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Hinde House Presented by Dannie Yeates Service Manager.

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1 Hinde House Presented by Dannie Yeates Service Manager

2 Hinde House Project for Vulnerable Women High level of Security 24 hour staffing 20 beds in main hostel 9 move on flats 1 shared house

3 Client group The client group is made up of a diverse range of individuals:- Medium to high needs Women with high levels of emotional needs Drug and alcohol Mental health Offenders Domestic abuse Young people leaving care Street Homeless Women who have suffered many forms of abuse

4 Challenges Historically high level of evictions and abandonments Chaotic lifestyles Communal living Strict inflexible warning systems and procedures Low morale, motivation and expectations Lack of achieving multi-agency approaches and responses Staff Vs Clients a them and us culture A place nobody wanted to be

5 Solutions Challenge staff ethos - creating shared visions and aims Create an Open Door policy All staff demonstrating a Commitment to giving people chances Promote Team Work and Team Decisions Empower staff through on-going supervision and training Introduce new flexible warning policies and systems – with early intervention being the key factor Challenging clients views and expectations (them & us) Create and encourage a positive environment and culture increasing the sense of community, security and home Promote multi-agency approaches and responses Build meaningful working relationships with clients offering them individualised holistic support and risk management plans

6 Chances! Giving clients opportunities and chances instead of warnings Allowing clients the time and space they need to reflect and work on their behaviours Considered warnings that are clearly thought through – these hold the most impact Involving Clients -Asking clients to decide what is acceptable and not acceptable Empower Clients to realise that they have the ability to change Give people chances - Consider all the available options:- Temporary exclusion periods Planned respite Acceptable Behavioural Contracts Planned transfers to another more suitable provider Work with clients after evictions and abandonments let them know the door will not always be closed to them

7 Outcomes Huge shift in vision and culture Supporting women that are experiencing and presenting with higher levels of needs and associated risks Continued decrease in Evictions and Abandonments 2011 to date only 3 unplanned moves so far Higher levels of positive outcomes for the whole team – Clients and staff

8 Im happy that I have somewhere safe to live. I feel settled and dont need to move from place to place was sleeping rough before Hinde House was struggling with alcohol which I have sorted now staff very supportive and helpful. There should be more hostels like Hinde House If I didnt have Hinde I would be jobless and sofa surfing or on the streets sleeping rough Im happy and settled staff have given me help and support through difficult times Comments

9 Hinde House Questions ?

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