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Adult Education 410 Study of Adult Education as a Social Movement Triangle Community Resources.

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1 Adult Education 410 Study of Adult Education as a Social Movement Triangle Community Resources

2 History of the Organization Began in 1998 with Brian Chiasson (Contracts Manager and Owner). Initial programs were the Reaching Independence Through Employment (RITE) program and the Women Reaching Independence Through Employment (WRITE). Began with two offices, and are now spread throughout the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Langley.

3 Identifying the Organization Triangle Community Resources helps multi-barriered clients secure employment and attach to community. They offer specialized front-line services for a marginalized client base throughout the Fraser Valley. Staff is committed to helping eliminate as many barriers as possible on behalf of their clientele.

4 Role of Government Triangle Community Resources is a for-profit organization, and is currently involved with the following government funding initiatives: Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation Provide specialized services, and is offered in partnership with Abbotsford Community Services. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training Job Options BC is an employment and skills training program that can help unemployed British Columbians, who are not EI eligible, to gain the skills, confidence and experience. Third Party Administration – contract is with the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, and is specific to clients with disruptive behaviours, up to and including mental and physical health issues. Community Linkages –Salvation Army, Youth Programs, Provincial and Federal Probation Offices, John Howard Society, Elizabeth Fry, halfway houses, treatment facilities, recovery houses and other related providers (Datageneration, 2011).

5 Multi-Barriered Client Base Tends to be disenfranchised and marginalized by mainstream, misunderstood and neglected by society. Clients often tell their stories through a lens of desperation, or extreme anxiety, and often times, are afraid of rejection. Very diversified profiles, which could potentially reveal: severe poverty, drug and alcohol issues, criminal backgrounds, people who want to re-integrate back into society, ex-street workers, past gang members, people with disabilities, people who suffer with mental illness, people that have been living on the streets, spousal abused….

6 Within Contractual Framework Triangle Community Resources, seeks to aid underprivileged, impoverished, and poverty stricken individuals that have been marginalized from society and are seeking re-entry - on their own terms. This idealistic pursuit requires flexibility and an openness to accept all human conditions.


8 Primary Objective To help clients through assorted hardships, respectfully acknowledging that often times they are the only support system working on a client’s behalf.

9 So how do they do this? Owner/Contracts Manager: Brian Chiasson Pre-Program and Intake Worker Job Developer Personal Development Facilitator Employment Counsellor Team Leader Program Assistant

10 Educational Objectives Primary focus is on Employment and Life Skills: Identify and overcome barriers to employment by learning effective problem-solving behaviours for the workplace. Identify strengths, interests, and abilities to choose a healthy path. Complete a personalized plan to assist in setting up realistic goals and identifying the means by which to achieve those goals. Obtain information on training and funding opportunities to upgrade skills. Create a support system that enables assistance, as and when, needed. (Policy and Procedure Guide, 2011, pp. 3)

11 Client Testimonials … love, self-esteem, feelings, vulnerability, hurt, childhood issues, hopelessness, suicide, addiction, survival, incarceration, rebirth, hospitals, empowerment, treatment centers, fear, regret, loneliness, rejection, understanding, compassion, desire, interest, losing one’s way, finding one’s self, struggle, depression, self- discovery, limited thinking, anger, alcoholism, prison, housing, in and out of jail syndromes, recovery, group homes, self-worth, and so forth… (Datageneration, 2014). Triangle Community Resources Testimonials


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