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Горбенко Василий RRC company Киоск - принтеры Zebra.

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1 Горбенко Василий RRC company Киоск - принтеры Zebra

2 Kiosk Definition What is significant for a reliable Kiosk printer? »Presenter (PCP) Print-Cut-Present – Reduces paper jams, variable print length, holds paper instead of spitting it out. »Retract & Retain – Confidentiality and no littering »Guillotine Cutter– Self sharpening, safe delivery »Large paper roll capacity – Less refill of paper rolls required »Compact & Robust design – Less maintenance visits »Pull detection– Safe paper delivery, less jam »Sensor reporting– Signals paper out, problem etc. What is a Kiosk? »Unattended self-service unit usually for the purpose of supplying a product, a service, or providing information

3 Kiosk Definition Why Direct Thermal printing? –Ideal for Kiosk solutions –Fast printing, easy to maintain –No ink/ribbon supply replacement –Print on a wide variety of paper/ticket media

4 4 »High Quality, Reliability and Capacity = key success criteria for self-service applications »Standard equipped with value adding functions, e.g.: Loop Presenter, Retract-&-Retain and Pull Detector »Small footprint – fits slim designed kiosks »Innovative, Compact and Robust »Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) »Full kiosk printer range - 58mm to A4 size »Easy service & maintenance Kiosk Printer Benefits

5 –Designed for use in Kiosks –Reliable Paper handling –Small footprint, easy to integrate –Large Paper Supply, up to 2000 sheets –Only consumable is paper »Designed for Desktops »Paper jams »Large footprint and covers »Small paper supply »Paper and Ink need constant replacement Thermal Printers Laser Printers

6 Why customers choose Zebra Kiosk Printers? » Strong brand » High-quality products » Drivers » Qualified support » Customized solutions » Well-known and visible within the industry » Dissatisfaction with previous supplier Kiosk Printer Benefits

7 Product overview Kiosk Printers on the web Kiosk Printers Ticket Printers

8 Product overview Kiosk printers 58 - 82.5mm112mmA4 / Letter

9 TTP 2000 Flexibility in a compact package – Variable paper width 58-82.5 mm – Fast Print speed - up to 150 mm/s – Retract & Retain – Pull Detector – Looping Presenter – Large roll size – up to Ø250 mm – Millimeter precision paper eject – Minimal footprint – Flip vertical for leanest fit – Easy on-site maintenance Only ¼ th of an A4 page footprint Applications Receipt Vending TTP2000 on the web

10 10 Robust reliability for 112mm wide printouts TTP7000 on the web Professional Kiosk Printer »Wide format printouts 80 or 112mm »Downscale A4 or webpage to pocket size »75 mm/s print speed »Looping presenter »Pull detector »Retract & Retain option »Flip-up printer mechanism »USB and Serial interface »Windows and Linux drivers Applications ATM Info Kiosk TTP 7000

11 TTP 8000 Full A4 or Letter paper width – Dithering for detail graphics – Large roll capacity – 200 dpi or 300 dpi models – Retract & Retain – Pull Detector – Looping Presenter – Roll or Fanfold paper stock – Confidentiality – Retracts 1st page and deletes following pages if not taken. Standard, Vertical or Compact models Applications Maps Information Statements TTP8000 on the web

12 Product overview Ticket printers Credit card sizeUp to ATB1 tickets & IATA baggage tag TTPM3 Magnetic Printer / Encoder TTP 2100 New Release Q1 2007

13 TTP 2100 Tiny Ticketing & Tag –Up to full airline tickets (ATB1) & IATA Baggage Tag formats (21") –Small footprint –Desktop or Kiosk versions –Credit Card size ticket in 1s –Guillotine cutter –Pull-Detector –2-D barcode –Print-Cut-Present Applications Boarding Pass Baggage Tag Event Ticket Desktop or Kiosk models TTP 2100 on the web

14 TTPM3 on the web TTPM3 Robust Magnetic Ticketing – 1.9s / issued ticket (1s in peak-hour-mode) – TCP-IP Network interface (opt.) – Long-life design for easy maintenance – Up to 3-track simultaneous Magnetic encoding, 100% verification and reading – HiCo & LoCo – Credit Card size (54x86mm) or longer tickets – High duty – 100% duty cycle Applications Public Transport Tickets Event tickets Entrance Control Desktop or Kiosk models available

15 Kiosk printers in Vertical Markets More on the web

16 Решения на базе киоск принтеровБанкоматы Парковки Фото-киоски Размен

17 Решения на базе билетных принтеров Платные дороги Аэропорты Вокзалы Общественный транспорт

18 Контакты +7(495)956-1717Москва Горбенко Василий Менеджер по развитию дистрибуции принтеров Компания RRC

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