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Heritage Products, Inc.. Conveniently Located in the mid-west automotive hub.

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1 Heritage Products, Inc.

2 Conveniently Located in the mid-west automotive hub.

3 Heritage Products, Inc. 195,000 square feet with room to grow.

4 Company Profile  Address:2000 Smith Ave. Crawfordsville, IN Phone (765) FAX (765)  Established:October 1988  Ownership:Hiruta Kogyo Co., LTD (100%)  Facilities:Land:22 acres Building:195,000 square feet  Quality Policy: Our commitment to quality at Heritage Products is to produce only the highest quality products at a competitive cost through continuous improvement. Heritage Products, Inc.

5 History  1985Established sales office in Ann Arbor, MI as Hiruta U.S.A. Inc.  1988Purchased 10 acres of ground. Established Heritage Products, Inc.  1989Completed the original 45,000 square foot building.  1990Purchased an additional 12 acres of ground.  1991Completed phase II plant expansion of 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  1992Completed phase III plant expansion of 16,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  1994Completed phase IV plant expansion of 36,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  1995Completed phase V office expansion of 6,000 square feet.  1997ISO 9002 Certification  1999QS 9000 Certification  2002ISO Certification  Completed phase VI plant expansion of 46,600 square feet of manufacturing space.  2003Completed installation of 2000 Ton Transfer Press  2004TS Certification  2005 First shipments to Ford Motor Company and Mitsubishi Australia, Ltd.  2007 Ford Q1 Certification Heritage Products, Inc.

6 Certifications Quality Ford Q1 June 2007 TS 16949September 2004 QS 9000March 1999 ISO 9002August 1997 Environmental ISO February 2002 Heritage Products, Inc.

7 Customers Tier 1 Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. Endeavor, Galant, Eclipse, Spyder Auto Alliance International, Inc. Mazda6 Ford Motor Company Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKZ Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Ltd. Mitsubishi 380 Heritage Products, Inc. Aisin U.S.A. MFG., Inc. Aisin Drivetrain, Inc. Aisin Brake & Chassis, Inc. Aisin Manufacturing Illinois, LLC Bridgestone APM Co. DTR Industries, Inc. Eagle Wing Industries, Inc. FCC Indiana, Inc. INTAT Precision, Inc. Yorozu Automotive YUSA Corporation Hitachi Metals America Tier 2 Customers

8 Sales & Growth Heritage Products, Inc. FORECAST

9 Heritage Products, Inc. Organization Chart

10 Processes Press Welding Machining Painting Assembly 2000 Ton Transfer Press Ton Transfer Presses Robot Transfer Lines Robot Transfer Lines MIG Welding Robots Heritage Products, Inc.

11 Blanking Presses Size Material(mm) Bed Size Shut Height Stroke 500 Ton (#1) 2.6 to X Ton (#2) 0.5 to X Ton 0.5 to X Ton 0.6 to X Ton 0.3 to X Forming & Transfer Presses Size Type Bed Size Shut Height Stroke 2000 Ton Transfer Press 1900 X Ton Transfer Presses 1524 X Ton Gap Presses 840 X Ton Gap Presses 760 X Robot Transfer Lines Heritage Products, Inc.

12 Welding & Assembly Equipment MIG Welding Robots 38 - Spot / Projection Welding Machines 3 - TIG Welding Robots 2 - Automatic Arc Welding Machines 1 - Training Robot 30 - Miscellaneous Assembly Machines 2 - CNC Cutting Machines 1 - CNC Pipe Bending Machine 1- Electrodeposition Coating Equipment Heritage Products, Inc.

13 Suspension Related Parts Rear Lower Arm Rear Toe Control Arm Front Upper Arm Assembly Rear Lower Arm Connecting Rod Assembly Rear Upper arm Front Cross Member Assembly Front Lower Arm Assembly

14 Heritage Products, Inc. Engine Mounts / Anti Vibration Engine Mount Rack & Pinion Bracket Torque Rod Bracket Eye Stay Assembly Engine Mount

15 Heritage Products, Inc. Clutch, Brake, and Accelerator Pedal Assemblies 10” Pressure Plate Parking Brake Lever Assembly Parking Brake Bracket Parking Brake pedal 12” Backing Plate Parking Brake Bracket Brake Components

16 Heritage Products, Inc. Seat and Chassis Door Panel Rear Seat Back Lock Rear Seat Spring Bracket Seat Release Lock Lever

17 Product Mix Heritage Products, Inc.

18 Customers Heritage Products, Inc.

19 Design Software supported CATIA CATIA - CAE Nastran Micro-Cadam IDEAS Policies for Design Design using 3D CAD Encourage Concurrent Engineering Promote CAE Develop parts and modular design CAE Analysis Static Strength Heritage Products, Inc.

20 Research and Development Team Members 15 - Team Members in the development section 8 - Team Members in the Testing section Testing Methods Fatigue and strength machines Durability test machines Static Linear Analysis Vibration Analysis (Eigin value, Frequency response) Thermal stress and Heat transfer analysis Eddy - Current type electric Dynamometer FREC Dynamometer Thermostatic Chamber Heritage Products, Inc.

21 Hiruta Kogyo Co. Ltd, R & D Center Thailand Bangkok Eagle Wings Japan United States Heritage Products Incorporated Research and Development Support Heritage Products, Inc.

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