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Cleaning up contaminated sites and squeezing water out of Gypsum using green technologies

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1 Cleaning up contaminated sites and squeezing water out of Gypsum using green technologies

2 FRAC RITE IS A LEADING PROVIDER OF ENHANCED IN SITU REMEDIATION SERVICES USING TECHNOLOGIES ADAPTED FROM THE PETROLEUM SECTOR:  Hydraulic Fracturing of Soils & Bedrock  Chemical and Biological Contaminant Treatment  Permeation and Fracture-emplacement of Remedial Amendments  Subsurface verification of Clean-up using 3D Tiltmeter Geophysics Technology

3  Competitive Advantages of our Patented, Advanced Technologies:  in situ solution for difficult soil and bedrock conditions (low K sites)  sustainable remediation to natural end products,e.g. H 2 O, CO 2, H +, Cl -  non-disruptive (no dig) to sites with ongoing operations; no impact to business  applicable to virtually all contaminants and subsurface phase distributions  effective with physical, biological, or chemical remediation techniques  verifiable using subsurface mapping technology and 3D visualization  passive low cost approach that requires minimal, if any, operational remediation systems

4 FRAC RITE ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 1. Soil Fracturing to increase permeability 2. Injection of chemical oxidants or biological reagents into fractures and surrounding soils.

5  Across the Arabian Peninsula, there are vast Gypsum formations.  Gypsum is the second largest fresh water deposit on earth!  The Gulf Co-operation Council proclaimed that the water situation is critical and Gulf aquifers are becoming exhausted.  Gypsum water extraction using patented heating and fracturing technologies is one of the most promising technologies to alleviate the water shortage.

6 Gypsum (CaSO 4 2H 2 O) is a soft mineral that is 20% pure water by weight which occurs in abundance in Saudi Arabia and Oman. In volume, gypsum consists of over 40% of pure water!! Water is produced from Gypsum by heating to 58 - 150 degrees Celsius Heat is obtained from solar radiation concentrated by solar mirrors. WATER FROM GYPSUM

7 1.Heating converts gypsum into bassanite and subsequently anhydrite (CaSO 4 ) and water. Holland Innovation Team has discovered and patented a process (2007) that produces water at low temperatures of between 70 and 95 degrees Celcius. 2.Thermal energy from solar heated, pressurized air is transported through dual wall well casing into gypsum formations that are hydraulically fractured for maximizing water production. 3.Water in the form of steam or vapour recovered from the wells condenses at the surface to yield a potable source of water. CONCEPTUALIZED EXTRACTION OF WATER FROM GYPSUM

8  Holland Innovation Team started work in gypsum deposits in 1987  We have 20 years of expertise in gypsum in over 20 countries  We wrote many reports about gypsum deposits and dehydration and studied and reported dehydration of gypsum caprock during installation of a heat source  We did over ten years of laboratory work on gypsum  We inventoried suitable gypsum deposits for dewatering in over 20 African and Arab countries  We identified 8 different sectors in which the concept is applicable for industrial purposes  We patented several of our findings (2005-2008)  We have prepared a large scale test and are ready to perform  We can start more than 10 projects immediately INVESTOR- READY PILOT PROJECTS FOR WATER EXTRACTION FROM GYPSUM

9  HOLLAND INNOVATION TEAM Drs. Peter van der GaagPhone: +31 10 2417248 Korte Hoogstraat 15-BFax:+31 10 2417354 NL-3011 GJ RotterdamMobile: +31 6 55366010 The Netherlands  FRAC RITE ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. Mr. Gordon Bures, P.Eng.Phone: +1 403 265 5533 #2, 4416- 5 TH Street N.E.Fax:+1 403 265 5648 Calgary, Alberta T2E 7C3Mobile: +1 403 620 5533 Canada CONTACT INFORMATION

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