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Research and Museums Galleries Scotland KT Scotland: Policy and Practice Conference 23 April 2010 Alison Turnbull Head of Research & Standards.

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1 Research and Museums Galleries Scotland KT Scotland: Policy and Practice Conference 23 April 2010 Alison Turnbull Head of Research & Standards

2 Outline Research at Museums Galleries Scotland Future research plans Exploring opportunities for closer working with Universities

3 Background Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) is the lead voice of over 350 museums and galleries representing an industry worth an estimated £800m to the Scottish economy Research capacity at MGS is fairly new First time we have had staff whose remit is specifically social research

4 MGS Research Team established in 2007, with aims to –Assess whether our strategies and programmes are facilitating development for the sector –Better focus our strategies, programmes and grants –Improve our knowledge of the sector so that we are better able to advocate the case for museums –Develop and promote our services for better efficiency and effectiveness

5 Social Impact Research Key priority for MGS Examines how museums and galleries’ activities impact upon communities and individuals Purpose is to provide robust evidence of impacts to stakeholders to show how museums can support the delivery of policy

6 Research and Evidence Framework Provides a robust and comprehensive evidence base for the sector Developed in consultation with member museums States research priorities Annual review Linked to National Performance Framework

7 Impacts on Communities Research Report (2008) Provides robust evidence of social and economic impact of the museum sector in Scotland Contains comprehensive literature review and results survey with sample of museum operators Informed policy and future research

8 Volunteering in Museums (2009) Study area 1.the role and impact of volunteers in museums 2.impact on the wider workforce development 3.impacts of volunteering on individuals and communities  Built a demographic profile of volunteering in museums in Scotland

9 Cornerstones of the Community (2009) Uses 5 case studies to evidence how museums are a vehicle or means of creating community cohesion and identity Shows museums can deliver on range of Government policy Published recent advocacy document based on findings

10 National Performance Framework National Outcome 5 – Our children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed - Grampian Transport Museum’s sponsorship arrangements with Foster Care Associates help provide a profile for the important work of fostering services in the area

11 Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) MGS in partnership with Scottish Arts Council and funded by UNESCO commissioned research in 2008 Napier University received AHRC funding to develop an inventory of ICH in Scotland MGS will manage inventory at project completion

12 Research and Evaluation section on MGS website Research and evidence framework Completed research and evaluation work Research and evaluation conducted by other organisations The research and evaluation work currently in progress Tendering opportunities with Museums Galleries Scotland

13 Evaluation Framework Internal framework to evaluate impact of work on wider sector Has a range of outcomes and indicators Will assist with wider reporting Start to use in current financial year

14 Quality Improvement System (QIS) Continuous Improvement model which will allow museums to gather outcome based information Uses self-evaluation and produces an improvement plan Plan ran from September 2009 – March 2010 Reviewing final report

15 Economic Impact Methodologies Leading UK group to map economic impact methodologies across the museums, libraries and archives sector Develop a series of toolkits for individual organisations Finish early 2011

16 Local Authority Museum Services and alternative delivery models Working with Local Authorities to develop an options appraisal toolkit Pilot with Local Authorities Complete September 2010

17 Partnerships Regularly meet with research colleagues Build relationship with Universities Main contact with Universities is through membership and commissioning research

18 Knowledge Transfer Like to develop this role Can develop projects with MGS Scope to facilitate an event with member museums

19 Summary Research capacity at MGS Previous research reports Current research priorities including Economic Impact and work on Trusts Setting up partnerships and collaboration on Knowledge Transfer work

20 Alison Turnbull Head of Research & Standards Museums Galleries Scotland 1 Papermill Wynd McDonald Road Edinburgh EH7 4QL Tel: 0131 440 4136 Fax: 0131 550 4139

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