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2 AGENDA Introduction of AKS Software Limited Vehicle Tracking System
- How it Works Advantages References Your Questions

3 Background Started in 1985 “Munim-Ji” - India’s Best Product Award Winner Software in 1988, 89, 90, 91 In Business since 1985 Pioneered Sugarcane Management System First to Integrate Electronic Weighbridges Pioneered operator-less Smart Weighing System

4 Amity Info Systems Limited
The AKS group Today Amity Software Inc. (California, USA) AMITY Software Inc. (Kisumu, Kenya) AKS Software Limited Amity Info Systems Limited

5 The AKS Companies AKS Software Limited, India
Software and Solutions for Sugar Industry, Cement Industry and Other Indian Industries Amity Info Systems Limited, India Smart Card based Projects AMITY Software Inc., Kenya For East African business, Tea Grower Management System Amity Software Inc., USA Software Consulting, Medical Billing BPO, and various Software Projects


7 Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
Every vehicle to be tracked and monitored is fitted with GPS Vehicle Tracking Device with GPRS connection. Real Time Tracking Built-in Battery Provision for – Alert for Over Speeding Alert for Low Battery Alert for External Power cut-off Alert for Geo Fence Violation SOS/Panic Button

8 Vehicle Tracking System
Process Log-in to Web interface from Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone, etc All vehicles displayed on map with status indication Provision to select a group and monitor On selecting a vehicle, details will be available – Location Speed Average speed Unauthorized halt Movement beyond Geo fence Fuel Status

9 Vehicle Tracking System
Anti Fuel Siphoning Mechanism (Optional) System compares fuel level before and after vehicle has been stopped. In case it finds drop in fuel level, it will record incidence and alert supervisor immediately. Control Supervisor monitors and has full control Historical data – Mileage clocked Hours driven Hours halt Supervisor can shut-off engine remotely, if required

10 Vehicle Tracking System
Supervisor views vehicles GPS GSM GSM Network GSM Modem GIS/Vehicle Data GIS Web Server LAN Remote Location Vehicle Data Center

11 Integrated Solution ERP SOFTWARE AKS BACK-END WEB


13 Salient features Real time tracking
Alert to Supervisor on violation by any vehicle Trip Replay Fuel Reconciliation (Optional) Ability to track & monitor any vehicle/field equipment Data to take decisions

14 Process & Cost Real time reporting of transactions
Drastic reduction in paper work Secure and accurate electronic transactions Least manual intervention Reduction in direct cost Easy to Monitor and Control Easy to operate Scalability Process driven system with provision for Management to monitor, improve and control entire operation, leading to higher efficiency and productivity.

15 Implementation AMITY Implementation
Software Inc. Implementation Phase I – Vehicles drawing fuel from MSC Fuel Station Smart Fuel Station Automated Voucher Phase II - Field & Off-Road equipments Phase III – Mumias Vehicles drawing fuel from non-Mumias Fuel Station User Training & First level Maintenance Training to Trainer – USA On-Site Training – Class room & Hands-on Maintenance & Support Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Service Level Agreement (SLA) Note: We shall study existing infrastructure and evaluate. It will be our endeavor to utilize existing infrastructure as much as possible to reduce project cost 10/11/2011 15

16 References AMITY Partial List of Customers using similar System
Software Inc Partial List of Customers using similar System North America  Pacific Pride network (300 independent marketers, about 1200 total sites) CFN network (about 300 sites using OPW equipment, over 2000 retail/cardlock sites total in the network) State of Nevada (30 sites, using the older System2 FSC and Phoenix for Windows) Federated Co-op Ltd. (about 300 sites in Canada, in the midst of a conversion to the FSC3000) Petro Canada cardlocks (about 200 sites across Canada) Alberta Fuel Distributors (about 30 sites, some in very remote logging/mining operations, variety of data collection methods) All in all, over 10,000 systems installed in North America. 10/11/2011 16

17 References AMITY Some more Software Inc. Caltex China Total Belgium
PKN (Poland) MOL (Hungary) Neste (Finland) LukOil (Russia) Pemex (Mexico) CNCP (China) Chinese Petroleum Corporation (Taiwan) Hyundai (Korea) 10/11/2011 17


19 Case Study – GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
Waste Collection System - Delhi Municipal Corporation Expanse of Project

20 References AMITY Case Study – GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
Software Inc. Case Study – GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Waste Collection System - Delhi Municipal Corporation 10/11/2011 20

21 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Fuel Management – Dispensing, Consumption Analysis and Reporting, Monitoring of all Vehicle, motor cycles and plant machinery User-specific reports on individual units’ fuel consumptions and performance against benchmarks Yes. Proposed system monitors fuel consumptions by individual vehicles and equipments, and consolidates for individual units’. It will provide consumption pattern along with comparison with benchmarks. Monitoring and management of fuel consumed by MSC units that do not draw fuel at MSC Partially if we stick to existing arrangement of drawing fuel. It would be possible to track and monitor such vehicle on map using web interface, monitor refuelling events as well as any fuel siphoning, if attempted. However, it would not be possible to get fuel drawing transaction detail on real time.  On the other hand Yes, if Amity is allowed to provide its system to designated fuel stations and issue fuel card, it would be possible to get transaction details on real time. 10/11/2011 21

