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Fear of South Korean Military Presented by Fionna Poon.

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1 Fear of South Korean Military Presented by Fionna Poon

2 ROK Army 대한민국 육군 ROK Navy 대한민국 해군 o ROK Marine Corps 대한민국 해병대 ROK Air Force 대한민국 공군 ROK Reserve Forces 대한민국 예비군 Republic of Korea Armed Forces 대한민국 국 군

3 Required by law Mandatory for all males b/w 18-35 o Wartime: 18-45 21-36 months active duty Required middle school education Volunteer & drafted anytime Military 군대

4 Serious Mental & Physical Disabilities Student or work visa Green card Marriage Dual citizen o Korean born o Foreign born Large tattoos After 35 Win a medal at Olympics Exemptions 면제



7 Rain

8 Life in Military 5 week soldier ( 군인 ) training camp o new supplies o Placement tests o Basic practices Military base o more training 8-5 100 day furlough Compensation Points system





13 Why? Ongoing war o Armistice on July 27, 1953 o Nuclear activity Small size o Hard to recruit o Military size bXpMPY bXpMPY


15 Sentiments Cultural Value Chore instead of patriotic duty o Lose almost 2 years o Few incentives Current issue: when to enlist? Transition into adulthood o rarely accepted as man Cultural obligation o peer pressure Cultural disapproval

16 감사합니다

17 Vocabulary Republic of Korea: 대한민국 Armed Forces: 국군 Army: 육군 Navy: 해군 Marine Corps: 해병대 Air Force: 공군 Reserve Forces: 예비군 Military: 군대 soldier: 군인 Armistice: 휴잔 law: 법 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: 조선민주주의인민공화국 Enlistment: 참여 Man: 사람 Adulthood: 성인 Adolescence: 청년기 Military Uniform: 군복 Military training: 군사 훈련 Military Sergeants: 군사 상사 Dual citizen: 이중 시민 Citizenship: 시민권

18 Bibliography,0114-noh.shtm#8 compared#zoomed-picture compared#zoomed-picture mandatory-military-service/ mandatory-military-service/ Korean friends

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