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What's Possible with Transmedia Case Studies in Successful Projects K.

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1 What's Possible with Transmedia Case Studies in Successful Projects K

2 What's Possible with Transmedia Michael Andersen E

3 Chain Factor (CBS, area/code) The Maester's Path (HBO, Campfire NYC) Portal ARG (Valve) *Images throughout this presentation are courtesy of Campfire NYC and the fan- created wikis for the Chain Factor and Portal alternate reality games at and E

4 What is Transmedia? The Jejune Institute Smokescreen Must Love Robots The Jejune Institute Go Forth The 39 Clues Conspiracy for Good P

5 Image created with Wordle, using terms pulled from websites that cover transmedia storytelling

6 I

7 Not enough? | @mjandersen N

8 The Maester's Path

9 Setting the Stage: February 2011 George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire set to premiere on HBO in two months Martin fiercely protective of his intellectual property Campfire NYC established previous relationship with network through True Blood launch M

10 Image courtesy of J.C. Hutchins I

11 N

12 D


14 T

15 Maester's Path: Aftermath received almost 200,000 site visitors and 37,000 registered users to the main website over the course of the campaign Scent and Taste particularly well-received with press H

16 Chain Factor E

17 Setting the Stage: November 2007 Numb3rs, CBS program in its fourth season, dedicates an episode to the subject of alternate reality games and augmented reality CBS Outdoor and Interactive area/code, game developers with experience in augmented reality gaming space

18 T

19 H

20 R

21 I

22 L

23 Chain Factor: Aftermath Chain Factor game refreshed as Drop7, introduced as stand-alone product Game lives on under Zynga umbrella on iPhone, Android devices L

24 Portal 2 ARG

25 Setting the Stage: March 2010 Valve preparing to announce sequel to critically acclaimed Portal franchise Valve's Steam platform major force for game download and update O

26 F


28 D

29 Image from the “Alive and Kicking” level of 1... 2… 3… KICK IT! I

30 Source: Surveillance video at S

31 from, a fan-inspired alternate reality gameImage courtesy of Haley Moore at C

32 Portal 2 ARG: Aftermath Portal 2 released on Steam late near midnight on April 18th Fueled sales on 13 games from the Steam network O

33 What Now? V

34 Socks, Inc. ( E

35 time/trip LA ( R

36 Nexus Humanus ( Source: Source: Y

37 Good eyes! What's Possible with Transmedia Questions? | @mjandersen

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