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IER 560 The multi-functional printer for Airlines and Railways.

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1 IER 560 The multi-functional printer for Airlines and Railways

2 Improve the ergonomics of your counters: unique device for all printed documents Save on counter space The peace of mind choice Give a special treat to your high value customer IER 560 key benefits

3 IER 560 : the boarding pass printer for airlines and railways that want ergonomic and small counters Key features  4 different feed  Standard 4 lines display (20 digits)  Cutter & burster standard  Black marks management  Quality printing from 80g to 340g & wallet  Printing speed up to 8’’ / s  Ability to pull very large roll of paper 3,500 coupons)  Built-in preventive maintenance software suites  Full connectivity standard : RS232, Ethernet, USB  UHF RFID  Frontal feed  Embedded barcode reader  4 stocks trolley Ethernet/IPRS 232USB PDF 417 DatamatrixAZTECQR 4 FEED Options Receipt Flight AC 3456CDG to YULClass : EconomyFare : 100 €Extra luggage fee: 50 €TOTAL : 150 €

4 An innovative and modular conception to substantially decrease repair time The printer is made of three main modules The paper path : structure on which the 2 other modules are screwed The cutter / burster module : 2 screws and 3 connectors The printer module : 3 screws and 4 connectors 1 2 Cutter / burster failure Cutter / burster failure Remove the module Remove the module Replace the module Replace the module You are ready to print Printing module failure * Remove the module Remove the module Replace the module Replace the module 5 min You are ready to print 10 min AUTO CALIBRATION * Not printhead failure

5 4 key modules that drastically simplifies maintenance and logistics Power supplyPrinthead module Electronic card Cutting /bursting module

6 Easy to install whatever the counter configuration Do not bother thinking where you have to install paper stocks Paper stocks can be installed behind the printer Paper stocks can be installed under the printer 306 mm Printer is integrable in low depth trolley Overall depth is 306 mm Width and height is 220 mm Easy to carry Equipped with a real handle 306 mm 220 mm Inclined and recessed paper feed

7 Exceptional performance for incredible comfort of use and ergonomics No printing interruption to switch from one stock to the other High speed printing 8 inches per second Up to 9 inches per second with sensitive paper Ability to pull very large and heavy roll of paper Equipped to pull the 3,500 tickets ATB paper roll High processing speed Incredible tickets autonomy Storage of tickets in a stacker ATB stacker included in the machine Additional ATB & BT stackers (D=450 mm H=140 mm W=220 mm) : stock capacity up to 10 ABP + 10 BT Downward tickets ejection : collect any type of documents printed in a bin Easy to use Indication of failing module LED’s integrated on the paper path User friendly

8 A rock solid printer to guarantee longevity and reliability Paper edges are NEVER in contact with any plastic parts No parts erosion by paper All rotating shafts are mounted on bearings Drastically reduces the tear and wear Works with 2 robust motors Built-in preventive maintenance system Automatically compensates itself for dust and wear Current printer Issue Printer stops working Printer stops working IER 560 Issue Friendly condition Mode (1) Friendly condition Mode (1) Retry movement Retry movement (1) slow down speed, increase power Retry OK Printer available Retry OK Printer available Printhead cannot be damaged by the platen roll IER Patented system to protect printhead when printing ISO or BT tickets

9 On the same device you can cut and burst any type of paper Cut ATB BP, ISO BP or receipt tickets on large roll of paper with or without black mark 3,500 tickets Thin paper 80 gr Black mark Burst fan folded ATB tickets Burst (or cut) fan folded bag tags Burst (or cut) bag tags roll stock Thanks to the 2 in 1 bursting and cutting module, the 560 allow you to manage simultaneously any type of paper (perforated and no perforated paper) * * IER Patented

10 IER 560 software suites Based indicators value Inter sensors distance Printing centering Platen roll diameter Sensors velocity Printhead damage The IER 560 maintenance software suite is based on an auto setting system focused on: Main mechanical modules Sensors Printhead Real-time measured indicators value Real-time corrections applied 100 Inter sensors distance Printing centering Platen roll diameter Sensors velocity Printhead damage 110 96 98 94 100 Inter sensors distance Printing centering Platen roll diameter Sensors velocity Printhead damage -10 + 4 + 2 + 6 0 That measures constantly all indicators value, then compares it to the based values and compensates itself if necessary Brand new 560560 in use

11 Need to deliver various type of paper, IER 560 goes up to 4 feeds with 3 main configurations ECO BUS FIRST Receipt Flight AC 3456CDG to YULClass : EconomyFare : 100 €Extra luggage fee: 50 €TOTAL : 150 € 3 + 1 1 + 3 2 + 2

12 IER 560 mobile trolley for airport, airlines and railways counters Key benefits  Easy access to paper stocks  Boarding pass, bag tags & ISO motorized stacker (20 coupons)  Designed for configurations up to 4 stocks including fanfold stock and roll stock up to 3,400 coupons  Small size to fit any counter H=670mm; D=450-550mm; W=220mm  Optional elevated pedestal for standing agents  Adaptable to many stocks configurations

13 Technical specifications 1 / 2 Mechanical Characteristics Dimensions: d=306 mm, w=220mm, h=220 mm (d=12.1 in, w=8.6 in, h=8.6 in) Weight: 9 kg (19,8 lbs) Power supply 100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz Connectivity 2 x RS232 1 x USB 2.0 « device », 1 x USB « host » 1 x TCP/IP 10/100 mps Ethernet Paper driving and cutter module Unique cutter and burster module, automatically selected Fixed or programmable automatic format paper detection Paper supply channels Number of supply channels: 4 channels Channels management is configurable: 3+1 (3 Boarding Pass/ATB1, 1 Bag Tag/ISO) 2+2 (2 Boarding Pass/ATB1, 2 bag tags/ISO 1+3 (1 Boarding Pass/ATB1, 3 Bag Tags/ISO The printer switches automatically to the next channel when the previous one is empty Loading: automatic paper loading mechanism, on paper detection Printer module Technology: thermal direct, 203 dpi Barcode printing: all 1D and 2D including PDF417, Datamatrix, Aztec, and QR Code Printing speed: 8-10 inches per second (adjustable depending on paper quality and barcode/logo clarity required) Width of accepted documents: 50 mm (2 in) to 83 mm (3.25 in) Printed width: up to 80 mm (3.24 in) Paper weight: 80 g/m² to 340 g/m² Options Contact-less card encoding module Contact-less encoding: ISO 14443 A/B/C compliant Embedded, internal encoder that can be used to encode external travel cards as well

14 Technical specifications 2 / 2 Barcode Reader Additional 1D and 2D barcode imager CCD array, non-laser All 1D and 2D symbologies RFID Bag Tag encoding Embedded RFID encoder and antenna IATA RP 1740c compliant Gen2 Class 1 Paper Stock Trolley 4 paper bin trolley for 3 x Boarding Pass and 1 Bag Tag or 2 Boarding Pass and 2 Bag Tag stocks Software Fully AEA compatible LINUX OS Embedded web server Built-In monitoring Remote configuration, diagnostics and monitoring via web browser Agency Approvals (pending) CE cTüVus, FCC part 15 class A Environmental Operating Temp: + 5°C to + 40°C (+ 41°F to + 104°F) Storage Temp: - 20°C to + 60°C (- 4°F to + 140°F) Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% (non condensing) MTBF 32 500 hours (when adhering to operating conditions specified in IER 560 Technical Manual) MTTR 10 minutes

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