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Lambeth Council and Stockwell Partnership – assets in our neighbourhood London Civic Forum Conference 16 th March 2010.

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1 Lambeth Council and Stockwell Partnership – assets in our neighbourhood London Civic Forum Conference 16 th March 2010

2 Welcome to Lambeth and Stockwell  Charlotte Evans Head of Active Communities Team  Steve Griffin Director, Stockwell Partnership


4  Population 274,000 – 3 rd largest population in London  Population churns 20% + annually  Distinct areas: Waterloo, Vauxhall, Kennington, Brixton, Clapham, Stockwell, Norwood and Streatham.  38% of Lambeth's population is from ethnic minority backgrounds, and 52% are white British.  5th most deprived borough in London and 19th most deprived in England.  Young age profile  Over 130 languages are spoken in the borough. Lambeth – An Overview

5 Community Engagement – our approach Inform  Faith Group Newsletter/Short Guides  Gifts data base Consult  People First Expos  Lambeth Muslim Community Forum Involve  Portuguese Community  Gateway to prevention services for older people Devolve  Black Cultural Archives  Streatham Darby and Joan Club  Stockwell

6 Assets Transfer – our approach All parties  Need to make the TIME to support what it takes  Need the CAPACITY required to deliver  Need to have the WILL to complete the process

7 Case Study 1 Raleigh Hall, then and now

8 and ‘to be’ in 2011

9 Black Cultural Archives Established in 1981- to set up ‘a Black Cultural Archive and Museum’ that would document and disseminate the culture and history Why?  no mention of the contribution of Black people to British society within education resources  no collection of historical documentation or other resources  no single place recording or studying Black life experience, or historic connections of the Black community  Increasing concern that this could be linked to under achievement

10 To promote teaching, learning and understanding of the contributions of people of African descent to the history of Britain. Black Cultural Archives - MISSION STATEMENT

11  The archive stored to BS5454  Reference library  Education rooms / teaching materials  Conference rooms  Outdoor public events  Outreach work and collecting BCAs Raleigh Hall Project – a multi- functional National Black Heritage Centre

12 Case Study 2 Woodlawns - S treatham Darby and Joan Club’s home  'Enabling older people from Streatham and its environs to become or remain actively engaged in their community and maintain an acceptable level of social and intellectual quality of life, thereby preventing or delaying their need to access higher dependency services.'

13 Streatham Darby and Joan Club  Established in 1942 to provide services for older people  Ethos: older people providing their own facilities to meet their own social and cultural needs  Current premises acquired in 1942. Victorian villa dating back to 1868.  Ownership of the building handed over to the Council in 1968 and leased back to the organisation on a 50 year lease  Run by executive committee the majority of whom are users of the centre

14 Woodlawns building and garden

15 Streatham Communities Hub – summer 2010

16 Why did we get together  Older people campaigned for their centre  Borough-wide consultation identified the need for improved co-ordination of services between sectors  SDJC is located in the area with highest over 60’s  The council wanted to extend offer to carers – this could be co-located.

17 Streatham Communities Hub  Pilot project to establish a resource centre for older people and carers in the borough  To offer a wider range of accessible services across sectors – supporting over 55’s to stay active, independent, mentally and physically fit  Health promotion, employment bureau, advice, guidance and support services, treatments, social events, meeting venue, facility for functions  Staff and volunteer offices

18 Council support and facilitation for both projects Council support and facilitation for both projects  Support to develop their ideas: feasibility study, business and funding plans  Dedicated officer support  Support and capacity building of Trustees  Support to move the organisation to a credible position with potential funders  Help to overcome issues

19 Achievements  SDJC secures £1m – as part of the Government’s Community Assets programme  SDJC – Woodlawns has been transferred  SDJC – Construction work and service development underway + other funds raised  BCA – Stage 1 completed (£1m investment) Stage 2 of capital project developed (£5.6m) – funding submissions made – huge effort  BCA – agreement to transfer confirmed

20 Learning Learning  Capacity building takes time  Effective working relationships take time to develop  It can be a painful process  Expectations need to be managed  Practical support is required

21 Case Study 3 So what are we doing in Stockwell?

22 Stockwell  One of the most diverse and densely populated wards in London  Third most deprived ward in Lambeth  Juxtaposition of predominantly Georgian houses and 1960s estates  Up to 35,000 Portuguese residents

23 South Lambeth Road

24 Stockwell Partnership  Formed in 1999  SRB and ERDF  ‘Best Community Partnership’ at London Planning Awards 2003  Future Stockwell Framework and Stockwell Neighbourhood Action Plan  Advocacy and Advice – employment support  Community cohesion

25 Community Assets in Stockwell  History – Community Buildings study  We want a Third Sector response to meeting Stockwell’s needs which is:  Strategic  Properly accommodated  Highly visible  Financially sustainable

26 Advancing Assets for Communities  2009 bid – a partnership between Lambeth Council and Stockwell Partnership  Area-based approach  Focus on 3 buildings  Stockwell Partnership offices  13-15 Stockwell Road  Springfield Centre

27 Stockwell Partnership


29 What has been achieved -  SP offices – Business Planning – drafting application for transfer; Community Builders  13 – 15 Stockwell Road – capacity building and facilitation of small groups  Springfield Centre – local partnership group formed

30 Achievements continued -  Strong forward thinking partnership – LBLambeth, Development Trust Association, and local organisations  Modernisation Fund

31 Learning  As per Charlotte’s points and…..  Complexities of Assets owned by Housing  Communication Strategy  Feasibility – especially commercial uses  Be prepared for the ‘long haul’  Attachment  Manage expectations  Maximise the current opportunities

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