factor influences vitality and viability, the less you can do about it Towns need to focus on factors they can influence, and where that influence will impact on vitality and viability

53 Not worth it!Get on with it! Forget it!Live with it!

54 Top 25 priorities

55 Forecasting the future of your high street @placemanagement #HSUK2020

56 Spatial factors Location Distance to centre Size/Type of town Spatial structure Towns can’t do anything about these factors! High Street UK 2020

57 Macro factors Economy Consumer trends Business rates Ageing population Technology Retail planning policy Towns can’t change these on their own High Street UK 2020

58 Meso factors Barriers to entry Competition (other towns) Comparison/Convenience Out of town shopping Tenant variety Vacancy rates Towns interact with these/have some Influence High Street UK 2020

59 Micro factors Cleanliness Visual appearance Networking Opening Hours Attractions Centre Marketing Amenities Car-parking Entertainment Leadership High Street UK 2020

60 Macro Meso Micro Partnerships have 63.89 % of potential influence Spatial RESULTS from #HSUK2020 towns

61 How much control do our HSUK2020 towns have?

62 “..lively, diverse, intense cities contain the seeds of their own regeneration…”

63 How do you manage change?Repositioning Dr Steve Millington Reinventing John Pal Rebranding Dr Mihalis Kavaratzis Restructuring Professor Deborah Peel

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