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Keeping It Local: Shared Solutions for Sustainability Transport Summit 27 th September 2011.

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1 Keeping It Local: Shared Solutions for Sustainability Transport Summit 27 th September 2011

2 Welcome Richard Moore The University of Northampton

3 Chris Mallender Corby Borough Council

4 Nick Bolton Electric Corby

5 Electric Transport Summit 27 th September 2011

6 Welcome to Corby Electric

7 Rockingham Motor Speedway Corby Town Centre

8 The start of the Electric Corby story Corby has approved growth that will double the population from 50,000 to 100,000 by 2030, part of the growth plans for North Northamptonshire where we already have consent to build 24,000 new homes - the biggest single growth area outside London The Electric Corby vision starts with Priors Hall Park and is to leverage that growth to develop new sustainable living and transport – a blueprint for future living To become the practical R&D centre for energy efficient living and low carbon vehicles that will in turn attract key players and importantly employment to match the population growth Northamptonshire is more than the UK’s biggest growth area outside London; it is the centre of the UK’s high performance engineering sector, focusing on lower carbon solutions: – World leading engine and powertrain engineering companies such as Cosworth, Ilmor Engineering, Mahle Powertrain, Mercedes, RML and Flybrid – Lightweight materials innovation centre at Scott Bader – Icon innovation centre at Daventry for sustainable construction Electric

9 Part of Midlands Plugged In Places Cenex – Department for Business, Innovation and Skills supported centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies for transport applications Cenex recognised the opportunity and included Corby in the Midlands Plugged in Places programme (one of eight regional PIPs across the UK) Priors Hall Park was included as the only national PiP location for domestic vehicle charging Electric Corby addresses both vehicles and infrastructure Electric

10 Part of Midlands Plugged In Places Cenex joined Corby Borough Council and BeLa Partnership (20,000 consented new homes including Priors Hall) to form the Electric Corby partnership, acting as the “critical friend”. The partners developed this vision for Electric Corby: – Infrastructure (through Midlands PIP) - charging points by major employers led by CBC at key public “flagship” locations such as the railway station – Priors Hall Park (5,000 new sustainable homes in village developments): An Introductory offer for 2012 home buyers has been developed: Free EV for one year and home charger (with unwanted car disposal process) Free smart home energy management control to reduce electricity use to offset increased demand from EV charging – Important additional EV use for car sharing pools, key employers and distribution & logistics companies based in the town, adding commercial vehicles to the scope – Specific initiatives for those residents less able or willing to own a vehicle The practical R&D centre for energy efficient living and low carbon vehicle Electric

11 Electric Corby Evolution It quickly became apparent that without addressing smoothing of supply we would be papering over the cracks; we started to explore the possibilities of a smart grid and a low carbon network We are now addressing bigger issues that have moved the project from EV mobility and future transportation to future living: – Grid management – Sustainable electricity generation – Domestic energy management – Industrial energy management – Low carbon transport, commercial and retail We are now selecting partners and supporters to join the project and help realise our vision Electric

12 The initial plan Electric Source: Siemens

13 Electric Corby now Installing public charging infrastructure throughout the Borough and private charge points at Priors Hall Park houses We will have c.200 households living in “smart” homes and using electric cars at Priors Hall Park – a valuable opportunity to understand impact on lifestyles, travel, energy costs and the grid Part of a pan-European project proposal addressing EV use in the distribution and logistics sector, supporting Corby firms trialling EVs Working with Cenex to ensure that Government understands the opportunity for a “kick start stimulant” for sustainable homes and jobs, not just housing numbers – And the need to join up the circle by addressing electricity management to compensate for increased EV charging demand: – EV subsidy - promotes EV ownership – PIP - provides charging infrastructure – ??? - how will Government incentivise “smart” home electricity management? Electric

