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Umatilla – Morrow HERMISTON Head Start Leadership/Supervision October 26, 2001 Bob Zahrowski.

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1 Umatilla – Morrow HERMISTON Head Start Leadership/Supervision October 26, 2001 Bob Zahrowski

2 What will be covered How leadership style affects people / work done Characteristics of good and bad leadership Ok, so I am a leader. What about my followers? What is a mentor? Handling conflict Lead by example (values) Taking comments personally Owning the mission Open and honest communication

3 Rule of 80/20 Paredo’s Law 20% of the employees do most work 80% of your time will be spent on 20% of employees (Not the same 20%) What other implications for you as a leader?

4 Leaders and Managers: The Rule of Five True in any organization One will be outstanding Probably a leader in disguise One may be above average At least one will be average One will be below average One will be unsatisfactory Management may not distinguish, but the employees will

5 Leaders Vs. Managers A tale of two Bosses: One is proactive Prevention There are no major problems Rewards prevention One is reactive Persuasion Puts out fires Rewards hero/heroin’s

6 Leaders are followers of: What is true What is fair What is right Their values Managers are followers of: What they are told to do What they understand as truth

7 Leaders are loyal to the mission and expect the same from their people Managers are loyal to their boss(es) and expect the same from their subordinates And will punish or fire those who are not

8 Leaders value dissent as healthy for the organization Managers view dissent as unhealthy for the organization Why? Example to remember!

9 As Leaders we value: Honesty Growth Creativity ???

10 Leaders embrace the mission Managers work to execute the mission It’s their job to do so…. And if it does not work out they have no ownership… I did what I was told!

11 Leaders view higher HQ as just another resource for embracing the mission Managers view pleasing higher HQ as the mission

12 Leaders see rules as changeable guidelines to accomplish the mission Managers see rules as unchangeable absolutes Rules 1 st ~ Mission Second!

13 Leaders aggressively obtain feedback and internalize it for ideas and growth Managers obtain feedback To assure the employees are doing what they are told That the manager is liked!

14 Leaders have a vision of mission excellence; obstacles are merely challenges Managers have a vision of survival, obstacles may be insurmountable, then blame! Then search for a scapegoat Must find someone to punish

15 Leaders take counsel from those with “why not?” views Looking for a better way! Managers take counsel from those with “why” views Looking to do things the same way They take counsel from their fears

16 Leaders deal with incompetence by thoughtful personnel assignments (mentoring) Managers frequently deal with incompetence by ignoring it or punishment (only when it affects the manager)

17 Leaders in listless organizations are often rewarded by being fired for daring to have vision and passion Managers in listless organizations are never fired, only re-shuffled and often promoted

18 Leaders earn respect by how they live and what they do, not for what their position demands Managers demand respect by who they are, and get the respect they earn

19 As leaders we will commit to: Supervisors are approachable Supervisors are respectful of others Supervisors have a sense of humor Supervisors are appreciative of others work Humility Pitch in to help Consistent Have patience Will support employees who are new to positions Respect individuals as a person

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