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Location Catchment Economy Internet Organisation Offer Vacancy Competition.

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1 Location Catchment Economy Internet Organisation Offer Vacancy Competition

2 Spatial Macro Meso Micro ALSAGER

3 92,365 Spatial Resident population and employment Location

4 61,757 Meso Competition Vacancy

5 48,493 Micro Organisation Offer

6 43,643 Macro Average monthly footfall in 2020 Economy Internet shopping

7 Why measure footfall? It represents how important you are to your catchment – not just commercially It can tell you what type of town you are It tells you if your initiatives are working It will help town and stakeholders adapt to changing conditions

8 What type of town are you? Shopping Town A strong retail offer.

9 Shopping Towns Offer a wide range of retail choice Strong retail anchor – e.g. department store Attract consumers from a large catchment area Are accessible by a mix of transport modes OR are easy to park in/near. Organise themselves to compete with other comparison towns and channels

10 What type of town are you? Speciality town A unique offer, including retail, events, heritage, etc.

11 Speciality Towns Offer something unique and special Anchor – not retail e.g heritage or topography Serve local population (some convenience offer) whilst attracting consumers from a wider catchment area Have a longer dwell time Organise themselves to protect and promote their identity and positioning

12 What type of town are you? Convenience town A convenient location for a mix of retail, services and other benefits.

13 Convenience Towns Reflect needs of local community – both in terms of offer and opening times Convenience anchor – public transport, work, food shopping Offer a convenient mix – consumers are seeking a bundle of benefits from stores, services and other facilities. Are accessible and connected Organise themselves to manage accessibility, concentration, reliability, customer service and identify additions to augment offer

14 And Alsager? We don’t know…. An inconvenient but special town! But exactly what is special about Alsager?

15 Identifying place values “A place brand consists of developing an image and communicating it based on the positive values and perceptions of the place” (Iversen and Hen, 2008; p. 604) What are Alsager’s core values?

16 Exercise – identifying core values In pairs, make a short list of 4 or 5 values that you associate with Alsager. Values are desirable end states or behaviours For example, New Zealanders identified quality; environmental responsibility; innovation; contemporary; honesty; integrity and openness of the people; achievement Now compare your values with others. Can you identify any common ones?

17 It’s All About Alsager From the outside Alsager has the “image of a small, cosy town where everyone knows each other”. “It seems as a very tightly-knit community with involved inhabitants that look out for each other”. The view from Utrecht. ‘It’s All About Alsager’ a set of common values that are easily understood?

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