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Yachiyo Industry Co. Ltd Congratulations on 20 years of Ohio-Saitama Business Relationship September 10,2010.

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1 Yachiyo Industry Co. Ltd Congratulations on 20 years of Ohio-Saitama Business Relationship September 10,2010

2 Respect for the Individual Customer First Fundamental Beliefs While maintaining a global viewpoint, we provide superior technologies and distinctive products for the satisfaction of our customers. Corporate Principles Pursue your dreams with ambition and a youthful spirit. Develop your awareness and improve skills. Create a safe, positive and harmonious working environment. Value time and originality. Strive persistently toward your goals Code of Conduct By implementing the “Yachiyo Corporate Philosophy”, Yachiyo Group “strives to become a company that is recognized and valued by society” Summary Yachiyo Corporate Philosophy

3 Yachiyo Industry Co. Profile Company Name:Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd. Establishment:August 1953 Headquarters:393 Kashiwabara, Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture Capital Stock:3.68 Billion Yen Business Contents:Complete automobiles Development & Production of Auto Parts Domestic Locations:10Locations Overseas Locations:15 Locations Engineering support: 4 locations (Total 16 locations) Number of Associates: 6,877 Associates Products:Fuel Tanks, Sunroofs, Sheet-Metal parts, Plastic parts, Repair parts, Motorcycle parts, Minicar (Complete automobiles)

4 Goshi-Giken Kameyama Suzuka Yokkaichi Kashiwabara Tochigi R/D YG Tech UYT YWM( China) YZM (China) YIM (India) GIA Goshi (India) YIM (India) GIA Goshi (India) YOM YMA USY YOA AYM YBI Siam Goshi (Thailand) Siam Yachiyo (Thailand) Siam Goshi (Thailand) Siam Yachiyo (Thailand) Headquarters Yachiyo Industry Co. Global Presence Goshi Thanglong (Vietnam) Europe Asia Japan Americas

5 Sunroof Systems Fuel Tank SystemsSheet-Metal parts Complete Vehicle Production (Japan) Yachiyo Products Repair Parts Motorcycle Parts

6 US Yachiyo, Inc. Marion AY Manufacturing, Ltd. Columbus Yachiyo of America Inc. Columbus Yachiyo & State of Ohio Positive Impact on Ohio Associates:400+ Sales:$270 Million (2008) $197 Million (2009) $238 Million (2010 est. ) Capital Investment:$122 Million Ohio Tax Incentives:$1.1 Million Products & Services:Fuel Tank Systems Sunroof Systems Testing Research & Development American Region Headquarters

7 AY Manufacturing Location:Columbus, Ohio Associates:235 Investment:$57 Million Sales:$143 Million (2008) $100 Million (2009) $120 Million (2010 est.) Products:Sunroof Systems Manufacturing:Assembly of Sunroof Systems & Metal Parts Coating History:1993 – Start of Sunroof Production 1997 – 1 Millionth Sunroof Produced 2002 – Honda Motor Quality Award 2004 – Added 3 rd Production Line 2009 – 8 Millionth Sunroof Produced 2010 – Honda Award

8 AY Manufacturing Rear Motor Sunroof SystemsFront Motor Sunroof SystemsSunroof System in Accord

9 AY Manufacturing Sunroof Technology Front Motor Tilt, Inner Slide Sunroof Lighter Weight Automatic Operation Anti-Pinch Feature Front Motor Competitive Price Next Generation, Twin Panel Sunroof Open Feel Both Panels Operate Anti-Pinch Feature Front Motor Light Weight

10 AY Manufacturing Product Mix Accord CR-V Civic Ridgeline Odyssey Acura TL MDX RDX Accord Crosstour

11 US Yachiyo Location:Marion, Ohio Associates:157 Investment:$54 Million Sales:$125 Million (2008) $95 Million (2009) $116 Million (2010 est.) Products:Plastic Fuel Tank Systems Manufacturing:Blow Molding, Heat Welding & Assembly History:1999 – Began Production of ‘01 Civic Fuel Tank 2002 – Began Production of ‘03 Accord Fuel Tank 2002 – Installation of Second Blow Mold Machine 2003 – Produced 1 Millionth Tank 2009 – Produced 5 Millionth Tank 2010 – Honda Spirit of Innovation Award

12 Blow Molding Machine Produces “Partial Zero Emission Vehicle” (PZEV) Fuel Tanks Environmentally Friendly Product Lightweight for Fuel Efficiency Produces over 800,000 units/year 4-Material, 6-Layer Process 2 nd Process / Assembly Line Advanced Technology Ensures High Quality Product Quality Built into Process Efficient Process for Green Manufacturing Recycling of Plastic Parts US Yachiyo Manufacturing

13 Layer #1 HDPE Main Outer Layer #2 Regrind Layer #3 Adhesive OUTER Layer #4 EVOH Layer #5 Adhesive INNER Layer #6 HDPE Main Inner US YACHIYO’S PROCESSES COMPLY WITH THE TOUGHEST EMISSION REQUIREMENTS RESULTING IN AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT 4 Materials HDPE – High Density Polyethylene Regrind – Recycled Tank Material Adhesive – Bonding Agent EVOH – Barrier Material (LEV II or PZEV) 6 Layers Plastic Fuel Tank Technology

14 US Yachiyo Product Mix Accord CR-V Civic Ridgeline Odyssey Acura TL RDX Accord Crosstour Element

15 Yachiyo of America Location:Columbus, Ohio Associates:35 Investment:$11 Million Sales:$2 Million (2008) $2 Million (2009) $2 Million (2010 est.) Responsibilities:Administration, Business Planning, Research,Development & Testing Testing:Sunroof & Fuel Tank Testing History:2001 – Yachiyo of America Inception 2007 – Groundbreaking for New Columbus, Ohio Facility 2008 – Began Development & Testing in Ohio 2010 – Lead for Odyssey Fuel Tank Testing

16 Durability & Cycle Testing Thermal Tolerance Testing Yachiyo of America Design & Testing Product Design Destructive Impact Testing

17 Associate Development Team Building- Global Events…in Ohio! Regional Events/ MeetingsTeam Building Events

18 “AY Manufacturing is a team environment and it values me as a team member.” “US Yachiyo has provided a career path that will allow me to further my skills and education.” “Yachiyo of America has broadened my thinking to a global view.” Associate Voices

19 Thank you State of Ohio and Saitama Prefecture for allowing Yachiyo to be part of this 20 th year anniversary and we look forward to our future endeavors.

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