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California State Military Reserve (CSMR)

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1 California State Military Reserve (CSMR)
Purpose of presentation. Overview of the CA SMR. Explore where you fit and what unit feels right for you. California State Military Reserve (CSMR)

2 What is the CSMR The California State Military Reserve (CSMR) is the State Defense Force of California authorized by United States Code (32 USC 109c) and the California Military and Veteran’s Code (CM&VC 550). - Governor’s troops - 26 states including Puerto Rico

3 Who we are Citizen soldiers (volunteers)
Prior military and non-prior service Dedicated to service

4 Why we serve Honor & duty Love of country and state
Family tradition of military service The uniform The benefits

5 Our Mission To support and supplement the Airmen and Soldiers of the California National Guard on the home front while they are under Federal orders as well as during peace time. To support and supplement civil authorities during times of State emergencies and natural disasters.

6 Our History

7 State Military Reserve
Organization Chart Governor Military Department The Adjutant General Air National Guard Army National Guard State Military Reserve Army Air Naval Command Chief Master Sergeant, State Military Reserve CCM (CA) Charles W. Collier Commander, State Military Reserve Brigadier General (CA) Roland L. Candee

8 Organization Chart MAJOR COMMANDS Regional Support Command - South
Regional Support Command - North Installation Support Command Center for Military History Troop Command Air Support Command

9 Vocational Opportunities
Administrative professionals Doctors, Dentists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, EMTs Chaplains / Chaplain Assistants Attorneys / Legal Assistants Law Enforcement Professionals Supply / Logistics Experts Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Public Relations / Civil Affairs Recruiters / Marketing Professionals Historians / Artists Communications / IT Technicians Military trainers in a variety of subjects

10 Benefits Prior military service retain their rank
Educational tuition reimbursement program Covered by Workers’ Compensation State active duty; paid at your military rank Annual $125 uniform allowance No service contract or overseas duty Serve only in California

11 Your Commitment Attend monthly drills
100 volunteer service hours each year Purchase your uniforms Subject to State Active Duty and CSMR Regulations Stay within CSMR Height and Weight Standards

12 Eligibility Enlisted – 18 yrs old / Officers – 21 yrs old
Medically Qualified Meet Height / Weight Standards US Citizen / California Resident Proficient in English No Felony Convictions

13 Important Points Non-prior military applicants
Rank determined by the CSMR. Unit Requests We usually try to place you in the unit requested, but sometimes you will be placed in a different unit because of CSMR needs

14 Quality NOT Quantity

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