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A Successful Parking Lot Practice. Use the recommended Guide.

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1 A Successful Parking Lot Practice

2 Use the recommended Guide

3 Minimum Range Size –120’ x 170’ –40’ Buffer Zone

4 Range Selection –Room for Staging Area –Good surface and no obstacles –Range is cleanable –Easley secured –Restroom facilities –Shade –Get permission Staging Area Riding Area

5 Plan and Promote your PLP –Date, Time, Location and Duration –Include on Ride Schedule –Chapter Newsletter –Chapter Meeting –Chapter Website –Rain or Shine? –Ride, Ice Cream, Lunch, etc. –State Requirements

6 Needed Supplies –How will you mark and secure the area –Emergencies First Aid Kit Fire extinguisher Cell phone –Marking Tape or Spray Chalk (Get Permission) –Cones, Tennis Ball halves –Measuring Tape –Oil Dry –Clean-Up Supplies for after

7 Miscellaneous Details –Volunteers Work the range and manage exercises Help with Sign-In, T-CLOC and Waivers –Make sure you have enough –Oversee Refreshments You need water at a minimum, other stuff is nice –Signs for entering and leaving the range and the area

8 Range Setup –Plan your Staging Area Motorcycles Only No spectators Where they park when exercise is completed –Clean your Range –Secure your Range –Table for registration and refreshments –Restroom Facilities Staging Area Riding Area

9 Before you Start –Establish a Facilitator –Stage the bikes as they arrive –Requirements –Discuss Safety –T–CLOCS the bikes –Explain the Range and go over some Range Rules with the volunteers and participants

10 GWRRA Requirements –Effective immediately, the following requirements must be adhered to by all participants in GWRRA Region, District and Chapter rider training and skill events. (Including, but not limited to the GWRRA Advanced Rider Course, Trike Rider Course, or Trailering Course; Field (Skill) Events or Top Gun competitions, Parking Lot Practice sessions or any other MSF, CSC, GWRRA or ESC-sponsored instruction or riding practice.)

11 Rider Licensing –All Riders must hold a valid operators license with motorcycle endorsement as required by the Rider’s state/province of residence or, at minimum, a motorcycle operator's learner's permit (again, as required by the Riders state/province of residence). Riders who do not hold a valid license (meeting their home state/province requirements) will not be permitted to participate.

12 Proper Riding Attire –All Riders and Co-Riders must wear "proper" riding gear while riding. This will include, at a minimum: A DOT approved helmet Eye protection Full-fingered gloves Over-the-ankle foot protection (boots preferred) Long sleeves Long pants

13 Range Management –Explain each exercise thoroughly before starting the exercise –Select a good rider to do your demos (poor demos lead to issues on the range) –Everyone does the same exercise –Let each rider set their own pace –Watch for unsafe conditions –Maintain safe distances between riders –Remember this is only practice – not an MSF Course

14 Do’s –Stick to the “Cornering Guide” exercises –Offer tips but not criticism, Don’t instruct States require licensing to conduct a rider class with instructors. This is a practice only. Use the suggested corrective action found for each exercise –Be prepared to enforce rules –Clean up the area after use No Coaching











25 After It’s Over –Certificates for Participation & Volunteers? –Thank You to the owner of the Range –Give a brief report at the next Chapter Meeting telling everyone who wasn’t there how much fun you all had!

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