14 Electric Corby - summary "The Electric Corby project is unique and provides a focal point for the integration of new technologies, processes and services to promote sustainable living. The combination of a strong regional development plan with the building of highly efficient homes and commercial properties provides the perfect platform to develop, test and demonstrate that energy efficient living can be affordable and effective at an individual, community and regional level. Sustainability is the cornerstone of all Siemens' activities. As Europe’s largest engineering company, Siemens is pleased to offer its support to the Electric Corby project and to help shape this initiative to make Corby the centre for smart energy living.” Phil Skipper, Siemens Electric

15 Thank you Electric

16 Vincent Reulet CILT

17 CarbonActive Official Carbon Accounting Tool of the CILT

18 Is that where you would like to be?


20 Baseline company carbon footprint of activities under company control, monitored for reduction & ETS Carbon footprint process level, internal & external attaining visibility of carbon activities involved in the life cycle of a process identifying areas for improvement. Base GHG emission awareness, education, install efficient assets, recycling Product level carbon footprints by Process based on internal and external carbon activity visibility, carbon labelling, key difference LCA process activity level emissions can be automatically allocated across multiple products Management of optimal financial and carbon relationships trade offs that drive sustainable corporate initiatives The Carbon Management Maturity Model

21 Business Drivers - External Government Action – The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) start in 2009 which requires certain companies to report. Customer Demands – Many large organisations are now adding sections to their supply contracts and tenders requiring information, and more importantly action by suppliers Corporate Social Responsibility – The major change in corporate positioning is to implement Corporate Social Responsibility policies and strategies. Managing carbon emissions should be a significant part of any CSR strategy.

22 Business Drivers - Financial Its Good for Business – Many organisations are looking at climate change as having a negative impact on their business. Early adopters however are reducing costs and strengthening their market positions. Cost of Late Adoption – The early signs of a skilled resource shortage are appearing. Companies who adopt late will pay a premium. Carbon Trading – EU ETS – All companies will face some exposure to increased energy

23 So, what are your options? Carbon management strategy

24 Logistics Italy US UK Retail Manufacture A B C A B A B Logistics Warehouse A B C A B A Retail B Logistics Manufacture A B C A B CORPORATIONCORPORATION Oracle Lawson SAP All 50 others TMS Purchasing WMS

25 Logistics Italy US UK Retail Manufactur e A B C A B A B Retail Logistics Warehouse A B C A B A B Logistics Manufacture A B C A B GHG PROTOCOLGHG PROTOCOL CORPORATIONCORPORATION DEFRA CHINA EPA ENEA Excel

26 How do you apply all we spoke about in ONE and UNIQUE platform? Product demonstration Accessible from anywhere at anytime Automatic and free updates every 3-4 months Several users can log in at the SAME time Secure data storage Etc…

27 CarbonActive Setup TLA Australia TLA EMEA TLA US TLA Corp Admin Services Melbourne Sydney M VIC Altona Laverton Entities & Assets Scope 1: Direct Scope 2: Indirect Scope 3: Voluntary Emission Profile Fuel Use Stationary Fuel Oil LPG Consumption Emission Categories & Sources Energy Travel Waste

28 CarbonActive Setup Data Entry Spreadsheet Upload Integrated Energy Management System Fuel Management System Standard Reports Adhoc Reports Dashboards

29 Scope report for all GHGs NOTE: CO2e is broken out into all 6 Kyoto Gases

30 Monitor your KPIs NOTE: Report maybe export into PDF, XLS, WORD or CSV format

31 Assets report

32 Data validation report

33 Audit report

34 Dashboard

35 CarbonActive™ growing carbon community

36 Case studies: Who’s done what? Group Norbert Dentressangle (UK) Christian Salvesen won a contract with Marks & Spencer to transport their frozen food by being able to provide green information to retailer Measure CO2 emissions in over 68 sites in UK Will soon be able to integrate all TDG data very easily due to flexibility of CarbonActive Able to benchmark sites depending on different activities (cold storage, tray washing, recycling…) Able to measure efficiency of different vehicles and performance of drivers through assets management

