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The Unit Membership Chairman Why do we need one?.

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1 The Unit Membership Chairman Why do we need one?

2 Objectives The purpose of this presentation:  To introduce the unit membership chairman position  To review the responsibilities of a unit membership chairman  To encourage units to focus on the planning of membership recruitment and retention  To introduce the resources available for the membership chairman

3 Why Have a Membership Chairman  Membership Chairman and the membership committee are the backbone of efforts to recruit and retain more youth into the BSA.  To impact the lives of youth in each unit, volunteers must be engaged in not only offering a Scouting program but also bringing youth to the program.

4 How will we do this?

5 Introducing A unit committee position to focus on membership. The unit membership chairman position was created to support packs, troops, and crews in the unit as they strive to increase and retain members in the Scouting program. The person in this position, along with the other members of the unit, will ensure access to an active, exciting, fun-filled, and adventuresome program.

6 Top 5 Reasons to Have a Unit Membership Chairman and Committee  Unit volunteer to develop a unit membership plan  Unit volunteer to create materials highlighting units in the media  Unit volunteer to contact families who did not renew in the unit  Unit volunteer who will work with the district membership chairman and unit Commissioner  Unit volunteer who will make sure youth in the community get an opportunity to join the unit

7 Unit Membership Chairman Position Description  Meet with the unit leaders and committee monthly to discuss membership and retention.  Encourage unit to hold recruitment/Scouting promotion events every year to ensure unit growth using peer-to-peer recruitment method.  Distribute membership fliers to schools and churches in the Unit’s area.  Encourage unit to conduct Scouting rallies and boy talks in schools, leveraging council support when needed.  Attend the district’s membership chairman training sessions, which will focus on best practices.  Encourage unit involvement in the required number of Adopt-A- School service or community service projects needed for Scouting’s Journey to Excellence score.

8 Unit Membership Chairman Position Description (cont.)  Ensure that new youth and adult applications, along with funds, are completed and turned in to the council service center within a week after receipt of the applications.  Work with the unit committee to ensure the unit reaches Scouting’s Journey to Excellence gold status in membership.  Update the unit’s BeAScout pin and follow up with leads.  Create and implement a unit membership plan.  Work with the district transition chairman to encourage Scouts to transition to the age-appropriate program as they grow older.  Conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey of current Scout families.

9 Why do we need a unit membership plan?  Your unit membership plan will provide the framework to be engaged in your council’s strategic plan.  It should be a collaborative effort between the unit membership chair, district membership chairman and unit commissioner, with support from the executive staff.

10 Unit Membership Plan Elements I.Identify and verify currently registered members II.Unit membership analysis/goal III.Plans for membership growth IV.Community partnership

11 I. Identify and verify currently registered members  Obtain membership rosters and cross-reference the rosters against the list of registered Scouts.  Register any youth who are not currently registered. (This list will be provided by the local council.)

12 II. Unit membership analysis/goal  Track three-year historical membership.  Track three-year retention rate, by names of registered Scouts.  Project the number of new youth that will be recruited to start a new pack den or patrol for troop or replace those Venturers who have moved on.

13 III. Plans for Membership Growth Cub Scout Focus  Use the spring Tiger Cub recruitment plan to recruit two or more Tiger Cub leaders.  Complete spring Tiger Cub recruitment and registration.  Recruit non-Cub Scouts in the first through fourth grades to join.  Recruit and train a full pack committee, including a pack membership chairman.

14 III. Plans for Membership Growth Cub Scout Focus (Cont.)  Conduct activities in the community to promote Cub Scouting (marketing).  Plan and conduct a sign-up night rally.  Conduct a call night for youth who did not renew membership.  Plan and carry out Webelos-to-Scout transition (including at least two activities with a troop).  Identify where new Tiger Cubs are to be recruited in the spring. Is there a kindergarten class or classes that feed into this pack?

15 III. Plans for Membership Growth Boy Scout Focus  Send a letter to parents of Scouts who did not reregister in Scouting, asking what can be done to bring them back.  Recruit non-Scouts in the fifth through the eighth grade.  Conduct peer-to-peer recruitment activity.  Work with packs in the area to conduct Webelos-to-Scout transitions.  Conduct a troop open house.

16 III. Plans for Membership Growth Venturing Focus  Recruit non-Venturers in the eighth grade.  Identify Boy Scout troops to share crew information.  Recruit and train new Venturing officers, including a vice president of administration who is responsible for membership.  Conduct a Interest survey.  Conduct a Venturing-specific open house.  Review best ideas/resources found in Venturing leader manual.

17 IV.Community Partnership  Have Scouts conduct two service projects benefiting the chartered organization.  Be visible within the community. Participate, in uniform, in community events, e.g., Scouting for Food and local parades.

18 How am I supposed to do all of this?



21 Discussion  Best practices  New ideas for membership growth in your unit

22  Membership Committee Guide  Membership Campaign Council Guide  Selecting District People  Strengthening Organizations Through Scouting  Membership plans  Membership Impact staff  Membership chairman website link  resources  Membership Resources

23 Final Thoughts “ A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” Peter F. Drucker “If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “ He who fails to plan, plans to fail” Winston Churchill

24 Questions?

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