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1 Fife Community Off Road Motorcycle Club Cardenbarns Farm, Cardenden Presented by: J Richardson 07/10/04.

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1 1 Fife Community Off Road Motorcycle Club Cardenbarns Farm, Cardenden Presented by: J Richardson 07/10/04

2 2 What is FCOMC? FCOMC was setup in February 2004 to provide a safe and supervised environment for Motocross and Quad ATV use as well as trying to discourage the use of these vehicles on private or public roads or walkways. Fife Community Offroad Motorcycle Club secured land and planning permission at the Cardenbarns Farm, Cardenden and has developed the land into a Motocross and Quad Track for all ages. In May 2004 FCOMC became an affiliated member of the Scottish Auto Cycle Union. The SACU is the governing body in Scotland and the FCOMC was issued with a Track Safety Certificate and Insurance. FCOMC is also working with the Forestry Commission and Fife Constabulary to reduce the illegal motorbike activity.

3 3 FCOMC CTD The Facility is open Saturday and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm and on Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 8pm. Times are Dependent on the time of the year and may lengthen or shorten accordingly. All “staff” are voluntary and during the summer period clock up to the equivalent of 45 Free Man Days Effort per week. Track Officers include: 9 SACU Certified Clerk of the Course 9 SACU Certified Marshalls 9 SACU Certified Environmental Officers 9 SACU Certified Safety Scrutineers 9 Certified First Aiders

4 4 FCOMC Facilities The FCOMC Cardenbarns facility includes: The Main Riding Track which is over 1.7 miles in length. The main track has a number of jumps, tabletops, straights, hair pin bends and has its own Parc Ferme. The Kiddies Track which is over 0.6 miles in length. Used by the smaller members and vehicles and has its own Parc Ferme. A single rider practice area for those that do not feel confident yet about riding with others An outsourced Hot Food Stall An outsourced Bike Spares and Accessories Stall Toilet Facilities Parking for Vehicles with Trailers Parking for Spectators Site Office/ First Aid Area Marshall Points on both tracks Fenced Spectator Areas Sessions between youths and adults, different sizes of vehicle and closed spectator areas make it an enjoyable day out for all the family.

5 5 FCOMC Membership The Cardenbarns FCOMC Track is open to all ages on completion of the Membership Application. Once Returned to the Club Secretary with two passport photographs, and with the appropriate payment for: £10 Single Youth Rider (<18 Years Old) £15 Single Adult Rider (=> 18 Years Old) £20 Family Membership (As described in the Constitution and Byelaws) Then you are able to attend the FCOMC Track as a Rider. The only additional payment is a £2 per rider daily payment. 500+ MEMBERS FROM ALL AROUND SCOTLAND CANNOT BE WRONG!

6 6 FCOMC Location FCOMC is located in a field between Cardenbarns Farm and Torbain Forest. Entry to the facility is via the Torbain Road, Kirkcaldy which can be joined either at Chapel, Kirkcaldy or at the Lochgelly A92 Junction. The FCOMC facility is in a beneficial location because: It is surrounded by three sides of forest which filters the levels of noise to nearby properities It is located on the South side of the A92 which provides noise shelter to the nearby Cardenden residents Is not visible (and therefore not an eyesore) from local residents or road users Has room for expansion Is on a natural gradiant which provides water drainage Has planning permission

7 7 FCOMC What is our ethos? Safety First! (Protective Gear etc) Community Spirit! For the Bairns! Social Inclusion Enchancing the positive image of Motorsports! Learning through doing! HAVING FUN!

8 8 FCOMC Development Costs Estimated £27K to start this project from scratch Many items were donated to the Club. Actual cost of Development was about £17K Further Development Costs dependent of future expansion plans

9 9 FCOMC Income and Expenditure Annual Income from membership and gatefees close to £20k (2004) Annual Expected Expenditure (2005) - £15k FCOMC Possible Investment Further Expansion for third Track?? Dry Roofed Track Area?? Permament Toilet/Shower/First Aid Centre?? Better Drainage for all year round usability??

10 10 Benefits of Future Development 9 Will provide a Regional (maybe National) centre of excellence for Off Road Activities for all ages 9 Will help reduce illegal Offroad Activities 9 Co-joining of Fife’s Support Services (Social/Police/Community) 9 Better relationships with motor enthusiasts and local Communities 9 Better Social and Parental Cohesion 9 SAFER FOR ALL!

11 11 FCOMC, Our Skills Base 9 Motorsport Knowledge 9 Motor Engineering Knowledge 9 Track layout 9 Health and Safety 9 Environmental 9 Medical (First Aid) 9 Heavy Plant Machinery 9 Group Governance 9 PARENTS OF CHILDREN OF ALL AGES

12 12 FCOMC Links Other Sites who have helped or sponsored FCOMC The Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) – Fife Council – The Forestry Commission – Fife Constabulary – Dave Grieve Motorcycles, Buckhaven, Fife –

13 13 FCOMC Contact Details Chairman – James Richardson – 01592 722664 Secretary – Janet Miller – 01592 781874

14 14 Questions? CLUB WEBSITE:

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