37 Case studies: Who’s done what? Carestream Health (branch of Kodak) Measured all transport modes to 300+ destinations in Europe in last 2 years Been able to do some ‘what if’ scenarios Plan -15% CO2 emissions on scope3 transport by optimising transport nodes Upload data monthly from financial dpt Scenarios replicable to Asia and North American operations

38 Case studies: Who’s done what? Continental Tyres (UK): After 3 years of implementation: 10% reduction/year on operational costs Was able to quantify the impact of flying customers/partners in SA for football world cup Able to benchmark distribution efficiency of products through UK Able to comply with CRC requirements

39 Case studies: Who’s done what? Kimberley Clark Early implementation Measure CO2 emissions for transportation and warehousing activities all over EU. Use of CarbonActive to comply with CRC legislation

40 Case studies: Who’s done what? Clippers Logistics: (Not yet implemented, project starts on September 1 st ) Objectives are: to provide carbon emissions for their top 10 customers Reduce CO2 emission every year on relative target Project part of CSR report requirements

41 Platinium+ Membership Free access to CarbonActive for 5 entities (unlimited emission source and users) 12 Affiliate Members Logmark Market Intelligence inc Supply Chain Insight & Newsdesk 2 Round Table Events 3 places at CILT events 2seats at Annual Awards 2seats at Fellow’s Lunch… and much more For more information contact Daryl Chesney at the CILT.

42 ROI After implementation, the ROI on following emission source is estimated to Saving on electricity: ROI < 3 months Fuel for facilities (LPG, Gas, Oil…) < 6 months Fuel for transportation < 3 months Waste & recycling < 6 months Employee commuting < 1 year Business travel < 3 months …

43 Immediate benefits Reduce your carbon footprint will also help you to:  Reduce operational costs  Enhance your corporate reputation  Win more business  Attract investors  Offset accordingly  Become a CDM (Clean Development Mechanism)

44 Questions & Answers

45 “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb. Remember…

46 Steve Storrar Hardstaff Group

47 Nikki Hyde-Pulley Northamptonshire County Council

48 Travel Plans- (Can they get us to where we need to go?) Nicky Hyde-Pulley Principal Highway Safety Officer Northamptonshire County Council Transport Summit 21st September 2011

49 Travel Quotes for Travel Plans... “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry MillerHenry Miller “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain Mark Twain “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo EmersonRalph Waldo Emerson

50 The Concept of a Travel Plan A travel plan is a long term travel management strategy for an organisation or site, built on an appropriate package of measures aimed at promoting sustainable travel, with an emphasis on reducing reliance on single occupancy car journeys.

51 Rationale underpinning Travel Plans Central Government- National Level Regional level NCC Council Plan Cleaner, Greener and More Prosperous Outcome Plan 2011/2015 Northamptonshire ARC

52 Our Core principles Increase understanding and profile raising of Modal shift, CO2 and sustainable communities Developing communities for sustainable travel Learn and share best practice Effective communication Operate from a network- we can’t make changes alone

53 Avoid / Reduce Reduce or Avoid the need to travel How? System efficiency

54 Shift/ Maintain Shift to or maintain share of more environmentally friendly modes Trip Efficiency

55 Improve Improve the energy efficiency of transport mode and vehicle technology Vehicle Efficiency

56 Focus on Corby....

57 One size does not fit all Different market segments A mix of initiatives and approaches

58 Corby Car club- Common wheels

59 Car share website-

60 Priors Hall bus service pic

61 Travel centre

62 Plugged in places

63 Identify 50 businesses across Northamptonshire More Travel Centres Get involved with bids for EU projects Implementing travel plans for NCC sites Links with other organisations to share creative thinking and initiatives Future...

64 Conclusion Combination of innovative thinking- link with other organisations Profile raising Keep an eye on the horizon for what new technology can do in terms of supporting our aims Link up with other agendas- healthy lifestyles, CO2 etc

65 Q & A

66 Tea/Coffee Break



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