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Per Session Regulation Changes and System Enhancements 2009.

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1 Per Session Regulation Changes and System Enhancements 2009

2 2 AGENDA  Per Session Regulation & System Changes  Per Session Processes  Per Session Payroll System & Waiver Demo  Questions

3 3 Per Session Regulation Changes Old Regulations Capped annual per session work at 400 hours in all activities >270 hour cap for school psychologists and social workers Required waivers for multiple per session activities New Regulations Increases annual per session work cap to 500 hours in all activities >270 hour cap for school psychologists and social workers remains Eliminates the need for multiple activity waivers Chancellor’s Regulation C-175 governs per session employment Per session employment is any work activity, outside the normal school day, for which pedagogical employees are paid at an hourly rate Per Session work must not interfere with or be an extension of an employee’s primary job DHR has issued revised C-175 Per Session Regulations as of December 2008 For revised C-175 regs, visit:

4 4 Per Session System Enhancements Per Session system enhancements support revised C-175 In the past, monitoring per session hours and multiple activities has been difficult for individual supervisors and payroll secretaries New Per Session tracking provides key decision makers with an employee’s full per session activities by job and location Enhancements include: Payroll alerts for secretary when employee’s hours reach 75% of the cap Per Session reports of total hours worked by per session employees Payroll edit to withhold payment unless waiver is approved Online waiver request and approval, with pre- set hours and approval history

5 5 For Payroll Secretaries Provides auto- alerts when employees are close to cap For Employees Increases hours Eliminates Multiple Activities Waiver For Principals/ PS Supervisors Assists in selection Automates monitoring of total hours How Do These Changes Benefit You? Per Session is More Efficient, Transparent & Equitable Provides information on employee’s total per session activities Ensures equitable selection Withholds payments without waiver approval For ISC/ CFN Staff Improves waiver approval process Provides reports on per session in your ISC/ CFN

6 6 Per Session Processes  Per Session Regulation & System Changes  Per Session Processes  Per Session Payroll System & Waiver Demo  Questions

7 7 Overview of Per Session Processes Hiring Managers creates per session posting for approval and posting Candidates submit applications, with OP-175 Hiring Manager reviews and selects qualified candidates, considering: Retention rights in that specific activity Total per session hours to date Hiring Managers submits waiver for approval, if needed Hiring Manager notifies all applicants in writing of their selection status (selected or denied) Employee begins per session activity and submits timesheets Secretary enters time and shares system messages with Hiring Manager. Employee is evaluated at end of activity. Applications Posting Selection Activity WAIVER

8 8 Per Session Postings Depending on the activity, positions are advertised at: >School, District, Borough – School Bulletin Board >Central – DHR Website at and clicking on “Per-session opportunities” Must be advertised for at least 20 school days Postings must be consecutively numbered for the per session year (July 1 – June 30), and include the following: >Post and close date >Title of position ># of positions available (Sample: “Up to ___ positions”) >Location of the activity >Approximate # of per session hours to be worked per position and work schedule (“Subject to Budget Availability) >Required license area, qualifications and selection criteria >Clear statement of the duties and responsibilities >Instructions for submitting applications for consideration Principal per session requires pre-approval by Superintendent

