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RELIABLE REDUCTION & RECOVERY SYSTEMS Efficient Solutions to Difficult Water Treatment Problems.

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1 RELIABLE REDUCTION & RECOVERY SYSTEMS Efficient Solutions to Difficult Water Treatment Problems

2 About R3 Fusion, Inc. R3 Fusion, Inc. is an Environmental Technology & Services Company focused on solving water and fluid handling needs for Upstream Oil & Gas Customers. R3 Fusion utilizes its patented evaporation technology to treat flow-back water, produced water, and completion fluids, providing its customer base with volume reduction, water recovery, enhanced completion fluids, and 10 pound brine production. Our mobile, self contained, high efficiency, low cost technology provides flexible and sustainable treatment at a significantly lower cost of operation than many competing technologies. R3 Fusion is headquartered in The Woodlands, TX, just north of Houston. 2

3 Complete Solution for Oil & Gas Industry 3 Well Head: Onsite water treatment and volume reduction: Mobile units capable of producing clean water for reuse on- site, while also reducing the volume of high concentrated waste water by up to 80%, reducing transportation costs and disposal costs at offsite treatment facility or injection site. Water Collection & Treatment Facilities: Energy efficient means of evaporating water into the atmosphere to reduce waste hauling, or capturing the evaporate as clean water. Capable of treating and evaporating high TDS water (inlet water up to 200,000 ppm. Reject can be used as heavy brine fluid

4 Intellectual Property 4 Patent surrounds the vessel and internals of the vessel, along with its operation 49 Approved Claims in Initial Patent filing with multiple applications Additional patents are being filed on R3 Fusion’s additional technologies, including vapor compression

5 Typical R 3 E VAP™ System 5

6 R 3 E VAP™ Technology 6 Thin film flow heat transfer Efficient vapor removal Fluid distribution system to ensure no dry spots on inner wall In-situ flushing arrangement

7 R 3 M VC™ Technology 7 A small boiler is used to preheat the vessel during start up. As the vessel heats, evaporation begins. Vapor Compression is a process whereby, the evaporate from the process is captured, re-pressurized, and then used to provide steam back to the vessel’s steam jacket to drive more evaporation. During compression, the temperature of the incoming evaporate actually increases while it is being pressurized, to create steam. As the steam loses its heat through thermal transfer, it goes through a phase change where it becomes distillate (product water) and is captured for reuse or discharge.

8 Successful R 3 E VAP ™ System in Pennsylvania 8 Feed TDS Range: 200,000 PPM Reject TDS: 350,000 PPM Volume Reduction: 40% Evaporation Rate: 4.5 gallons / minute / vessel Over 1 year of operation with no scaling or fouling issues

9 Concentrating Various Waters 9 There is a major difference between concentrating naturally occurring water (fresh, brackish, or sea) versus concentrating produced water from Upstream Oil & Gas production operations. Produced water becomes enriched in ions through alteration of sedimentary minerals. Produced water is usually very high in calcium and magnesium, and can also contain barium and strontium. These ions cause serious scaling problems during treatment, unlike fresh water treatment.

10 R3 Fusion versus the competition 10 Conventional evaporators begin to scale and foul as their reject concentrations reach 225,000 to 250,000 ppm causing severe operational issues. These units require shut down and cleaning on a regular basis to keep them operational and are often unable to concentrate produced water much above the 250,000 ppm concentration. R3 Fusion has proven to operate well above our competitors, concentrating the produced water above 350,000 ppm without scaling, fouling, or cleaning. R3 Fusion’s R 3 EVAP TM was compared during a side by side test with a highly reputable evaporation company on produced water from the Marcellus Shale region. R 3 EVAP TM achieved consistent concentration of its reject above 350,000 ppm while operating free of scale or fouling for 12 months, while the competitor’s evaporator could only concentrate its reject to 225,000 ppm and suffering scaling, requiring it to be taken offline and cleaned every 2 weeks of operation.

11 R3 Fusion’s Competitive Advantage 11 R3 Fusion’s patented process enables its technology to efficiently evaporate and / or recovery fresh water from Produced Water, while concentrating the reject stream to greater than 350,000 ppm TDS without scaling or fouling. R3 Fusion utilizes: Thin wall construction with proprietary coating for its evaporation surface Thin film, vertical water flow Proprietary water distribution system Low Pressure Steam allowing Customers to either reduce or recover high volumes of water while using less energy without high operating or maintenance costs. Because the reject is concentrated close to saturation for Produced Water, the reject can also be used for 10 pound brine in lieu of disposal.

12 Economic Solution 12 Containerized / Mobile Small Modular Footprint Modularized for Large or Small Volume Reduced Energy Cost Low Capital Expenditure Requirements Low Operating Expenditure Requirements Ability to Handle High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Without Scaling or Fouling Easy Maintenance Flexible Energy Use (Natural Gas or Electricity) Remote Data Collection Meets EPA Standards for Discharge

13 Other Applications 13 10 LB Brine Completion Fluids R3 Fusion’s evaporation technology is being tested to provide its customers saturated 10 pound brine by evaporating salt laden brackish water. R3 Fusion’s technology has applications where two fluids have different boiling temperatures that allow for separation through evaporation. R3 Fusion’s evaporation process, landfill’s can treat their leachate (waste water), utilizing the recovered methane gas from the landfill. This provides an effective treatment system, with minimal operating costs. Landfill Leachate

14 Management Team 14 Robert “Bobb” Campbell, CEO Bobb has over 28 years of industrial water and wastewater treatment experience, including significant experience in the market of Oil & Gas. Bobb spent 23 years with Evoqua Water Technologies (formerly Siemens Water) in operations, sales management, and executive leadership positions. He most recently held the position of Director of Global Sales for Pentair’s Oil & Gas business in Houston Texas. Bobb brings with him a track record of successful product commercialization as well as strong growth performance. Jeane A. Schalm, COO An accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience, Jeane has held leadership and management roles in new product development, project management, lean operational management, domestic and international sales, as well as domestic and international fabrication. Jeane graduated from Michigan Technological University with three bachelor of Science degrees; Geological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Geology. Jeane continued post graduate work towards a Master in Environmental Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology.

15 RELIABLE REDUCTION & RECOVERY SYSTEMS Thank you! Bobb Campbell, CEO R3 Fusion, Inc. 1544 Sawdust Road Suite 502 The Woodlands, TX 77380 936-232-6544

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