22 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Tracking consumption and performance of motorcycles Yes. Proposed system will track fuel consumption and performance of individual motorcycle in terms of absolute figures as well as mileage per litre, comparison with bench mark figures, mileage clocked vs average mileage, etc. Tracking consumption of stationary units e.g. generators Yes. Proposed system will track consumption over period of time and provide comparison for further analysis. Issue MSC Sales Staff fuel cards to be used when drawing fuel out of station and provide a means of transmitting this information to MSC real-time Yes. Amity shall provide. Monitor consumption of off-site equipment e.g. road maintenance machinery. Yes. Proposed system will monitor fuel consumption assuming that such equipments are refuelled through Mobile Fuel Bowser. 10/11/2011 22

23 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Monitor mobile bowser fuel disbursement. Yes. Proposed system will monitor mobile bowser fuel disbursement. It will also monitor movement on map as well as fuel level on real time. Management of manual authorization Yes. Proposed system will automate manual authorization by Automated Voucher System. Automatic/electronic tank level guaging sensors to provide real-time fuel stocks in storage tanks and movement to pumps. Real-time, accurate measurement of fuel quantities in storage tanks. Yes. Proposed system will provide real-time, accurate measurement of fuel quantities whenever required Accurate measurement of fuel as it is received/flows into the storage tank during delivery from supplier. Yes. Proposed system will provide quantity received. Measure fuel in real-time in the tank.. 10/11/2011 23

24 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Reports on fuel opening balances, receipts, issues and closing balances on daily basis. Yes. Proposed system will provide report on daily basis. Fuel and Vehicle Control Management Elimination/prevention of fuel fraud, pilferage and siphoning Yes. Proposed system endeavors to eliminate/prevent fuel fraud, pilferage and siphoning across the broad at every level of operation. However, Amity would like to discuss with Mumias to understand if any possible method to do fraud, pilferage or siphoning has got overlooked. Amity will make possible changes to achieve inclusion of such an event. Instantaneous/real-time alerts for fuel siphoning Yes. Proposed System have incorporated necessary devices and sensors to achieve above. Every Mumias vehicle will be fitted with GPS based Vehicle tracking device as well as fuel sensor connected to tracking device to monitor fuel level in the tank. An abnormal drop in the level will trigger real-time alert. 10/11/2011 24

25 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Instantaneous/real-time alerts for inefficient fuel consumption caused by aggressive driving. Yes. Proposed System triggers alert on over speeding. Instantaneous /real-time alerts for unauthorized unit/equipment stops Yes. Proposed system triggers alert on unauthorized stops. Instantaneous/real-time alerts for power source tamper Yes, Proposed System triggers alerts on the events of Low-Battery as well as when external power to Vehicle tracking device is cut-off. Identification when drawing fuel Fuelling of bona fide MSC fleet only Yes. Proposed system will ensure fuelling to only bona fide vehicles authorized by concerned department and through SAP system. 10/11/2011 25

26 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc. Business and Systems Support
Employee identification card/Smartcards for driver identification when drawing fuel. Yes. Proposed system uses existing Employee identification card based on Proximity card for identification at the time of drawing fuel from Mumias Fuel station. Similarly User Card and Field Equipment User cards will be used for identification of non-Mumias user and Field equipment user respectively. . Business and Systems Support User training and documentation Yes, In consultation with Mumias. Train the Trainer and first level Maintenance – At OPW, USA On-site user training – Class room & hands-on by Amity Software Equipment/hardware technical specifications Yes. After conducting system study and sizing of equipment based on Mumias requirement, Amity shall provide technical specification. 10/11/2011 26

27 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Equipment/hardware guarantee/warranty Yes, Amity will provide guarantee/warranty on equipment/hardware provided by us in line with industry standard. Maintenance Contract and Service Level Agreements (SLA) Yes, Amity will sign AMC and SLA. Tracking of all vehicles, motor cycles and plant machinery Tracking of units that operate in the field. Yes, Proposed system will track units operating in the field. It would be possible to track units on the map and observe movement using web interface. Tracking of MSC sugar transport units Yes. Proposed system will track. Control of fuel consumption by instituting geographical boundaries. Yes. Proposed System creates Geo Fence to restricts vehicle movement and triggers alert if vehicle breaches Geo fence. 10/11/2011 27

28 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc.
Interface Fuel and Fleet Control system with SAP for fuel cost recoveries Interface with SAP to ensure all fuel expenses are covered and directly allocated to respective cost centers. Yes. Proposed system will to interfaced with SAP. Fully automate the fuel vouchers process. Yes. Proposed system will automate voucher process fully, for all instances of fuel drawing from Mumias Fuel station. Capturing fueling history at the fueling station and reconcile as required by finance and fleet sections. Yes. Proposed System captures fuelling transaction details at fuelling station which includes User id, vehicle id, nozzle id, odometer reading, fuel type, fuel quantity, amount, date and time, and reconcile as required. 10/11/2011 28

29 Compliance Statement AMITY Software Inc. Implementation Yes. Provided
List the sites you have implemented similar solution Yes. Provided What was the Solution implemented What was the scope of the Implementation Yes. Provided, more details may be further provided if required Name the Client Reference Yes, Partial list of clients provided 10/11/2011 29

30 Expectations from MSC AMITY Software Inc. Timely approval
Hardware - Computer, server, printers, etc with suitable power supply. Working Space - to our personnel to perform their job. Boarding & Lodging at Factory premises - to avoid wastage of time and to speed up completion of project. Support in Installation of Hardware – Support to clear site for installation of different hardware particularly at Fuel Station Power supply and communication connection/facilities GPRS Data Card - for GPS Vehicle Tracking devices and Mobile Computers Training - to designate suitable manpower to be trained, to operate and manage project after implementation. Amity provides both class room and field training. Project Team - a project team to participate and provide approval. 10/11/2011 30

31 Thank you Question ? 10/11/2011 31


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