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Company Profile. 1.Who is S&T Motors? 2. Motorcycle Industry 3. The Goal of S&T Motors 4. S&T Motors Full Line Up CONTENTS.

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1 Company Profile

2 1.Who is S&T Motors? 2. Motorcycle Industry 3. The Goal of S&T Motors 4. S&T Motors Full Line Up CONTENTS

3 Sufficient production capacity 200,000 Units / Year Machining : 250,000Units Press & Plating : 230,000Units Painting & Plating : 250,000Units Assembling : 230,000 (Engine) 200,000 (Frame) About S&T Motors Top technology in Korea Acquisition of ISO9001 certification (Germany TUV Rheinland) Proprietary developed V-Twin DOHC Engine (125cc, 250cc, 650cc) 50~650cc full-line Engine Development Technology transfer agreement Philippines - VELOLI (1997) Indonesia – BOSOWA (1997) Vietnam – TRANSINCO (1999) India - KINETIC (1999) Brazil -CKD facility KAZINSKI O.E.M Manufacture agreement China – Yinxang (2002) Extending Overseas market Establishing own US distribution company Strengthening of Overseas Distributor Network Competitive pricing through Persistent cost reduction Who is S&T Motors?

4 ■ Company at a glance Company Name S&T Motors, Co.Ltd. CEOKun Bae Park Established5 June 1978 Capital StockUSD 55 million Major productsMotorcycle, Scooter, ATV Address 77 Sung san-Dong, Chang won-Shi, Kyung nam, Korea Number of employees 463 (as at 30th June 2007) Web R&D Center Manufacturing Division Quality Division Marketing Division Administration Division HSM America China JVC ■ Organization Office of planning About S&T Motors Who is S&T Motors?

5 S&T Motors’ “S&T” stands for ‘Science & Technology’ and it includes the concepts of ‘Super & Top’ expressing the aim and will to achieve unique technology, top quality products, first class enterprise. In addition, the ‘&’in ‘S&T’ represents the concept of a tie and union in ‘Nexus’ standing for maximizing synergy between affiliates. Meaning of symbol Who is S&T Motors?

6 1978~19961996~20022005~ Building the proper foundationRe-bounce the EnterpriseFoundation 1996 Acquisition of ISO9001 certification of quality (Germany TUV) 1995 125cc DOHC Development & Mass-production 1994 Cumulative production exceeded 1 million units 1992 Commenced exports to Europe – CAB50 1988 Commenced export to Japan – FAMILIA100, FR50 1986 Established R&D Center 1979 Technology cooperation agreement with Suzuki 1978 Established the Company 2002 Agreement for establishing JV with Yinxang, China 1999 Technology transfer agreement with companies in India, Vietnam 1997 Technology transfer agreement with companies in Philippines, Indonesia Establishment of US sales incorporation Strengthening of Overseas Distributor Network in Europe Cultivating Partnership with Asia Penetration of the South-East Asia by developing low-price model Extending the share of Europe & North America Markets through high value added model 2007 S&T Motors joins into S&T Group S&T Motors History Who is S&T Motors?

7 1986~ [Reorganization of R&D Center] 1987.03 Own Model HA-50 Mass-production 1990 HS-50 (50cc Scooter) 1992 TN-125 Mass-production (125cc On-Road Sport) 1992 In-Line 4 cylinder 300cc E/G Prototype Development 1994.01 SB-50M Mass-production (50cc Scooter) 1994.10 GA-300 Prototype Development (DOHC 300cc) 1997.11 GPS-125 Oil cooled ( for Strategic exports ) 1998.09 RX-125 Mass-production 125cc Off-Road Style 1999.01 FX-110 3Valve 110cc Business Style 1999.08 OEM production GD 125 SP/RR 1999.04 SF-50 mass-production 50cc Big Wheel Scooter 2000. 02 Proprietary developed DOHC Oil cooled V-Twin 125 Engine development 2000. 02 : GV-125 Mass-production 2000.07 Proprietary developed DOHC Oil cooled V-win 250 Engine development 2001.02 : TE-50 2002. 09 : MS1-125/150 2002.09 : GT-250 2003. 03 : TE-100 2003. 09 Proprietary developed DOHC Water-cooled V-twin 650 E/G development 2003. 09 GT-650 2004. 06 TE-100R Mass-production 100cc Rear-Wheel ATV 2004. 12 GT-650 S Mass-production Water-cooled V-Twin 650 Sports Type 2005.01 650R Mass-production Water-cooled V-Twin 650 Sports Type 2005.07 GV650 Mass-production Water-cooled V-Twin 650 Cruiser Type 2007.4 TE450,MS3-125/250 mass production 2008 ~ GT,GV205/650 New EMS System 2009 ~ 125/250 New Luxury Scooter 125cc Single Cylinder FI System development 1996~ [Technology transfer agreement ] 2000~ [High performance Engine] 2005~ [New S&T Motors] S&T motors history of R&D Who is S&T Motors?

8 2 Overseas Subsidiaries R&D Center, 90 Distributors Network Asia 20 Distributors Europe 30 Distributors Georgia, USA S&T Motors America('05) Chongqing, China JVC ('05) Middle East 10 Distributors Africa 10 Distributors Oceania 5 Distributors Middle South America 10 Distributors Major Export Regions & Distribution Network Motorcycle Industry North America distributors

9 Global Major Group Takeoff Strengthening of InternationalCompetitiveness Progressive, Efficiency R&D Investment / Technology Sourcing Establishing Global standard of Quality Developing the higher-added value MODEL & Creating the best Brand Cultivating Manufacturing Facility to enlarge Europe / USA Market Share Enhancing sales network, Minimizing logistic cost Promoting Market mainstream of Full Line-Up Reorganizing Cost-construction by implementing JVC Outsourcing Extending Business range related to Motorcycle industry (Engine, Generator, Motors parts etc. ) Creating warm-industrial culture Establishing administration by SYSTEM Fostering performance-oriented culture (Annual Salary/Incentive) Extending Overseas Business Improving Business structure Establishing New Management System ■ What do we do ? S&T Motors Business Strategy The Goal Of S&T Motors

10 □ High quality scooter & 1000cc models on the Market □ Establishing competitiveness by enhancing manpower & reducing operating cost □ Maximize Investment efficiency by reviewing business for R&D / New products □ Establishing Objective cost by PDM ( Product Data Management ) □ Extending domestic network & reorganizing overseas dealer network □ Enlarging s/part sales by supplying on time □ Positive policy for currency-exchange □ Creating performance-oriented culture □ Fulfilling objective management Major Plan In 2008 The Goal Of S&T Motors

11 ■ World’s 10th developer of 650cc Motorcycle (4 Cycle V2, proprietary developed DOHC engine) after motorcycle majors such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, DUCATI, and BMW GV650 Extreme Power Cruiser GT650R Powerful Super Sports Major products The Goal Of S&T Motors

12 GV-650 Full line up S&T Motors Full line up GT-650R GT-250R RX-125D

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