9 9 SAMPLE Posting Format Post date: Close date Deadline: PER SESSION VACANCY CIRCULAR # 1 2008 - 2009 Please Post (Subject to Budget Availability) POSITION TITLE:Human Resources Assistant (HRA) - Certification (Up to 40 positions) LOCATION: Division of Human Resources, Office of Certification, 65 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 and all Integrated Service Centers (ISC) ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:New York City Department of Education licensed and appointed teacher with at least three continuous years of satisfactory service. SELECTION CRITERIA: 1. Knowledge of New York State Teacher certification requirements DUTIES/ RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Provide information to applicants and current pedagogical staff on State and City certification and licensing requirements and options SALARY: As per Collective Bargaining Agreement WORK SCHEDULE: 1. A work schedule for each HRA will be developed by the unit supervisors contingent upon need, but up to 300 hours per position is expected. The program will commence on July 1, 2008 and end on June 30, 2009. 2. Hours of service from July 1, 2008 through August 29, 2008 will vary and range between 8:00 am and 6:00pm 3. Hours of service from September 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009 will vary according to need and range from 3:00pm to 6:00 pm APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Send letter of application, Form OP-175 (Available in all schools and DHR Website) and copy of resume to: NAME at ATT: Human Resources Assistant By: March 31, 2008 Note: Please note that all per session vacancy circulars will be posted on the Division of Human Resources web site at under "Per Session Opportunities” Service exceeding the number of hours specified in Chancellor’s Regulation C-175 governing per session activities requires prior approval. The appropriate Per Session Supervisor must make the request in writing (Form OP 175W) and receive written approval before the person can begin working in the activity. Failure to obtain a valid waiver may result in the withholding of payment for hours worked beyond the maximum. Depending on the location of the activity, requests for waivers and supporting documentation (see Form OP 175W) should be sent to the following: SCHOOL/ DISTRICT/ BOROUGH Positions: Your Integrated Service Center’s HR Partner or Children First Network’s HR Director. CENTRAL Positions: Division of Human Resources – 65 Court Street (Rm. 801), Brooklyn, NY 11201. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M/F/D APPROVED: Division of Human Resources

10 10 Selecting Qualified Applicants Overview 1.Screen all applicants and eliminate those not matching eligibility requirements 2.Interview ALL eligible applicants using selection criteria 3.Review retention rights for that particular activity and Cumulative Per Session Report for all per session hours worked to date 4.Select from among those who meet the eligibility and selection criteria: (1) First, select those with retention rights; (2) Then, consider those with the lowest number of hours worked, for "equally qualified" candidates. a.Apply for and receive waiver, if needed b.Notify all applicants of selection status (selected or denied) 1. Screen for eligibility 2. Interview using criteria 3. Review retention and total hours 4. Select, get waiver, and notify To ensure equity in the process, as well as to support decision-making, always document your selection process

11 11 Waiver Approval Process (Hiring Managers) Submitting Waivers – Hiring Managers A waiver should be submitted before an activity begins by using the Per Session system. Waivers must be submitted for a specific/ fixed number of hours Hiring Managers should review and submit waivers electronically, forwarding posting and other documentation as needed, to appropriate approver a. School Posting – ISC/ CFN contact b. District/ Borough Posting – ISC/ CFN contact c. Central – DHR contact 3.Approver notifies Hiring Manager of waiver decision via Per Session system email 4.Hiring Manager notifies employee of waiver status and works with Secretary to regularly review total hours

12 12 Summary of Responsibilities School-based Position District/ Borough- wide Positions Central or Citywide Positions Posting Create PostingPrincipalHiring Manager Approve Posting**N/AHR PartnerDHR Posting siteSchoolISC/ CFNDHR website Maintain Applications PrincipalHiring Manager Selection Review, select, & notify applicants PrincipalHiring Manager Waivers Request waiverPrincipalHiring Manager Approve Waiver**HR Partner DHR ** Superintendents must approve all postings and waivers for Principal Per Session

13 13 Per Session Payroll System & Waiver Demo  Per Session Regulation & System Changes  Per Session Processes  Per Session Payroll System & Waiver Demo  Questions

14 14 Per Session Service System Basics 1.Logging In Enter your Outlook user ID and password 2.Searching for Per Session Employees Use EIS ID (7 digits), school, or ISC/CFN to search 3.Requesting a Waiver for an Employee Enter EIS ID (7 digits) and click Request a Waiver Know the Job ID. Other information will automatically populate Enter justification for the waiver request and click send 4.Downloading Reports of Those Approaching the Hour Cap Search by ISC/CFN or school Click Download Excel Report. Report only shows those with 200 hours or more 5.Troubleshooting Contact Jay McDonough with LOGON issues at With Per Session Regulation questions, please contact 718-935-4075

15 15 More Questions? Email your HR Partner or Per Session Staff can call HR Connect at 718-935-4000

16 16 Other Documents Available to You Chancellor’s Regulation C-175 OP-175 – Per Session Application Per Session Process for School, District/ Borough, and Central/ Citywide Positions Per Session Employee Fact Sheet Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Sample Per Session Posting Template Template logs for postings and applications

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