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EQUESTRIAN SKILLS PARK. Vision Statement The Equestrian Skills Park (official name pending) will be a dynamic and fun venue that will inspire equestrians.

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2 Vision Statement The Equestrian Skills Park (official name pending) will be a dynamic and fun venue that will inspire equestrians to love and explore our natural resources by safely developing essential trail skills and the confidence needed to interact with and share our western culture with other user groups while continuing our tradition of equestrian exploration.

3 This is What its all About

4 Equestrian Skills Park – What is It? An area for equestrians to practice common trail skills in a controlled environment.

5 Why? An equestrian skills park would help both horses and riders build their confidence and skills. Most people do not have access to natural obstacles at home to practice in advance of going on a trail ride.

6 Advantages A well-trained and experienced horse is not just an asset to their rider, but all other trail users as well. Provides a great venue for equestrians and other trail users to interact and learn from each other. Giving riders a place to practice precision will help them to build their skills and ensure they have the precision necessary to maneuver through the natural obstacles and stay off of sensitive terrain.

7 Advantages Obstacles could have small signs with tips for riding the obstacle as well as trail etiquette will educate new riders to right-of-way, not cutting switchbacks and other important issues. As the general population ages, horses allow those less mobile to access more remote areas and view wildlife they would not be able to see otherwise.

8 Features Obstacles in the skills park will be made of natural materials as much as possible to ensure they blend in with the natural environment. The goal is to make it similar to an scenic interpretative hiking trail – educational, as well as a good representation of common trail features equestrians can encounter. An additional feature could include a multi-use trail alongside part of this park to encourage interaction with bikers, hikers, runners and dogs.

9 The Concept Family-friendly area with various obstacles for all ages and skill levels of horses and riders. Provide interaction with other user groups on select perimeters of plus include a mainstream multi-user trail through the area. Each obstacle can have a few different approaches and departures or variations to allow for horses and riders to increase their skills.

10 The Concept (Continued) Central pavilion area with picnic tables, etc., with hitching racks on the perimeter for group gatherings for club outings, birthday parties, etc. Parking with restroom facilities, water spigot for watering horses and manure disposal/collection container. Horse trail parallel to the multi-user trail with a split-rail fence between the trails.

11 The Concept (Continued) Bridge with side rails to span multi-user trail. Still water crossing. Stream crossing.

12 Some Examples

13 Bridge Over Ditch

14 Deadfall or Logs

15 Downhill Slope with Water Bars

16 Log Drop-Offs or Steps

17 Riding a Ditch or Canyon Area

18 Traversing a Rock Field

19 Rock-Lined Trail with Water Bars

20 Steep Ditch

21 How Could We Do This? Numerous local equestrian-related groups would be utilized in the design, construction and maintenance of the Equestrian Skills Park. We have many interested people ready to dig in and create this great asset to El Paso County and the Pikes Peak area.

22 Where are we Now? Master plan and design phase. – We need ideas for layout of the course, obstacles to be built and other amenities. – Once we have conceptual drawings, we can proceed further with El Paso County Parks.

23 What Comes Next? Cost estimates: – Any necessary engineering (bridges). – Building materials & equipment. – Amenities – restrooms, parking, picnic pavilion.

24 What Comes Next? (Continued) Fundraising: private donations & sponsorships. Management plan. Ongoing maintenance plan. Safety/risk management assessment. Public process – area residents have opportunity to give their input. Ground breaking for an amazing new park!!!

25 Summary This is a great opportunity to build a unique asset to our community. The Equestrian Skills Park will provide a unique setting for multiple trail users to interact and learn about one another. This is a unique opportunity to build stronger relationships between various trail users.

26 Contact Information Debbie Bibb (719)748-8543 Teaching trail riding-related clinics for over 10 years to all levels horses and riders as well as training trail horses. Avid trail user, including trail riding, trail running, hiking and some mountain biking. Trails and Open Spaces Coalition Board Member.

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