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CV2000LS – Post Compensated Valve CV2000LS Post Pressure Compensated Flow Sharing Valve.

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2 CV2000LS – Post Compensated Valve CV2000LS Post Pressure Compensated Flow Sharing Valve

3 – Pressure compensated For both fixed and variable pumps – Post compensated If the flow consumption is larger than what the pump can supply, all sections will continue to work and all the functions will proportionally give out less flow. No function alone will take the whole flow and you can thereby avoid that the heaviest load slows down, or stops entirely. Product advantages

4 – Inlet variable pump with emergency stop function Shuts down the flow into the valve and drains the valve internally so that no pressure will be built up – Inlet fixed pump with electric unloading Saves energy and avoids pressure to be built up in the valve

5 Product advantages -Pressure limiter Sets the maximum pressure individually on each port - Port specific shock/anticavitation valve for each section module Port specific shock valve for each section module which opens if there is a collision with exterior objects and quickly relieves the pressure and dumps the flow to tank

6 - Pressure limit for each section Limits the load pressure out on each section - External control of the port pressure The CU-port makes it possible to shut a function off in certain conditions. It is possible to shut down the flow from the specific port, or to control the outlet pressure proportionally. The advantage is that you can choose different fixed pressure adjustments - Mechanical maximum flow limiter Sets the maximum flow for each section - Float Position option Decouples the hydraulics from he loader and the machine follows the profile of the ground Product advantages

7 -High Pressure Carry Over Used for serial connection of a number of valves to one pump. Important function when you want to prioritize a certain valve - Parallel connect bypass valves (fixed pump) For parallel connection of a number of valves to the same pump. All valves function as post compensated which makes it possible to prioritize a certain valve - Easy to convert to hydraulic control Easy to convert from electronic to hydraulic control. All that needs to be done is to exchange the solenoid valve for an adaptor Product advantages

8 Drill riggs Backhoe Hedge cutter Forrest cranes Skylift Sreening and crushing Forrest machine Concrete pumptruck Garbage bin Applications

9 Example Applications – Concrete Truck Variable Displacement Pump 90 l/min (24 Usgpm) Max working pressure 220 bar (3200 psi) Number of Functions 9 Post Compensated Sections 2 Valve Units

10 Example Applications Hedge Cutter – Fixed Displacement Pump 60 l/min [xxx 15 USgpm] – Max Working Pressure 280 bar [4060 psi] – Number of Functions 8 Post Compensated Sections 1 Valve Unit – Special Features Electric Cutter Head Angle Control with Tilt Sensor

11 Example Applications Top hammer surface drilling rig – Variable displacement Pump 180 l/min [48 USgpm] – Fixed displacement pump 50 l/min [13 USgpm] – Max working pressure 300 bar [4350 psi] – Number of functions 20 post compensated section modules 5 valve units – Special features El. prop. remote controlled feeding pressure Automatic drill reverse at overload Bluetooth wireless control box

12 “From the beginning we choose Nimco as a supplier because of the price but also due to the performance. The product is quite unique, especially CV691, the performance is superb and it is extremely beneficial. We have a lot of contact with the engineers at Nimco which are all very competent in the products. I experience that the service is very efficient. We get the support we need very quickly. Our company has benefited a lot from working with Nimco. The valve 691 and 791 makes the machine compact and tidy and it saves a lot of space. The valves make the machine 10% more efficient than with competitor’s products. We have saved a lot since we do not have to use two separate parts. The fuel cost is also lower” -Neil Suitor, McCloskey Customer reference

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