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Enhancement Request Process Improvements Update

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1 Enhancement Request Process Improvements Update
Rosemary Astheimer Product Manager November 10, 2010

2 Agenda Introduction Customer feedback and statistics Current status
Current Process Goals Customer feedback and statistics Current status Launch of PlanetPTC Challenges PTC is facing Future © 2010 PTC

3 Current Customer Process and its Challenges
Customers submit enhancements using enhancement portal on Customers get very little feedback on submitted enhancements Dissatisfaction with the process Valuable customer feedback and enhancement ideas may not be addressed…. Today there is page on our website for logging enhancement requests Customers can also call, or fax Technical Support to document enhancement requests The problem is, there is no mechanism in place to effectively communicate back to the original requester The impression that PTC gets is that customers would like more feedback Poll 1: A lack of feedback is the main source of your dissatisfaction with PTC’s enhancement logging process. Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree © 2010 PTC

4 Proposed Future Enhancement Request Flow
Improved Customer Experience Enhancement Requests CRM User Community Regularly Scheduled Announcements PM Topic Queue Vote Let’s take a look at how this problem might be approached Enhancements would continue to be logged on the website, , calls or fax as they are today A mechanism would be put in place for user community voting and discussions On a regular basis, the top issues would be reviewed by PM Feedback would be entered around the disposition of the top issues Notification of the feedback status would be sent back to the stakeholder (webpage update, , RSS, newsletter) Let’s dig into the details around the voting portion of this process first Discuss © 2010 PTC

5 Feedback from Technical Committee Members
Webcast in March 2010 132 attendees 75% lack of feedback is a concern 50% had used a voting mechanism previously 79% liked the idea of a linked discussion thread 70% agreed voting was an acceptable method of prioritization 90% preferred feedback via or posting to the website Green light to proceed from PTC Upper Management April 2010 © 2010 PTC

6 Benefits to New Enhancement Process
DB Database of Ideas Enhancement Requests PM ? User Community Development Quality Assurance © 2010 PTC

7 Customers are Driving Interaction
Social Interaction 500 Million on Facebook 64 Million smart phones 3 Million iPads 5 Billion iPhone app downloads New way to business Management > Engagement Engage Employees & Customers User Interface > User Experience Not “what” you do but “how” you do it Exchange > Collaboration Utilize Social Platforms to bring new ideas to light © 2010 PTC

8 PlanetPTC Community

9 What is PlanetPTC Community?
PlanetPTC Community is a site for PTC customers and product development professionals who want to inspire others with their work and success stories, and be inspired by the talent of their peers Showcase – designs, skills and knowledge Network – with product development professionals Inspire – peers by sharing success stories

10 Customers Asked. We Delivered.
PlanetPTC Community Customers Asked. We Delivered. We ran a Customer Survey in April 2009 with the following results: PTC customers are extremely active in social sites PTC customers are eager to participate in a community with PTC Forums, Wikis, Upload & rate content, product blogs are the most popular areas of interest Creators Critics Collectors Joiners Spectators Inactives U.S. online adults = 21% PTC customers = 46% U.S. online adults = 37% PTC customers = 49% U.S. online adults = 19% PTC customers = 38% U.S. online adults = 35% PTC customers = 47% U.S. online adults = 69% PTC customers = 84% U.S. online adults = 25% PTC customers = 11%

11 PlanetPTC Community Diamond Members
PlanetPTC Community leaders Participate, interact, promote, invite Content seeding Ongoing content contributions Ensure spirit of PlanetPTC Community Test new features Feedback to Community Manager Recognition Subject matter experts

12 PlanetPTC Community Launch - June 8, 2010
Booth in the Exhibit Hall Giveaways UX testing area Featured in keynote Press Release Blog posting and resulting coverage Additional customer communications planned PTC Express Marketing s to Siebel base Word of mouth through Diamond Members

13 Features and Metrics in PlanetPTC Community
9,829 new members since June 450 new members joining per week 1,236 discussions; 7,519 replies 264 wiki documents 48 groups created Hundreds of videos and images uploaded 147 pieces of content received ratings 300+ comments on blogs, videos, documents *As of October 28, 2010

14 Creo Elements/Pro Community (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) 612,789 views
Popular Communities Creo Elements/Pro Community (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) 612,789 views 3,946 active users Mathcad Community 647,696 views 1,307 active users Windchill Discussions 71,190 views 768 active users *As of October 28, 2010

15 Exciting Content Examples

16 Exciting Content Examples
Illustrated technique of dynamic spring action within Pro/ENGINEER 592 Views *As of October 28, 2010

17 Exciting Content Examples
684 Views 4-Star Rating *As of October 28, 2010

18 Exciting Content Examples
Ho Ho Extruder 386 Views 4-Star Rating *As of October 28, 2010

19 Exciting Content Examples
*As of October 28, 2010

20 Exciting Content Examples
142Views *As of October 28, 2010

21 Exciting Content Examples
October 29, 2010 642 views October 29, 2010 733 views

22 Exciting Content Examples
October 28, 2010 891 views 3 replies

23 Get Involved! Join the community Why?
Create a profile with your picture Read the content Comment on content and discussions Start discussions Share some of your work or highlight a tip you can share with your peers Start a group Start a blog Why? Showcase your work Learn something new Be inspired Network with worldwide peers Help us drive Enhancement Requests with your continued interaction!

24 Benefits to New Enhancement Process
DB Database of Ideas Enhancement Requests PM User Community Development Quality Assurance © 2010 PTC

25 © 2010 PTC

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