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The Moving On Project Barry Walton Relationships Australia (Qld)

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1 The Moving On Project Barry Walton Relationships Australia (Qld)

2 Background

3 The Forde Inquiry In 1998 Queensland Government commissioned an inquiry into institutions established or licensed under: 1.The Infant Life Protection Act 1905 2.The State Children Act 1911 3.The Children’s Services Act 1965 4.The Juvenile Justice Act 1992

4 The Inquiry had Two Main Areas of Focus An investigation into past institutional abuse A review of current systems, including reviews of legislation, policy and procedural guidelines

5 Findings The Report’s findings from this inquiry was tabled in Parliament on 8 th June 1999 The findings were very clear – “The State was not always a good parent”

6 The Aftercare Resource Centre (ARC) In response to Recommendation 40 of the Forde Inquiry ARC, a program of Relationships Australia, and funded through the Queensland Government Department of Communities was established on 4 th October 1999 Client group Adults who, as children, spent time in Queensland institutions, orphanages, youth detention centres, family group homes and foster care

7 Core Services Offered by ARC Counselling and support for former residents and their families provided throughout Queensland and nationally by ARC staff, Relationships Australia staff and external private practitioners Assistance with educational opportunities, including numeracy/literacy programs, vocational training and tertiary studies Assistance with official records searches

8 Additional Services Assistance with family reunions Financial assistance obtaining medical and psychological reports Support groups, psycho educational groups, activity groups Reunions and return visits to institutions Projects

9 A Mental Picture St Joseph’s Orphanage - Neerkol

10 W.R. Black Home - Chelmer

11 Boystown - Beaudesert

12 St Vincent’s Orphanage - Nudgee

13 The Environment Poor nutrition, education and role models Lack of love, caring and nurturing Harsh discipline, attachment and boundary violations Potential for neglect and abuse

14 Immediate Effects Children often felt: Abandoned, unloved and unwanted Isolated and alone Separated and segregated Confused and suspicious Afraid and worthless

15 Long Term Effects Literacy and numeracy problems Unemployment and poverty Relationship and parenting problems Dislike and suspicion of authority Poor physical, oral and mental health

16 Common Issues Loneliness and isolation Poor coping skills and negative coping strategies Lack of identity and connection with family of origin Anxiety, depression, substance abuse and PTSD Criminal activity Suicide

17 Audio Visual Interlude Images – St Vincent’s Orphanage.… Nudgee Audio Track – “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” …. U2

18 Asking the Questions Is what we’re doing effective and meaningful? Could we be doing things differently? What could we do that would make a difference? Is there something we could do that would engage former residents more effectively?

19 The Seed is Sown Discussions between ARC and Griffith University Australian Research Council Grant application Industry partnership developed The Moving On Project is born

20 The Project Healing opportunity Use of drama for change Range of process drama and performance activities Explore aspects of personal and collective experiences Safe environment within which to tell their stories

21 Stages of Growth Stage 1 (2003) – first action research cycle Regular workshops Drama techniques Drama facilitators and counselling staff

22 Stages of Growth Stage 2 (2004) – second action research cycle Develop, refine and expand effective drama techniques from first cycle Create a group-devised performance using participants’ experiences

23 Stages of Growth Stage 3 (2005 to 2006) – final cycle Participants from stages 1 and 2 work with and mentor other client groups in Queensland Refine drama techniques and develop further group- devised performances

24 Seasonal Changes Collective performance seems less important Learning to play, expression of self and building confidence is more important but ……. Climate changes over time – the vision returns

25 The Tree Bears Fruit

26 Presentation of excerpts from a DVD produced by Griffith University …..

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