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Prepared by Houeida Kammourié-Charara InfoCommons Librarian © 2012.

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1 Prepared by Houeida Kammourié-Charara InfoCommons Librarian © 2012

2 LAU Libraries Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC): WebView To access LAU’s Libraries OPAC go to the LAU website– Libraries—Research Tools—Library Catalog OR click on the following URL or copy it into your web browser address box: WebView includes materials (books, maps, audiovisual materials, etc.) owned by both LAU Libraries: Beirut (BE) and Byblos (BY). WebView shows the availability of all items, whether they are available on the shelf, on loan to another user, or on order. WebView Is multilingual; you can search for materials in English, Arabic, and French, etc. 2

3 3 A variety of searches is available: Keyword is the most used search E-reserve link To access your Library account by using your LAU ID and date of birth

4 Title/Author Search 4 You can edit your search

5 Title details 5 Books that are on order have the availability field empty Availability field: Barcode, location, Shelfmark, Status (item on loan, available, etc.), Category, (building use, standard loan, etc.)

6 Shelfmark 6 Shelfmark is composed of several parts: Symbol for type, category or language of material: e.g. R for Reference, A for Arabic, etc. Dewey Number to classify material according to topics Cutter Number for the author Copy Number

7 Keyword search The Keyword search includes three checkboxes which specify whether the system does an exact phrase search, an automatic Boolean AND search or an automatic Boolean OR search 7

8 Keyword Search Keyword searches in the following fields: Title Author Subject Series Notes Abstract Publisher Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT Truncation mark % Parentheses are used to control the precedence of the Boolean operators 8

9 Keyword Search 9 AND or and both are used, but use AND,OR NOT upper case to get used to it for the databases searching

10 Keyword Searching use of parenthesis: Israel NOT (Lebanon AND war) 10

11 Keyword Searching use of parenthesis: (Lebanon AND war) NOT Israel 11

12 Subject Search Subject search is different from keyword search. It is a controlled vocabulary taken from the Library of Congress Subject Headings. By default the box: “retrieve a list of Subject heading” is checked. 12

13 List of subject headings 13 Click on the # to go to the record

14 Titles retrieved with matching subjects after removing tick 14

15 Filtering 15 Several filtering options are available # of hits per page can be increased in order to have ISBD list in one page

16 Sorting 16 A variety of sorting options are available from the drop down menu

17 Printing from WebView To print a selection of items retrieved, in the hitlist display, click in the numbered box in the left hand column adjacent to the title(s) you wish to print. Click on the ISBD Icon An ISBD list will be displayed 17

18 ISBD Titles Selection 18 Selection is at the page level ONLY. Each page SHOULD be printed after selection. You can fix this problem by increasing the # of hits per page from 20 to 500.

19 ISBD List 19

20 For more information about the Libraries e-resources visit: Or contact the InfoCommons Librarian ext. 1817 20

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