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The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

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1 The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Orient of Minnesota, Valley of Rochester

2 A Legacy in Southeast Minnesota
First Chartered 1899 Consistory 1901 Moved from Winona to Rochester 1978 Current Temple since 1987

3 Past Temples of the Winona/Rochester Valley

4 But what is the Scottish Rite?

5 The Next Step in Freemasonry
Often called the ‘University of Freemasonry,’ the Scottish Rite is composed of the 4th through 32nd degrees. Each degree is designed to expand on the lessons learned by a Master Mason during the first three degrees of Blue Lodge Masonry. The lessons are divided into four bodies, or lodges.

6 The Lodge of Perfection
Chartered Oct. 20, 1899 The Ineffable Degrees 4th through 14th Teaching: Truth Industry Benevolence Honesty Justice Toleration Patriotism Love of Country

7 Chapter of Rose Croix Chartered Oct. 20, 1899 The Religious Degrees
15 th through 18 th War against ignorance, intolerance, and error. Labor to establish the reign of Love and Peace.

8 The Philosophical and Chivalric Degrees
Council of Kadosh Chartered Oct. 20, 1899 The Philosophical and Chivalric Degrees 19th through 30th Teaching: Liberty Fraternity Equality in everyday life Modesty & Humility Respect for laboring class Combat of ignorance and unscrupulous power

9 The Ceremonial and Official Degrees
The Consistory Chartered Oct. 24, 1901 The Ceremonial and Official Degrees 31st and 32nd The culmination of the previous degrees, symbolizing the attainment of reason and balance. Yet another step towards the state of perfection we all seek as our final goal.

10 Regalia 32° K.C.C.H 33° 50 Year Member

11 Regalia (cont’d) Deputy of the Supreme Council 33° Grand Cross
Sovereign Grand Inspector General Sovereign Grand Commander

12 But wait, there’s more! The Scottish Rite is about more than just ritual, lessons, and history. . .

13 Our main philanthropy, RiteCare, has helped tens of thousands of children learn to overcome learning disabilities over the years.

14 Over 165 Clinics nationwide, staffed by trained personnel.

15 The Rochester Valley Children’s Language Foundation sponsors the Rochester Reading Center, which provides local children with dyslexia with tutors trained in the Orton-Gillingam reading method.

16 But there’s even more! What happened to brotherhood and service?
We are a fraternal organization, remember?

17 The idea’s not lost here, Brother!
Leadership opportunities abound! Ongoing Masonic education encouraged and facilitated! Theater opportunities: Stagecraft, acting, properties, lighting, sound, wardrobe, etc.: all manner available!

18 Get Involved! Education Degree Drama

19 Education Automatic enrollment in the Master Craftsman program.
College of the Consistory- program for Masonic and philosophic studies Scottish Rite Research Society- membership and publications available


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