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1 Cub Day Camp Progam Kickoff. Agenda Pledge / Introductions Evening Grace / Meal Meeting Purpose Camp Outcomes Study Camp Summary and Overview Webelos.

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1 1 Cub Day Camp Progam Kickoff

2 Agenda Pledge / Introductions Evening Grace / Meal Meeting Purpose Camp Outcomes Study Camp Summary and Overview Webelos Overnight Camp Promotion Camping Champion Goal Setting Next Steps Rite of Passage 2

3 Pledge / Introductions 3

4 Evening Grace / Meal 4

5 Pledge / Introductions Management Team Camp Director – Vicki Werley Program Director – Elizabeth Rebacz Business Manager – Cindy Kowalski Head Crew Guide – Liz Smarkel Staff Advisor – Joel Moszkowicz Webelos Overnight – Alison Rogers Program Areas Shooting Sports – Jed Pacelli Nature / Skins and Skulls – Barb Fedynich, Pete Grundy Other Staff Ranger – Jim Moore Commissary – John Moore Health Officer – Matt McCauley 5

6 6 “We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.”

7 Meeting Purpose Introduce key cub volunteers to camp staff Introduce Camping Champion initiative Set goals for camp attendance Thank Volunteers for their time 7

8 Camp Outcome Study 81% of parents noticed a positive change from their son attending camp 75% of parents would recommend to another parent their son attend camp 96% of leaders felt that camp plays a role in helping a young person succeed and grow Harris Interactive, 2001 8

9 Camp Summary and Overview Camp Miakonda Cub Day Camp served over 800 youth in 2013 (highest since 2005) for its four weeks of camp Only Council Cub Day Camp summer program for Erie Shores Council Tigers, Cubs and Webelos Camp has over 40 paid staff working over the summer and numerous parent volunteers / scout volunteers (CIT) Camp has a theme each year, for 2014 its “Big Wheels” Camp Director and Program Director are National Camp School Trained 9

10 Camp Summary and Overview (Continued) Cub Scout Day Camp started back 1973 at Camp Miakonda 50% of staff are returning from prior years Camp Program Areas Include: Nature, Fishing, Blow Darts, Wrist Rocket, BB Gun, Archery, Sports, Crafts, BMX Bikes, Special Theme Program, Trading Post, Family Night, Webelos Overnight and Skins/Skulls Day Camp meets National Standards and goes through a inspection from trained camp inspection volunteers 10

11 Camp Summary and Overview (Continued) Cost: $155 After May 16 th (Early Bird) $145 Before May 16 th $100 for 2 nd Scout of the same family $100 for each additional week Dates: Week 1 – June 16 th /20 th Week 2 – June 23 rd /27 th Week 3 – July 7 th /11 th Week 4 – July 14 th /18th 11

12 Camp Summary and Overview (Continued) Volunteers Needed: Parents, grandparents, older siblings and other adults are welcome to help at camp, youth protection training is required prior to coming to camp. An adult form must also be filled out for each volunteer Medical Form: Medical Form A/B is required for everyone attending/volunteering (Newly created medical form or former medical form is acceptable) Should be turned in with registration material (if possible) each year 12

13 Camp Summary and Overview (Continued) Check In / Check Out- Each camper is expected to be dropped off each day between 8:30 and 8:55 am. -Each camper must be signed in and the person picking up the scout must be indicated. -EACH CAMPER MUST BE SIGNED OUT EACH DAY by the person who is registered to pick them up. -Car pooling is allowed, but each adult who may pick up the camper should be on the back of the medical form. Lunch / Milk- Campers are encouraged to pack their lunches. -Lunches will not be kept in a refrigerated areas, but will be delivered to each camper at lunch time. -If campers choose to buy their lunch, or if they forget their lunch the cost is $5/camper. -Milk is provided to each camper free of charge. 13

14 Camp Summary and Overview (Continued) Trading Post- The trading post will be open daily for the campers to purchase snacks and other scouting items. Cash only will be accepted in the trading post. What to Bring- Each camper should come prepared with the following items (found in the CDC brochure): swimsuit, towel, socks, and close-toed shoes, water bottle -Hat, bug spray, sunscreen, and poncho are optional -Water bottles can be filled at stations provided. 14

15 Webelos Overnight Overview by Alison Rogers 15

16 Camp Promotion The following items are at your place at the table for camp promotion: –Camp Video –Camp Brochure –Camp Placemat –Camp Water bottle Camp special days: - Camp will be hosting three extra days this summer for scouts and non- scouts. These days will be for extra groups and scouts who would like to spend extra time at camp this summer. Campers will be charged per diem. 16

17 Camping Champion Explanation on handout on table 2014 Council Camping Committee initiative Developed to help Cub Packs with their participation with Cub Day Camp 2015 emphasis on each Pack have appointed volunteer that meets the position requirements 17

18 Goal Setting Working off the display easel Include past Cub Day Camp attendance Include current registered youth in Pack Helps encourage Pack participation with Cub Day Camp Linked with Unit Champion’s responsibilities 18

19 Next Steps Brainstorm potential Camp Champions for 2014 and future years camp Work with Pack committee to promote camp and register youth (towards goal) Review Pack JTE to ensure measurable success Communicate to parents, leaders and others regarding the week registration cap 19

20 Rite of Passage 20 Noun -Any important act or event that serves to mark a passage from one stage of life to another

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